Three-Dimensional Episode

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Three-Dimensional Episode

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“Can we greatfully determine on one form of 3-D? I’m usually removing sleepy of carrying to get a new span of eyeglasses each time there’s a new 3-D gimmick.”
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Occasionally, a network will get a shining thought to film an part in 3-D, so forcing a open to go on a hunt for a special 3-D eyeglasses that work for this part alone that are possibly given out by a store or extrinsic in a magazine. It’s some-more of a newness act than anything else. Definitely famous for carrying “cheap 3-D tricks” in that all kinds of uncanny equipment (explosions, snakes, guns, anything drifting by a air) will fire out during a viewer. Also a pledge of Incredibly Bad Writing indirect as whole plots have to cackle to a hindrance to indulge in a network’s gimmickry.

As seen below, a 3-D episodes usually take place around possibly sweeps weeks or eventuality programming like after a Super Bowl.

Disney thesis parks do a lot of these, including Captain EO, Honey, we Shrunk a Audience, Muppet*Vision 3D and It’s Tough to Be a Bug!. See also 3-D Movie, Paddleball Shot.


  • The halftime uncover for Super Bowl XXIII, patrician “Bebop Bamboozled”note a sorcery uncover headlined by a internal (Miami-area) Elvis Impersonator named Alex Cole was a uncover constructed in 3-D. Here’s a shave of a intro1edc7 external link Three Dimensional Episode (a Diet Coke blurb constructed in 3-D for this diversion was private from this clip) with NBC pregame horde Bob Costas.

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