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Plex Overview

If you’re a fan of digital video and music, you’ve expected listened a name “Plex” floating around. Plex (not to be confused with EVE Online’s in-game subscription commodity) is giveaway media core program that lets users conduct and tide a far-reaching array of videos, audio files, and cinema to probably any mechanism and a flourishing series of mobile inclination and electronics. As a Plex user from a unequivocally beginning, I’ve seen a program change and develop over a years into a versatile and absolute use it is today.

My idea with this essay twofold. First, as an zealous Plex user, I’d like to deliver a program to users have nonetheless to hear about or try it. Second, for those already regulating or experimenting with Plex, we wish that we can yield some “best practices” when it comes to configuring your servers, handling your media, or only regulating a program in general.

Before we dive into a technical aspects of Plex, let’s demeanour during a brief overview of a software’s story and a categorical components that contain a Plex ecosystem today.

Although now widely upheld on a operation of platforms, Plex was innate in early 2008 as an OS X flare of a Xbox Media Center plan (XBMC). Lovingly named “OSXBMC” (get it?) by a creators, a program was essentially a elementary media actor for Mac, with roughly a same capabilities as a XBMC plan from that it was derived. (Note: XBMC changed a name to “Kodi” in August, nonetheless you’ll still find copiousness of people referring to a program by a strange name).

A few months into a project, a OSXBMC group motionless to change a name to “Plex” and things unequivocally started to take off for a nascent media software. Unlike a XBMC/Kodi community, that focused a efforts essentially on a playback client, a Plex group motionless to bifurcate a plan with dual graphic components: a dedicated media server and a dedicated playback client.

The dedicated media server done Plex singular among a media core peers. Once scrupulously set up, it gave users with unequivocally small technical believe a ability to say a server that was able of delivering their movies, TV shows, music, and cinema on direct via a residence and, later, a world. We’ll take a some-more minute demeanour during any of a Plex components next.

The “brains” behind a whole Plex ecosystem is Plex Media Server (PMS). This software, accessible for Windows, Linux, and OS X, manages your media database, metadata, and any required transcoding, that is one of a best features. Although distant from error-free, a PMS encoding engine can modify probably any video codec and enclosure on a fly to a format requested by a customer device. Want to play a high-bitrate 1080p MKV record with a 7.1 DTS-HD MA soundtrack on your Roku? No problem; Plex will seamlessly transcode that high peculiarity source record to a correct format for Roku, as good as your iPad, or your Galaxy S5, and many other devices, all but carrying to store mixed copies of your video files.

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