Face to Face

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  Nationwide coverage

Perspective Research Services has a national fieldforce of some-more than 900 face-to-face interviewers.  We offer a far-reaching accumulation of services including:

  • Street interviewing

  • In-home interviewing

  • On-site interviewing (store, railway station, hotel)

  • Hall tests

  • Pre-recruited gymnasium tests

  • Placement or product tests


Committed to quality

All interviewers are Interviewer Quality Control Scheme authorized (IQCS).  To safeguard a top levels of information collection, all a researchers are lerned in-house to a possess harsh standards.  All trainees have their work supervised on their initial dual assignments, as good as on an ad hoc basement for peculiarity assurance.

As partial of a joining to quality, interviewers are accompanied a smallest of once a year and also have their current/previously submitted work reviewed by conduct bureau staff. 

All a projects are back-checked; during slightest 10% of all respondents interviewed are re-contacted and asked to endorse that a talk took place.  A preference of sum is also accurate to endorse a interviewer available a information accurately.


For serve information about a face-to-face services greatfully hit one of a team. 

Article source: http://www.perspectivemr.co.uk/services/quantitative-services/face-to-face/

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