Perspective Drawing

نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 12 مارس 2016

One Point Perspective


One Point Perspective
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In a one indicate viewpoint sketch above, we can see a lines of construction used to pull a dual rectangles from a painting of a design plane.

There are dual forms of construction lines used in this viewpoint drawing:

1) ORTHOGONAL LINES that we have drawn in RED.

2) TRANSVERSAL LINES that we have drawn in GREEN.

We will continue to use this colour coding in successive illustrations.


Orthogonal Lines

Orthogonal lines are together to a belligerent craft and pierce behind from a design plane.

Orthogonal lines set a varying heights or widths of a rectilinear craft as it recedes from view.

Orthogonal lines always seem to accommodate during a declining indicate on a eye level.


Transversal Lines

Transversal lines are always during right angles to a quadratic lines.

Transversal lines are together to a design craft and to one another.

Transversal lines settle a bound tallness or breadth between dual quadratic lines.

Transversal lines form a nearest and farthest edges of a rectangle as it recedes from view.

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