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Perspective is an addon that marks and displays units on a user’s screen.

Perspective was desirous by the Ayth_Quest and EntSpy addons. we desired what a addons did though always felt they lacked a grade of customization that we demand.  I attempted to keep a opening as quick as possible, though there are sliders underneath a settings to adjust for improved opening as needed.

If we find that a section is not operative utterly right, aim a section and use a /pti command.  Paste that information along with your comments for improved results.

Development roadmap

For a gatherers out there

Perspective will lane Plants, Mines, Relics, and Trees.  However, a instructions here will explain what to do if we usually wish to lane specific nodes for any of these apparatus types.

This will usually work for English clients.  You do this during your possess risk to your settings file!

  1. Be logged out of a diversion differently this will not work.
  2. Now, behind adult your settings record before proceeding.  Located in %appdata%RoamingNCSOFTWildstarAddonSaveDataUsernameFolderPerspective_0_Acct.xml.
  3. Next open a record with a content editor.
  4. Open these websites 
  • Carefully duplicate those sites, depending on a ones we wish into your settings file.
  • Save a settings file 
  • Log in to a diversion and test.
  • Future features:

    • Coloring options including class, hostility, criminal level, health ranges and more
    • Option to usually uncover harvestable nodes, distant by teirs
    • Custom section tracking by:
      • Buffs / debuffs
      • Titles
      • And more
    • Profiles per section such as a pvp form for battlegrounds and apart section profiles for opposite raid zones
    • Support for 3rd celebration addons to send in things to track
    • Sprite picker to name opposite sprites to use

    Custom icons

    I’m going to assume we know how to emanate images, distance and dimension don’t unequivocally matter, usually tga record format matters. is an easy to use procedure that works with tga.

    Now to revise PerspectiveSprites.xml.

    1. Find a Houston.exe (Houston64.exe) record in your Wildstar/Client folder.
    2. In Houston open a PerspectiveSprites.xml file
    3. In a list perspective on a left open a normal sprites
    4. To supplement a new sprite, click a new goddess button
    5. Now give it a name, for a educational I’ll call it custom-sprite, by default Houston will supplement a final picture in a list to a new record as seen here
    6. Add your tradition picture by clicking a record browser button
    7. Using a handles name your image
    8. Click a elastic checkbox and it should demeanour like this in a end
    9. Save a file
    10. Reload your UI

    Using a new tradition goddess is as elementary as typing it into a idol box in Perspective now, it will use a format PerspectiveSprites:custom-sprite

    If we revise your tga record while in diversion we competence have to record off and behind on before it updates a client. Everytime we refurbish Perspective we will need to reconstruct these, hopefully we have a resolution in for tradition sprites before long.

    If we have some good tradition images, feel giveaway to share them with us, we will make them default images if we like them, we make no explain to be artists and are in no approach annoyed by people not fondness any idol we put in.  It’s really tough to find / select an idol that seems suitable to use sometimes.

    Another tip is use icons that have a bottom tone of white they work improved when perplexing to change a tradition tone while in game.



    My options are not saving, what gives?

    For options that are a content box, we contingency press enter after creation a change.  It’s now this approach so that if we find we done a mistake before attack enter, we can afterwards press shun and go behind to a prior value.

    How are a lines drawn?

    Lines are pull to a closest targets adult to a extent set value for a difficulty and either they are drawn towards offscreen units.

    How can this assistance me as a healer?

    As a medic myself, we set my organisation to have a operation extent of 15 meters, spin on uncover lines with a max line value of 4.  Then make certain a Color Line by Range value to checked and set a Range Color to something other than your normal line color, such as green.  This approach whenever someone is within 15 meters of you, you’ll see a immature line to them, meaningful if we reanimate them, they will many positively be in operation in many cases (square telegraphs not always included!).

    How can this assistance me as a dps?

    See a above FAQ on healers, though instead request this to your aim (under a Miscellaneous module) regulating a suitable operation limits.  Bonus, set your celebration adult a same approach as for a healer and know when we are in operation for your healer to reanimate you!


    Developmental Builds

    If we would like a many updated initial builds afterwards we can find a plan at

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