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نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 16 دسامبر 2015

The disharmony continues in college football. In week 12, dual some-more undefeated teams lost, with Ohio State losing during a final second to Michigan State, and Oklahoma State losing, 45-35, opposite Baylor. That leaves usually dual undefeated teams remaining in a Football Bowl Subdivision: Clemson and Iowa. The Tigers are now #3 in a SRS, mostly since both Oklahoma and Alabama have somewhat aloft margins of feat and strengths of report than Clemson.

Iowa is down during #15 in a SRS, mostly since of strength of schedule. a Hawkeyes played a terrible North Texas group and an FCS Illinois State out of conference, while Indiana, Minnesota, and Maryland aren’t doing most for Iowa’s schedule. On a tip end, usually 3 opponents — Wisconsin (#26), Pittsburgh (#28), and Northwestern (#47)– arrange in a top sixty. Against that backdrop, Iowa’s domain of feat simply isn’t good adequate to safe them into a tip 10 of a elementary rating system. (For comparison’s sake, Baylor, North Carolina, and Navy have all faced weaker schedules, though have clever adequate MOVs to arrange forward of Iowa.)

But this is mostly an educational discussion. For functions of a 2015 season, Iowa stays in good position to make a playoff. The Hawkeyes have a disreputable tough matchup in a deteriorate finale, as Iowa travels to Lincoln, Nebraska to face a 5-6 Cornhuskers group that will be fighting for a possess postseason berth. Yeah, Nebraska has 6 losses, though those games have come by a total 23 points, and Nebraska has mislaid several of those games in a final seconds.

Three teams sojourn in finish control of their playoff destiny: Clemson, Alabama, and Iowa. If all a favorites win, that will leave a cabinet with a really engaging preference for a final spot, carrying to select between Oklahoma and Notre Dame. And if Iowa loses, though Michigan State finishes 12-1, a Spartans might simply take Iowa’s spot, so that won’t assistance solve any Sooner/Irish debate. It’s still too early to panic for any of a contenders — we consider we are usually in a center of a disharmony — though a finish of a unchanging deteriorate is moulding adult to be very, really interesting.

Last week, we remarkable that a Big 12 would be fine, unless a leader of Bedlam mislaid on Saturday. And while Oklahoma did kick TCU, Oklahoma State suffered a initial detriment of a season, environment adult a calamity unfolding for a Big 12. If a Cowboys kick a Sooners, a Big 12 might have Baylor as a usually wish of creation a playoffs.

And, for what it’s worth, Baylor is now adult to #4 in a SRS. Below are a ratings by week 12:
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