A Perspective on Suicide

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A Perspective on Suicide

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Before we review this post, we wish to make it unequivocally transparent that suicide is NOT a answer. Your life is precious.  If we are struggling with basin or suicidal thoughts, PLEASE SEEK HELP!   This post was in no approach meant to worship self-murder or offer it as a viable resolution to any problem.  Rather, it was created to assist those left behind to understand, to pardon and to heal.  


For Jay, self-murder was not a choice to die, though rather an countenance of a deepest tellurian enterprise to survive.

This post has been in my heart for a prolonged time.  I’ve suspicion about it again and again.  The theme seemed too complicated for a blog about tasty things.  But in a past weeks, we have common my thoughts on self-murder 3 times with friends left in a wake.  I consider it is time for this post and we wish there are some out there for whom this brings clarity and comfort.

Twelve years ago this month, we mislaid my Uncle Jay to suicide.

At his funeral, Jay’s bishop addressed us. The disproportion he spoke are burnt into my mind.  He said, “I feel proposal to tell we that Jay spent his life struggling to survive.  Suicide was not a choice he made, though rather a choice he happened onto when his pain was larger than his ability to cope.”

This man, who took his possess life, was a survivor in any clarity of a word.

I suppose that such is loyal of many who leave a universe in this way.

Jay desired horses. When he was a teenager, a equine he was roving spooked and darted opposite a travel right in front of an econoline van.   He spent 3 months in a sanatorium recuperating from his injuries.

Jay went on to connoisseur from high propagandize and offer a dual year eremite mission.

In his early twenties, he was deer sport in a plateau with a friend.  His equine mislaid a balance on a hilly cliff-like outcropping and fell.  Jay landed initial and a equine landed on tip of him.  He postulated critical inner injuries and spent 6 months in a hospital.

Jay never totally healed from this accident.  His spleen was badly shop-worn and his viscera had to be reconstructed.  Scar hankie would build adult in his viscera over time and means unpleasant blockages.  He frequently had medicine to mislay them.

Jay was always in pain.  And nonetheless he roped calves in rodeos, subordinate for inhabitant events. People called him a “singing cowboy” and he accompanied himself with a banjo or guitar. He law several inventions and he went to propagandize to spin an aeroplane mechanic.

Jay was a survivor.

In his early thirties, he met and married Wendy.  we desired Wendy.  She was a exhale of uninformed air.  She was fun and energetic.  She done everybody around her feel special. Wendy had pleasing brownish-red hair and dim eyes.  Jay precious her.

Over a subsequent few years, Jay and Wendy had 3 honeyed sons.  When Wendy was profound with a third, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Wendy fought a cancer.  She had a mastectomy and a hysterectomy.  She underwent radiation, chemotherapy and unpleasant initial treatments.

Jay was unequivocally proposal with her.

Wendy played rival softball.   Soon after a carcenogenic rib was removed, she strike a home run.  “Should have had that rib private years ago,” she laughed.

A few months later, a cancer took Wendy.

Jay was devastated.

He did his best to lift his sons.  He was unlawful and desirous and he indispensable a lot of help.  But he kept trying.

Over a subsequent few years, Jay’s earthy and romantic pain was intense.  He married a good lady named Susan. They struggled to mix their families.  They wanted to make it work. They wanted to be happy. Soon after their marriage, Susan was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

When we was vital in Alexandria, Virginia, with my father and children, Jay and his boys came to visit.  we knew something was wrong when we picked them adult from a airport. Jay was not himself. We detected after that his alloy had taken him off Lortab (a painkiller on that he was dependent) and put him on methadone (a clever drug used to wean addicts from heroine).

When he went down into a subterraneous Metro station, Jay snapped.  He paced frantically and tore off his shirt.  He was visibly lonesome in sweat.   After journey a station, Jay refused to get into a vehicle, though rather ran a few miles to a hospital.  He was not wakeful of what was function or why.  That day he went into pulmonary disaster due to drug withdrawal.  He was hospitalized for a improved partial of a week and expelled usually to fly home.

At 4:00 in a morning, before Jay and his boys left, we gave him a hug.  we had never hugged Jay before.  we was too unapproachable to uncover adore that way.  But for some reason, that day we hugged him.  After he left, we could not sleep.  The Spirit was so clever and a summary was clear, “EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY!”  we suspicion that somehow my cuddle had done things improved and we wondered because we hadn’t hugged him years earlier.

But all wasn’t fine in a approach we suspicion it would be.  My father called dual days later,  “Things have gotten unequivocally bad with Jay,” he said, “He’s taken his possess life.”  we schooled that Jay had sought acknowledgment during his internal sanatorium 3 unfortunate times usually to be sent home where he shot himself with a sport rifle.

Jay’s onslaught to tarry had come to an end.

It was painful for me.  I can’t picture what it was like for his boys, his wife, his parents. For years, we clung to that declare I’d perceived on a final day we saw him, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY. And twelve years later, we can overtly contend this is true.  The boys have had formidable struggles, though they have grown into group of whom their relatives would be proud.

The bishop’s disproportion during Jay’s arise gave me comfort during a time.  Jay had not been accountable, though we sensed there was deeper stress in his words, “Suicide was not a choice he made, though rather a choice he happened onto when his pain was larger than his ability to cope.”

Just final year, we had a clarifying experience—an knowledge that helped me to know self-murder a small improved and led me to trust that it is unequivocally an countenance of a deepest tellurian enterprise to survive.

My family was examination a documentary on a 9/11 militant attacks and for a initial time, we saw footage of someone jumping from a window of one of a twin towers.  All during once, we accepted what Jay’s bishop had meant.  The chairman was not jumping from a building to die, though rather to shun a heated and immoderate flames.  Nobody would credit that chairman of being greedy or of giving adult on life.

Jay was inside a incongruous blazing building and he happened on an exit.  His low need to tarry caused him to take it.  Many who spin to self-murder are in physical, romantic or devout pain.  I don’t consider they find death.  Instead, they find escape, so that their temperament and comprehension can survive.

Ever given my knowledge with Jay, we have felt care and a tie to those left in a arise of such a suicide.   It is greatly painful for flourishing desired ones.  Not usually do we weep a detriment of someone dear to us, though we also feel a pain of grief and of guilt.  We wish we could have done a difference.  We feel annoy during their profanation and a notice of their selfishness.  We fear that all is lost.  But, in my experience, if we are peaceful to alleviate a hearts, over time we comprehend that we are forgiven, that they were not greedy and that all is not lost.

Jay’s bishop pronounced one other thing that has stranded with me all these years.  He said, “Christ did not call Jay home in this manner.  But we can attest that He did welcome him home.”

I share these thoughts not during all in support of suicide, though rather to enthuse amatory observance and finish redemption of those we have mislaid to it. And to enthuse us to strech out and hold with adore any chairman with whom we interact, for God’s adore widespread by many hands might moisten a glow we can't see.

perspective on suicide

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Thank we unequivocally much!

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