Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional: A Makeup Artists Perspective

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I wrote an essay usually like this about 5 years ago, during a tallness of my anti-airbrush parade. we stormed adult and down these cyber alleyways aloud explaining given we usually loathed this smart makeup application, and let me tell we we had good reason! we had seen usually so, so many terrible airbrush makeup applications, thing left wrong, streaks and smears… we even had photographers who used a services given they hated carrying to retouch it. And then, in Feb 2011, it was like a clouds split and we finally GOT it. This super-fantastic uber-artist came to city and charity a Airbrush HD class. The resources of information we performed was good value a cost of admission, and now we can gracefully finish a march meaningful I’m savvier for it.

**NOTE: Airbrush makeup is NOT to be confused with Airbrushing in Photoshop. It mostly is.

Myth: Airbrush Makeup will make me flawless.
Now we receptacle my compressor and apparatus with me wherever we go, though we don’t use it on everyone. Let’s start by going over a myths:

Any makeup can make we a prettiest chronicle of yourself we can be, it doesn’t have to be airbrush and there are many times it isn’t. The scold focus for your possess personal needs is some-more important. (Read: It’s many some-more critical that we sinecure a good artist than an artist usually formed on if they airbrush or not). You know all those nifty You Tube video’s that uncover we how wholly impractical repository images are? We can't change a hardness of your skin. Only Photo Shop can.

Myth: Airbrush Makeup is waterproof. (Is airbrush makeup waterproof?)

Well, there are a few makeup lines that are H2O resistant, though it has zero to do with continue or not is comes out of an airbrush gun. And, when makeup is H2O resistant, it comes with it’s possess set of problems. Personally, we venerate Makeup Forever’s Full Cover Concealer. That things is a Mac Daddy of concealers, it comes out of a tube, and… a totally waterproof. No airbrush gun required.

Myth: Airbrush Makeup is good for bad skin.

No. Airbrush makeup is WAY to skinny to be used as a substructure for acne, scarring, excellent lines, wrinkles, or dry skin. At best, it might be used as a excellent finish on tip of a normal substructure simply to give it a finer finish once many of a work has been done. And by work, we meant that a veteran makeup artist will some-more than expected lay down an whole face full of substructure and concealer, giving we a flawless demeanour prolonged before a start symbol on a compressor is pushed.

So given all a hype?

1) You see this flawless indication in a repository whose been airbrushed. (Makeup or Photoshop?)

2) Airbrush makeup got a water-proof reputation, mostly given retail-lines promoted it that way. And given women saw all these airbrushed models, that became a hum word and intelligent makeup artists figured out that they could assign some-more for it. So, of course, afterwards they started compelling it as a improved use with a aloft price, and given women wanted to demeanour like models, they paid. So a round continues.

3) There are some cases where airbrush is not usually suitable, it’s IDEAL, generally with High Definition camera’s apropos a norm. Especially on film or blurb sets, where continuance isn’t an emanate as there is a makeup artist station by for hold ups. It’s also equally overwhelming when covering vast portions of a body, doing physique portrayal or tattoo cover, and of march special effects.

Bottom line:

Airbrush makeup is a many finer product, thinner than a normal foundation. Because it comes out as a spray, it unequivocally closely mimics a approach cameras see your face. Think of it as small little pixels being practical as opposite to a large retard of color. Also, it creates consistent a breeze! Carrying it down to a neck and decollete is well-spoken and seamless. The premonition is that given it is so fine, it usually works best on skin that is already in flattering good condition and should never be practical heavily. And, it doesn’t unequivocally have a leg adult on normal methods unless a specific and singular look. You’ll find many well-respected luminary makeup artists use normal makeup, given it is some-more precise.

Traditional substructure is some-more opaque, and has a richer coverage. Also, given a finish is in hand-blending, we can work a product into skin that might have some hardness issues, stuffing in all a nooks and crannys. It allows we to be some-more involved, some-more detailed, given we don’t have to worry about ruining a finish given a finish is mostly fortuitous on your ability as an artist and not a machine. Not to mention, normal substructure is some-more stretchable when it comes to building adult or sheering down coverage, that gives a artist some-more control over a final outcome. With many veteran brands charity silicone formed formula’s, a continuance of a normal substructure is some-more water-resistant rather than H2O proof, though it looks, acts, and feels some-more like skin. It will still take calm and a makeup clean to remove, though not an heated scrubbing.

For those wanting a water-proof application, keep this in mind: Makeup that is best water-resistant is not super dry, it’s indeed still got some flexibility to it. The H2O beads adult on a skin, as opposite to re-wetting it, kind of a approach a freshly-waxed automobile would stone adult opposite a rain. For live engagements, like your marriage day, silicone formed normal makeup or hand-applied airbrush formula’s tend to be a artists’s elite method, for control and precision.

Our elite substructure line is Makeup Forever in HD. This sold product can be used possibly as a normal foundation, or total with a blending middle for airbrush application. Either way, we know a clients will be camera-ready and all-night-long fabulous!


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