Strategy — Edward N. Luttwak | Harvard University Press

نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 13 دسامبر 2015

“If we wish peace, ready for war.” “A buildup of descent weapons can be quite defensive.” “The misfortune highway might be a best track to battle.” Strategy is done of such clearly self-contradictory propositions, Edward Luttwak shows—they reflect a enigmatic proof that pervades a whole area of conflict.

In this widely acclaimed work, now revised and expanded, Luttwak unveils a rare proof of plan turn by level, from grand plan down to fight tactics. Having participated in a planning, Luttwak examines a purpose of atmosphere energy in a 1991 Gulf War, afterwards detects a presentation of “post-heroic” fight in Kosovo in 1999—an American fight in that not a singular American infantryman was killed.

In a tradition of Carl von Clausewitz, Strategy goes over antithesis to display a dynamics of annulment during work in a crucible of conflict. As feat is incited into better by over-extension, as fight brings assent by exhaustion, typical linear proof is overthrown. Citing examples from ancient Rome to a possess days, from Barbarossa and Pearl Harbor down to teenager fight affrays, from a plan of assent to a latest operational methods of war, this book by one of a world’s inaugural authorities reveals a ultimate proof of troops disaster and success, of fight and peace.

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