Head Perspective Chart by yuumei on DeviantArt

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Head Perspective Chart by yuumei on DeviantArt


I’ve been on dA given we was 12, and now I’m 18. dA has given me a lot of help, from support to experience. All a good artists on dA are so inspirational and a good tutorials helped me so much. It’s time to give a small behind to a community. :hug: we will be doing some-more tutorials from time to time :D

You can click on download to perspective a full distance chronicle if we wish to duplicate it. You don’t need to ask me for accede to use duplicate a heads. Here’s a line grid if we unequivocally wish to use it [link] :D Hope it helps!

Drawn in Paint Tool SAI

Other works:

Article source: http://yuumei.deviantart.com/art/Head-Perspective-Chart-111580222

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