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(See also NIT-PICKING.)

by and large From an altogether perspective; on a whole; in general; but going into details. The start of this word and a stream verbatim use are both nautical. It means to cruise to a breeze and somewhat off it, or with a breeze nearby a beam.

Thus we see a boat handles in satisfactory continue and foul, by and large. (Samuel Sturmy, The Mariner’s Magazine, 1669)

By and large was used figuratively as early as 1706 in Edward Ward’s Wooden World Dissected. The burst from verbatim to incongruous use is formidable to follow. This process of sailing is generally faster, a bit safer and easier (it offers reduction possibility of being “taken aback” than sailing directly “by a wind”)—on a whole, improved in a prolonged run. It is a peculiarity of being preferable ‘on a whole’ or ‘in general’ (even if a minute research valid otherwise) that is eliminated to nonnautical situations.

The trait of sound broadcasting was that, by and large, a calm mattered some-more than anything else. (Times, May 23, 1955)

in a prolonged run In a end, when all is pronounced and done; from a viewpoint of meaningful a outcome or finish result. This countenance alludes to a prolonged stretch competition in that runners who start solemnly and preserve their appetite mostly lift forward and win a race, as in a story of a tortoise and a hare.

not see a timberland for a trees To be so endangered with sum as to remove a clarity of a incomparable whole; to omit a obvious, to skip a categorical point; to have hovel vision. This countenance seemed in imitation by a 16th century, during that time wood was used instead of forest. Today wood, woods, and forest are used interchangeably.

number a streaks of a tulip To be overly endangered with sum and thereby skip a categorical point. This countenance derives from Imlac’s thesis on communication in Johnson’s Rasselas, in that he contends that a producer should be endangered with a ubiquitous rather than a particular. A associated stream countenance is not see a timberland for a trees.

over a prolonged haul See the prolonged haul, DURATION.

stumble during a straw To turn bogged down in sparse details; to humour a reversal since of a teenager or few incident. This countenance is subsequent from a motto cited in Homilies (1547):

They were of so blind judgment, that they stumbled during a straw and leaped over a block.

The import is that possibly as a outcome of unnoticed priorities or bad judgment, a chairman might combine on a trivial while ignoring issues of incomparable significance.

He that strives to hold a stars Oft stumbles during a straw. (Edmund Spenser, The Shepheardes Calendar, 1579)

trade off a orchard for an apple Not to see a timberland for a trees, to be myopic; to be so endangered with sum that one loses steer of a incomparable whole.

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