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In 2012 and 2013, many hulk bells have been expel and honored, with 8 featured in a boat heading a large squadron for Queen of England’s Diamond Jubilee celebration, a largest fee bell in Europe for a opening day and rite of 2012 London Olympics and 9 in celebrating a 850th anniversary of a Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Why is it that such courtesy is being given to a bell during this time?

Bells are used in a far-reaching accumulation of contexts. You substantially associate bells with eremite activity, and righteously so, given they’re mostly hallowed for some devout purpose. While some bells are merely musical or offer some soft unsentimental function, their entrance and use customarily involves idolatry and magickal enchantments. The value in this investigate is in assisting we righteously appreciate a influences of a informed universe around you. Ignorance is not bliss. What we don’t know, can harm you.

The campanario (bell wall) during Mission San Juan Bautista
Photograph by Robert A. Estremo, copyright 1986

Have we ever listened a saying, “Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings”? This is popularized in a film from 1946, “It’s a Wonderful Life” nonetheless is conspicuous to have been renouned among children even good over a hundred years ago. Is there some integrate between bells and angels, presumably enabling their flight? Bells, chimes, jingles, cymbals and gongs are ordinarily conspicuous to be good fitness and are mostly used to sentinel off immorality spirits. Could a fee of bells unequivocally use devout power, enabling some abnormal change in a healthy realm? While some trust and others doubt, there is a existence over superstition.

I’ve recently turn wakeful of how bells are used in Satan’s “pharmakeia” intrigue (Revelation 18:23). Ultimately, this facilitates his reproductive bulletin and his Beast army dispute scheme. Bells have been and still are being used to “get an advantage of us,” that is given I’m bringing this to your attention. Many people are emotionally trustworthy to bell towers, bells and their sounds, and even spiritually bound, maybe even you. I’m positively not suggesting that any bell is inherently evil, nonetheless we am seeking we to give an honest care to a context and use of a bell, and to be open to what a Lord competence reveal. we urge we will be giveaway from a spells of bells, bell building institutions and all their fake work.

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

2 Corinthians 2:11

This essay was stirred by dual unequivocally apparent signs we received. One came customarily after we had created about a Liberty Bell and Independence Hall as a time and bell building for a blog. The Lord compelled me so we didn’t post it. (Much of it was after to be posted here.) The other pointer came a few days later. we occasionally have one such pointer attending a writing, let alone two!

The initial pointer came on Yom Teruah, Saturday morning Sep 11, 2010, when we was led to go by my scarcely full slot change jar and hurl a pennies. When we was done, we organised them in pairs for easy counting during 2 rolls per dollar. we counted $11. That’s 22 rolls! 22=11*2. we know what that signals. I’ve encountered it adequate times to commend it immediately. we had customarily been counting all a pennies and jacket 50 per roll. When we was finished wrapping, we knew we was done, with not one hurl too many or too few, even nonetheless there were during slightest a few hundred some-more pennies left in a jar. When we counted $11 dollars in rolled pennies and saw a arrangement we had finished with a 22 rolls it was apparently a sign. we didn’t know a context of a interpretation until returning to blogging a subsequent day. The post we had attempted to write a few days progressing had to be set aside. we knew we had to write about a bells for that post.

Nine new bells for Notre Dame – 2013

On Thursday, Sep 16, 2010, we went to a barbershop for a haircut. we was going to go progressing than we did, nonetheless motionless to wait so that lunch-time haircut folks wouldn’t be inconvenienced. My report is flexible. When we did go, we customarily transport a 10 mins it takes nonetheless motionless instead to drive. Within a notation of my being there, a associate in a barber’s chair began to tell a coiffeur he owned a foundry that finished bells, and that he was a bell designer. Right. we had been severely researching and operative on this investigate about bells for several days – and we transport in on that conversation. The odds? Absurd. It’s a sign! He talked for a good half hour about a bells and his being on TV shows and being interviewed for magazines and papers. we deliberate bind a review a few times nonetheless motionless to keep still and customarily listen. A half-hour haircut? At least! When we got home we did check a guy’s story, his foundry, etc., online. He’s legit.

While essay about a bells for that post #22 it became apparent that a apart essay was called for, so here it is!

Bells in a Bible

Let’s start with a care of what a Bible reveals about bells, aware that whatever is genuine a demon will steal in his tawdry schemes. There’s unequivocally tiny about bells in a Bible nonetheless what is there reveals customarily how special a vigilant is. Bells aren’t presented in any common or infrequent use.

33) You shall make on a hem pomegranates of blue and purple and carmine material, all around on a hem, and bells of bullion between them all around:
34) a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, all around on a hem of a robe.
35) It shall be on Aaron when he ministers; and a tinkling shall be listened when he enters and leaves a holy place before a LORD, so that he will not die.
36) You shall also make a design of pristine bullion and shall engrave on it, like a engravings of a seal, ‘Holy to a LORD.’
37) You shall bind it on a blue cord, and it shall be on a turban; it shall be during a front of a turban.
38) It shall be on Aaron’s forehead, and Aaron shall take divided a impiety of a holy things that a sons of Israel consecrate, with courtesy to all their holy gifts; and it shall always be on his forehead, that they competence be ostensible before a LORD.

Exodus 28:33-38

The subsequent context with bells is Exodus 39, that scarcely repeats territory 28’s declaration. The final one facilities a conflicting Hebrew word (metsillah), “a bell, bound by proceed of attire to horses and camels.”

20) In that day shall there be on a bells of a horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD; and a pots in a LORD’s residence shall be like a bowls before a altar.
21) Yea, any pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be piety unto a LORD of hosts: and all they that scapegoat shall come and take of them, and seethe therein: and in that day there shall be no some-more a Canaanite in a residence of a LORD of hosts.

Zechariah 14:20-21

The unequivocally critical 35th strain of Exodus 28 is rendered some-more literally in a YLT.

`And it hath been on Aaron to apportion in, and a sound hath been listened in his entrance in unto a refuge before Jehovah, and in his going out, and he doth not die.

Exodus 28:35 YLT

Again, “its sound hath been listened in his entrance in unto a refuge before Jehovah, and in his going out, and he doth not die.” WOW! The sound Aaron finished with a bell and pomegranate border is connected with entering into and withdrawal a Lord’s participation in a Most Holy Place – and not dying. This is no tiny matter! These bells are functioning to promote thoroughfare between a healthy and abnormal realms, even being concerned in accessing a participation of a Most High God.

The High Priest was a customarily chairman available to enter a many holy place, and afterwards customarily once a year on Yom Kippur. He had to be ritually purify and prepared in any way, that enclosed wearing a bells on a hem of his robe. He was ritually “holy to a Lord” and enabled to apportion in that place, in His presence. Appearing in any other condition, during any other time, or attempted entrance by any other chairman in any condition during any time would assure genocide in that place. There was some-more compulsory over customarily a sound finished by a bell/pomegranate border for a High Priest to sojourn alive and not die, like his carrying cleared in a bronze laver (Exodus 30:17-21), nonetheless a sound of a border was among a compulsory elements that finished him “Holy to a LORD.” His strength was so stable from, defence to, or, maybe many correctly, untouched by a “consuming fire” of a participation of a Holy God.

The sound finished by a bells is rather compared to a sound of a shofar that also outlines Yom Kippur. In renouned Judaism there’s a special concentration during Yom Kippur on a gates of heaven, that pitch sealed during a finish of a day.

“On Yom Kippur, a day when we need a assistance of a shofar to pierce all a barriers between us and heaven…”
“The thespian final service, neilah, focuses on a design of a gates of sky closing…”

(Both quotes from p. 120 of The Jewish Holidays – A Guide and Commentary by Michael Strassfeld)

The gates of sky apparently control entrance to heaven. The shofar is as a voice from sky that crosses a divide, nonetheless a bell provides for access.

It’s engaging to observe here that a ministering of a Aaronic ecclesiastics is over by a ultimate High Priest, Y’shua, who also fulfills a Melchizedek priesthood. Because of what we infer from Exodus 28:35, a comment given in Luke 8-43-48 speaks to me of His wearing something that compares to an tip High Priest’s mantle with bell and pomegranate fringe. He could customarily do what He saw His Father doing (John 5:19), so it was as nonetheless He were in His Father’s participation in a genuine Most Holy Place. A lady was marinated of an soiled condition and finished whole when she overwhelmed a border of His garment. I’ve deliberate either a mantle she overwhelmed competence have been a tallit or tzit-tzit. It seems distant some-more approaching to me that this lady was postulated a prophesy “through a veil” and viewed a tip mantle of a High Priest, of one who was in a participation of Yahweh and nonetheless lived, and was invited to hold it, that she did by faith.

Cymbals and Tabrets in a Bible

Cymbals are compared to bells. They’re used in a Bible in celebrations praising a Lord. They were played as a ark of God was being returned to a city of David after carrying been prisoner by a Philistines.

And David and all a residence of Israel played before a LORD on all demeanour of instruments finished of fir wood, even on harps, and on psalteries, and on timbrels, and on cornets, and on cymbals.

2 Samuel 5:5

In a day nonetheless destiny when Psalm 150 is fulfilled, it will be unequivocally special indeed!

5) Praise Him with cymbals of sounding, Praise Him with cymbals of shouting.
6) All that doth breathe doth courtesy Jah! Praise ye Jah!

Psalm 150:5-6 YLT

Closely compared to a carillon is a tabret, that compares to a tambourine. On it are steel zils that are softened famous as jingles or jangles. This bell-like instrument found identical use as a carillon in a Bible. I’ll raise on this a tiny after in a context of Satan’s hijacking.

There’s a anxiety to carillon and bell sounds in a New Testament.

If with a tongues of group and of messengers we speak, and have not love, we have turn coronet sounding, or a carillon tinkling;

1 Corinthians 13:1 YLT

The denunciation construction reveals that a initial condition is somehow homogeneous to a second. On a elementary and unequivocally unsentimental level, it should be ostensible how anything finished nonetheless venerate is finished in disobedience. Speaking with tongues nonetheless love, like sounding brass, can be heard, nonetheless there is no profit, that is suggested in a verses that follow it. The vocalization with tongues becomes as a sound of a drum or cymbal, vain, dull incomprehensible noise.

While it’s not a sweeping defamation of all bell or bell instrument playing, conjunction is it a blessing of a same. The bell instrument can be benign. Its sound can be vain, dull and nonetheless profit. We’ve seen justification that bells and bell instruments can be good, and I’ll benefaction justification that this can be evil. If a bell and it’s use smacks of church or eremite (or naval?) tradition, it’s substantially bubbled adult from a muck pits of hurt by Babylon. Beyond that, explanation discernment is a customarily arguable gauge.

Satan has a Bell Scheme

The Bible reveals that a bell is a unequivocally special object, during slightest it’s got that potential. Beyond a High Priest’s garment, there are no commands about bells in a Bible, either to make them or not, or, statute their entrance or use in this benefaction age. However, anything same to a charm, whitchcraft or whitchcraft is utterly forbidden, whatever vigilant or multiple of objects competence be deliberate to have some energy or change that a Creator Himself does not categorically ordain. Many bells and chimes, jingles and gongs tumble into this category, many positively those used in tie with eremite institutions, services and rituals, and those used by a institutions of man’s governance. The snake has many positively not been tardy concerning a bell and exploiting it’s potential!

This investigate will display how a demon hijacks a bell for use in a pharmakeia dishonesty of all a races of group to promote a grand procreation scheme. The justification reveals that a bell is used to promote a death/resurrection ploy that is a pitch of a Beast transformation. As I’ve conspicuous elsewhere recently, this is a triple breeze DNA mutation that appears to be described in a Revelation 9 anti-death account. The bell can, comparing to a High Priest’s fringe, promote a transition conflicting an earth-heaven barrier. You competence find it engaging to cruise Revelation 9:4, where a group who had a pointer of God in their foreheads are a customarily one’s stable from a anti-death sting, with a passages above from Exodus 28 verses 35 and 38.

Idolatry, Witchcraft and a Bell

To put one’s trust in anything that is suspicion to have some energy or management other than a Creator Himself is idolatry. Remember a initial commandment? Idolatry is behind scarcely any use of a bell listed by Bell Facts (see below). Using a bell to use energy over demons evokes (summons, calls forth) a energy of a God (demonic) who has management over a demons. This is witchcraft, sorcery. This is ostensible by many pagans (even while wearing a christian label). The entities concerned whose influences are evoked are unequivocally genuine disagreeable authorities.

11) put on a whole armour of God, for your being means to mount conflicting a wiles of a devil,
12) given we have not a wrestling with blood and flesh, nonetheless with a principalities, with a authorities, with a world-rulers of a dim of this age, with a devout things of a immorality in a astronomical places;
13) given of this take ye adult a whole armour of God, that ye competence be means to dispute in a day of a evil, and all things carrying finished — to stand.

Ephesians 6:11-13

Bell Facts Overview

Here’s an mention from a prolonged page about bells patrician BELL FACTS, that is a flattering satisfactory overview of what you’ll find when researching a story and use of bells. I’ll be referring to these points several times in this study.

“BELLS GEOGRAPHICALLY widely distributed and customarily possess a clearly discernible informative status. Legends approximate them, and beliefs everywhere concerning their special powers to satisfy sleet or to disintegrate charge clouds; to frustrate demons when ragged as amulets or when placed on animals, buildings, or conveyances; or to plead curses and lift spells. The visualisation of their purifying transformation is ancient, as is their use in ritual, generally in a religions of eastern and southern Asia.

Chinese rang bells to promulgate directly with spirits.

East Asia, a vanishing tinge of a bell is deliberate spiritually significant.

Russian Orthodoxy, bells directly addressed a deity–hence, outrageous ones were expel by both peoples to lend larger authority.

Buddhism and Christianity, bells are hallowed before being used liturgically.

Roman Catholicism, bells symbolized bliss and a voice of God. Among a many elementary and widespread uses of bells is signaling–marking poignant points of ritual, job to worship, fee a hours, announcing events, rejoicing, warning, and mourning.

In Christian and Asiatic Buddhist monasteries, bells umpire daily routine.

The Bell Used for Signaling

Because a fee of bells competence be listened over prolonged distances, a use as a vigilance device is common. Depending on what’s being signaled and why, and either a bell itself has been accursed (which I’ll residence shortly), such a use competence be utterly trusting and benign. When we was a boy, there was a bell hung on a garage, subsequent to a large door. When we was off somewhere personification and it was time to come home, someone would ring a bell. we competence have been a prolonged ways off, nonetheless we would hear a bell and conduct home in a hurry. Assuming a bell hadn’t been cursed, we see no immorality in that. Bells are used on ships to vigilance their participation to other ships during conditions of low prominence and to vigilance avocation watches for a crew. If a bells aren’t cursed, we don’t see immorality there. When villages come underneath dispute or are threatened by glow or flood, villagers mostly advise a encampment by fee bells. In this case, a matter of signaling a warning isn’t evil. Yet, given a bells typically used for that purpose and even onboard ships are mostly cursed, and, either accursed or not, if there is idolatry in a hearts of a hearers who respond to a fee and a God of a bell and his assist are being sought – that’s evil.

When we was a boy, we beheld how some of a shops in city had bells during a doorway so when we went in or out, a bell would ring. This signaled a renter of your entrance or exit. Again, we see zero immorality about that. we remember how one of a categorical dialect stores during Midtown Plaza in Rochester, NY had an electronic bell tinge that would carillon during a entrance/exit to a store as shoppers upheld through. That singular ding-ding-ding-ding undetermined me given there was no one to warning and no apparent need to warning anyone with such a high volume of nearby unchanging traffic. Given what I’ve scholastic recently about a occult inlet of Rochester, NY and Midtown Plaza, and given a stipulation of Exodus 28:35 (“its sound hath been listened in his entrance in unto a refuge before Jehovah, and in his going out, and he doth not die.“), it seems flattering approaching that a agreeable on entrance and exit by their “sanctuary gateway” was in fact evil. Such magickal change is wholly unchanging with a other elements in a context.

The breeze carillon has prolonged been used to assistance keep watch on continue conditions, for monitoring a wind’s force and direction. The breeze carillon has also been used by farmers and gardeners as a device same to a scarecrow in an bid to keep critters out of a crops. If that’s all there is to it, we don’t know immorality in that. However, these, too, competence be cursed. Even if they’re not cursed, if they’re being deliberate as good fitness attracts or demon chasers with idolatry in a hearts of a hearers, that’s evil.

Jimmy Stewart, a lead actor in “It’s a Wonderful Life” also played a lead in “Bell, Book and Candle (1958),” a film with sorcery executive to a plot. The pretension references a bell abuse that has famously been achieved by a Roman Catholic ecclesiastics when excommunicating. (See also here)

The Bell Used to Invoke a Presence of Demons

The barbarous wizard Aleister Crowley counted a bell among a tiny array of objects ordinarily used as “magickal weapons,” instruments used to move about unwavering change. Frequently, this concerned a bid of depressed angels.

There is a book in dissemination titled, “The Lost Book Of Enoch Magick Ritual Book.” A book outline reports that, “The Lost Book of Enoch is one of a Dead Sea Scrolls found in a eleven caves of Qumran along with a Bible. After thousands of years and unconstrained formidable Grimoire Magick books on a subject, this book finally reveals a secrets of how to summons these Angels and Fallen Angels of Enoch You customarily need a candle, bell, wire and scent and 10 mins to do any ritual.” It’s claimed that no faith is compulsory for success.

The bell has been hijacked by a demon for use in his schemes. The golden bell-pomegranate border sound finished when ragged by a High Priest is an instance of a Creator’s purpose for a bell. “…its sound hath been listened in his entrance in unto a refuge before Jehovah, and in his going out, and he doth not die.” Using bells to crack astronomical bounds in a bid of depressed angels is not accurately “use as recommended,” is it? Yet, this is what’s being done.

The Bell Used by Roman Catholic Priests and Other Occultists

Some glorious discernment into bell fee is supposing in a sincerely new request titled, [PDF] Instruction on a use of bells during Mass from a Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas.

“However, focusing a courtesy of a loyal was not a customarily vigilant in a use of a bell. Bell fee has a abounding tradition in a Church dating from a sixth century. Church bells accept their possess sole blessing. The strain of a bells is a sacramental by that a loyal find Divine insurance from immorality spirits, storms and calamities. Church bells are used to announce events (e.g. funerals, weddings) and to call a loyal to request (e.g. a Angelus).”

“What becomes famous as a Sanctus bells appears in a Mass during a 13th century. The fee of a bells is a pointer of a loyal of a good eventuality of a transubstantiation of a bread and booze into a Body and Blood of a Lord, and is an invitation to devotion and praise.”

In these excerpts from a “bishop’s” document, there’s zero that honors my Lord. Everything about it is non-believer and a irreverent mockery. The Roman Catholic Church is a primary face of eremite Babylon, among a misfortune of them by reason of her sum hypocrisy. It’s her pope who will perform a purpose of a False Prophet, a second Beast of Revelation 13. (Who is Pope Benedict XVI?) The other “organized” churches were innate from that mom church and resemble her as daughters do their mothers, with non-believer Babylonian priesthoods and laity, liturgy, bells and bell towers, cathedrals, crosses, altars, candles … The Christian church was filtered by Babylon, unequivocally many like Judaism had been before her, and there is a vestige of both Israel and church who are carrying Babylon stretched out of them. However, a faces of Judaism and Christianity that are viewed by a universe are a Babylonian versions. You can quote me on that. As for a matter of noticing Babylon today, think, “Babylon is as Babylon does.” That’s customarily elementary unsentimental wisdom.

Did we note a “Bishop’s” matter that “Church bells accept their possess sole blessing“? Interpreted, this means a rite cursing. This transformation was referred to as a eucharist in a Bell Facts excerpt, that conspicuous how in “Buddhism and Christianity, bells are hallowed before being used liturgically.” When we see bells used in eremite ceremony, it’s unequivocally approaching they have been accursed during slightest once. The eucharist of a bell is to dedicate it to and associate it with a disagreeable authority. It’s a authorised routine that introduces a vigilant into use and enables a use for bid or a evocation of some sole influence. You can review a directions for a “Cross Denominational” chronicle of a magickal protocol here, [PDF] Order for Blessing and Consecration of Bells, where an radiant being is invoked.

The Ship’s Bell
USS Constitution / Old Ironsides

The priests of Rome and witches like Crowley aren’t a customarily ones who know a proceed of bells and rite “blessings.” Consider how that many church bells were finished by a famous loyalist Paul Revere.

Paul Revere was one of a initial York Rite Freemasons in Colonial Massachusetts when he became a Royal Arch Mason and Knight Templar on Dec 11, 1769 according to a annals of St. Andrew’s Royal Arch Chapter, Boston, Massachusetts. He also served as Most Worshipful Grand Master of The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, A.F. A.M. from Dec 12, 1794 to Dec 27, 1797. (Paul Revere – York Rite Freemason)

There were 23 bells expel during a foundry during Paul Revere’s personal involvement. He expel his initial bell in 1792 (for his possess church, a Second Church of Boston) and his final in 1811. “In 1798, Paul Revere expel a bell weighing 242 pounds for a frigate Constitution, also famous now by a nickname “Old Ironsides”.” (A Brief story of Ships Bells ) we have conjunction approved eye-witness testimony nor even whispers of a gossip on palm to benefaction to we for support of how Paul or his associate Freemasons competence have achieved rituals and ceremonies with a bells. If we are not blind to a ways of Freemasonry nor a proceed of bells, see a dots and bond them.

Romish priests, witches and Freemasons are delicately educated in a ways of rite and protocol magick and persevere themselves to practicing these with vigilant to accomplish their sole agendas. They know a tip humanities of black and a instruments of their craft. They know a energy they swing is real. Comparing to how a Aaronic Priesthood of Israel competence customarily use hallowed objects, those who offer Lucifer and his gods contingency use objects hallowed for his purposes. That’s customarily how it is. When a bell is concerned with a practicers of a mystic humanities and a eremite activities of Babylon, it’s a protected gamble that it has been duly consecrated, cursed. When we review in Revelation 18:23 about a border of a change of a sorceries of a good city Babylon, let it pronounce to we about what unequivocally goes on in a universe around you.

In this picture, a child is being baptized onboard a Navel vessel. See a inverted ship’s bell? “Originating in a British Royal Navy, it is a tradition to baptize a child underneath a ship’s bell; infrequently a bell is used as a christening bowl, filled with H2O for a ceremony. Once a benediction is completed, a child’s name competence be stamped inside a bell.” (A Brief story of Ships Bells ) What an eventuality for a spell-casting opportunist!

If a bell has been cursed, unless, a Lord categorically cancels it and we know it by explanation insight, we should know how that a efficacious operative of a eucharist or loyalty will be manifested in a bell’s use regardless of a vigilant of a ringer (or baptizer).

Returning to a Romish “bishop’s” document, did we note how he wrote that, “The strain of a bells is a sacramental by that a loyal find Divine insurance from immorality spirits, storms and calamities”? He is acknowledging how a “faithful” are common pagans, shabby by a bell’s spells, cheated into seeking a preference of a gods of a bells over a preference of their Creator.

The “bishop” finished another unequivocally engaging statement. The fee of a bells is a pointer of a loyal of a good eventuality of a transubstantiation of a bread and booze into a Body and Blood of a Lord. Remember a Inquisitions? Questions were asked by Rome’s member of people who were brutally tortured to mislay confessions. One of a pivotal questions concerned a person’s acceptance of this magickal transformation, a lie. Read between a lines to reap what a Bishop was not explanation us about a bell. It’s a surpassing law that what was being achieved in a woe equates to a tellurian scapegoat rituals of a Mayans and other cultures. The heated fear and surpassing wretchedness generated with bloody gore and certain contingent genocide feeds a bloodlust of a ancient gods. This was a area deeply explored by “The Angel Of Death,” Dr. Josef Mengele. Ringing a bells as “a pointer of a loyal of a good eventuality of a transubstantiation” is a rather explanation contention that lends offer support to what I’ve proposed, that a purpose of a bell in Satan’s intrigue is to promote a soul-stealing antichrist pitch of a Beast transformation.

Notre Dame Cathedral

In 2012 and 2013, as we conspicuous during a outset, many hulk bells have been expel and honored. As we write this refurbish to a investigate in early Mar of 2013, some of these are about to be stage that have a integrate to a Inquisition. It seems unequivocally approaching to me that a deeper investigate would raise a connections, nonetheless we can review some-more about a 9 new hulk bells celebrating a 850th anniversary of Notre Dame Cathedral in a post on The Open Scroll Blog. There, we will find several some-more links to what I’ve created about a hulk bells and bell events of 2012. Not customarily were 8 new hulk bells featured during Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration nonetheless a Largest fee bell in Europe was featured in tie with a 2012 London Olympics. Opening day was distinguished with an eventuality called All a Bells, where an bid was finished to have all a bells in a UK stage for 3 mins on that morning. All these bells and their honoring events paint mass eerie ritual, and a universe has been and continues to be remade by this supernaturalism.

Pavlovian Classical Conditioning

Why are bells stage by priests during sole times in a liturgy, focusing a courtesy of a faithful? The hours spent in Psychology 101 come to mind. The priests are substantiating subconscious triggers, regulating targeted associations in a memories of their subjects. Have we listened of Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) and his experiments with a bell? Pavlov lerned dogs to associate a display of food with a sound of a bell. The dogs would naturally start to slobber when a food was presented. After a while, merely fee a bell nonetheless even presenting a food triggered a salivation. Think about a priesthoods and their bells, creation specific associations with their “lab dogs” by proceed of what became described by Pavlov as exemplary conditioning. If we are not blind to a ways of Satan’s priests and irreverent scientists, see a dots and bond them, and let it be a witness.

Satan knew about a bell long, prolonged before Pavlov held on to a stimulus-response programming technique. Pavlov’s investigation enclosed other non-bell kinds of stimuli, and if we cruise a Roman Catholic Mass and other eremite liturgical practice, we competence grasp a means of and know a existence of how Satan programs a gullible flock. The Romish Priesthood includes a bell among their sundry stimuli meaningful this sole vigilant and a sound adds significantly to a impact of their protocol magick.

Such discernment into bell fee competence be so personal that it competence take a while to penetrate in. The existence of a world’s wrong and a state of dishonesty can be tough to accept. For most, a a law that will customarily be rejected. Are we prepared to accept how things unequivocally are? This can and unequivocally should be a unequivocally personal thing as we read. This is your life, and a lives of those we love.

You have substantially beheld that what a bell generally seems to be about is idolatry, sorcery and disagreeable captivity. What about a joyous sleigh bells of Christmas, etc., etc., etc.? You competence consternation if all with me customarily has to be bad. Do we customarily have to hurt everything? Well, we have to respond with a challenge. Do a investigate yourself. If things are not as presented and I’m in error. Correct me. Otherwise, it’s on we to face adult to a reality. The Lord will assistance if we call on Him with finish sincerity.

The Bell as Ringing a Call to Worship

The bell that rings as a call to rite intends to move a worshipers into a participation of a God loved and a God loved into a participation of a worshipers. Comparing to how a sound finished by a High Priest’s bell border “hath been listened in his entrance in unto a refuge before Jehovah,” Satan’s tawdry exercises determining abnormal change and sets adult a assembly between his sub-regencies and their worshipers.

When we was a child we felt absolved to ring a bell on a Sunday morning during a First Baptist Church. we ostensible it to be a call to worship. I’ve asked redemption for all a things I’ve finished in stupidity that served my God’s rivalry and his immorality work. I’ve viewed it, and I’m so grateful! He has courteously given me a eventuality to offer in this good work of exposing Satan’s crafty schemes. Through this amatory work right now He is job group and women to rite Him in suggestion and in truth!

Livestock and Horse’s Bells – Signaling a Yoke of Servitude

For discernment into regulating a bell to ring out a call to worship, cruise a mythological Welsh tale’s activity of a Celtic god, Cernunnous, an entity compared to Pan as loved by a Greeks. “Cernunnous was a Horned God of a Celts. He was compared with a hunt and fertility. Occasionally he was portrayed with snake legs, torso of a man, a conduct of a longhorn or ram, or shown with stags wearing antlers. The name Cernunnous means horned.” Regarding this god, we quote, “In a Welsh story “Owain” his purpose as a herdsman-god and a soft screw of a timberland is told. Here he summons all a animals to him by a belling of a stag. All a animals even serpents obediently came to him “as common subjects would do to their lord.”” (quotes from Cernunnous – The belling of a ram signals a call to worship. The belling by Cernunnous compares to Pan’s magickal piping. When we rang a church bell as a boy, we was an fervent nonetheless oblivious member in one of my community’s versions of a belling of a stag. The fee of such a bell is a evocation of abnormal management that works to call a mesmerised hearers together in common servitude, summoned to rite and offer a God of a bell.

Have we ever listened of a bellwether? The tenure that has come to impute to a trend setter or indicator has an engaging derivation. A bellwether is a castrated masculine sheep (a wether) with a bell hung around a neck that leads a flock. It’s engaging to review this materialisation with a Welsh story of a belling of a ram by Cernunnous, and a bell that is stage as a call to rite to accumulate a flock. Think about it.

It’s common around a creation to find a belling of stock and horses. “In folk-magic coronet is used to effectively repel witches and immorality spirits. The insurance is suspicion to be identical to that given by iron. It is used to make several kinds of amulets. Brass bells are hung around a necks of horses, cows and other animals to strengthen them conflicting a immorality eye.” (Brass – The immorality eye is deliberate to be a curse, that is indeed mentioned in both a Bible’s Old and New Testaments. “The Hebrews wore crescent moons to sentinel off a immorality eye and they trustworthy bells to their panoply to sentinel off immorality spirits.” (Amulets – The whitchcraft or whitchcraft is what a aroused idolater uses to elicit a bell’s god’s change in a life of whatever or whoever wears a amulet, customarily around a neck. To me, it seems flattering apparent how a unresolved of a bell around a neck signals a yoke of servitude to a bell’s god.

The Death Knell, Passing Bell, Dead Bell and Eight Bells

A genocide knell or genocide bell is a bell stage to announce a death. The renouned ballad, “The Wreck of a Edmund Fitzgerald” illustrates this use in a following strain that is historically accurate in explanation a story.

In a prosaic aged gymnasium in Detroit they prayed in a nautical sailor’s cathedral
The church bell chimed ’til it rang 29 times for any masculine on a Edmund Fitzgerald

The following paragraphs are excerpted from Dead bell – Wikipedia.

“In a Middle Ages a abnormal universe was believed to be unequivocally genuine and close. Special protecting powers were preferred by a fallacious and were attributed to certain objects, including bells. The Church itself condoned a use of bells to dismay divided immorality spirits and this ensured a participation and development. Bells were indeed baptized, and once baptized had a energy to sentinel off immorality spells and spirits. The use of a passed bell was standard of this belief, stage for a recently defunct to keep immorality spirits from molesting a body.”

“The passed bell was therefore creatively stage for dual reasons: firstly to find a prayers of all Christians for a essence customarily departing; secondly to expostulate divided a immorality spirits who stood during a bed’s feet and about a house, prepared to seize their prey, or during slightest to hurt and frighten a essence in a passage; but, by a fee of a bell (Durandus states that immorality spirits are fearful of a sounds of bells), they were kept away; and a soul, like a wanted hare, gained a conduct start.”

“In Northern England and Scotland passed bells are not odd as black of genocide on funerary monuments. As an button of humankind a passed bell was generally cramped to eighteenth century tombstones in a North-East of Scotland, generally in Morayshire and Aberdeenshire. In Angus and Perthshire a use is singular and offer south it customarily occurs on seventeenth century stones. The handbell is some-more common than a church bell and rope, a wooden hoop on former being clearly depicted.”

The passed bell is non-believer with no scriptural basement whatsoever. Although passed bells were “baptized,” such a protocol brought no anointing of piety nonetheless rather a opposite. The frightening off of immorality spirits is not a phenomenon of holy suggestion nonetheless a ploy that captivates those who will not contention to a Lord Y’shua and find His preference and protection. Evil spirits are commanded, not frightened; ordered by a aloft authority. The use of a bell to management reduce ranking demons is common witchcraft, and puttings one’s trust in such a operative is to attend in a same, and it is idolatry. While a Wikipedia entrance attributes these things to a time of a Middle Ages, a new request posted by a “Bishop” from a Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas reveals how beliefs have altered tiny if they have altered during all.

“Passing Bell: The name given to a bell that is stage in a church when a chairman is nearby to death; it is conspicuous to have a outcome of frightening divided a immorality spirits that are prepared to take a essence as it passes from a body. In a Gothic period, bells were infrequently stage to destroy witches, as it was ostensible that a sound of bells threw them off their night moody and rendered their diabolic sorcery ineffective.” (Passing Bell – from Occultopedia) This mention highlights both a spell and counter-spell sorcery of bells.

The non-believer beliefs about a vacating and over wanting prayers for such insurance can be traced by many ancient cultures, including Greece and Egypt. Among a gods receiving such request are those famous in several cultures by such names as Cernunnous, Hermes, Anubis and Osiris. Consider how it’s a fear of genocide that generally motivates those who find a preference and insurance of a bell’s god.

Did we note from a “Dead bell” mention how a bell has been an button of mortality? The integrate between a bell and humankind or genocide has been strongly imprinted into mankind. A shining discernment can be gleaned from a indicate finished on a Bell Facts page. “East Asia, a vanishing tinge of a bell is deliberate spiritually significant”. The sound of a bell fades after being struck. This compares to a life of masculine who, after being innate into a world, immediately starts dying, fading. The unequivocally inlet of a bell’s sound hints of mortality.

From Anicca – “Anicca (Pali, Sanskrit, “impermanent ” or “not enduring”), or Anitya (Sanskrit) is of a Three Marks of Existence in Buddhism. There are several ways in that anicca, or a impermanence of things, can be illustrated. Figuratively, a transformation of time is compared to a relocating chariot wheel, that touches a belligerent one indicate during a time; an ever-flowing towering stream, a bubble, a bouncing ball, or the sound of a bell.”

The tie between a bell and humankind comes naturally enough. Recall a now informed stipulation from Exodus 28, “…its sound hath been listened in his entrance in unto a refuge before Jehovah, and in his going out, and he doth not die.” Within that context, it is when a sound ceases to be listened that life ends.

Early in this investigate we described a pointer that concerned 22 penny rolls. One thing we viewed from this pointer means is that a bell as a pitch of genocide and humankind is a many critical signification. The array 22 can be ostensible by expressing it as 11*2. The 22 rolls represented $11. “Eleven” signifies a strength of masculine as weed and a flower of grass, thin and fleeting – here now and left tomorrow. “Two” signifies division. “Twenty-two” signifies a multiplication of a strength that eventually formula in a genocide of a flesh. The array 22 is so a numerical button of humankind that compares to a bell. The array 22 can paint a work of a cranky in a life of a saint nonetheless is not singular to that singular perspective.

For all strength is as grass, and all a excellence of masculine as a flower of grass. The weed withereth, and a flower thereof falleth away:

1 Peter 1:24

That a coins of a pointer were pennies is a offer integrate to a bell. Bells are optimally about 80% copper and 20% tin. Pennies (USA), nonetheless changing by a years, were stoical of 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc from 1864 until 1943.

Brass bells are infrequently stamped with names, mottos and black that exhibit something about a purpose.

“Change fee bells are mostly expel with inscriptions on their sides. Often these are as elementary as a name a owners who expel a bell, or maybe that of a donor. Sometimes, however, bells are named, or bear brief mottos. At Amersham (in Buckinghamshire) a effort proclaims “Unto a Church, we do You call, Death to a grave will offer all.” Perhaps given they are tolled during funerals, tenors mostly bear this arrange of critical motto.” Ring of Bells – Wikipedia

Change ringing appears to be an modernized form of protocol enchantment. You competence note that a marker on a effort bell is indeed a lie, contradicting a law of 1 Thessalonians 4:17. Satan threatens genocide to all in a church, nonetheless genocide is not a predestine of all. This distortion and whatever are that bell’s compared curses are stage out over a land of Amersham whenever a sound is heard.

The bell as a pitch of humankind is embedded into naval tradition

Sailors and fishermen are eminent for being a fallacious lot.

The fee of bells is also compared with funerals, so sounds mimicking bells were suspicion to foresee death. The fee of a booze potion was such a sound, and had to be stopped before a reverberation ended. Ship’s bells were exempted from this superstition, given they signaled time and a changing of watch duties. But if they rang of their possess accord, as in a storm, somebody was going to die.” Seafaring Superstitions Marine Myth Ritual Explored

While that author states that a ship’s bell was exempted, there’s unequivocally some-more to it than that.

Hell’s bells and buckets of blood!” is an aged Naval exclamation, mostly condensed to “Hell’s bells!” The exclamation’s start does not seem to be simply documented. Giving it some thought, it competence be that a countenance subsequent from encounters where another ship’s bells could be listened during conditions of low visibility. If a boat that could not be identified by steer came unequivocally near, a conditions during palm was potentially deadly. If we were aboard a businessman or newcomer boat and pirates patrolled a waters, conspicuous ire could be unleashed during any moment! The bells listened entrance competence meant to a passengers and crew: “Hell’s bells and buckets of blood!” From another perspective, we could suppose pirates good out a same as they proceed to rivet their prey, seizing a organisation with fear. we could suppose this countenance also being used during fight time, when an unidentifiable boat whose bell could be listened competence be crony or foe.

In situations of low visibility, with a sound of your possess ship’s bell betraying your position, we would be in a exposed condition. If you’ve listened a observant “There are no atheists in foxholes,” we can suppose how sailors in hazardous seas would concentration their courtesy on what is many discernible in a dim of night, unenlightened haze or pushing rain; a sounding bell. The sailor’s hope, prayers for superintendence and insurance contingency mostly have been to a God of their bell. This is approaching still a box for many sailors today.

The bells onboard ships were a pitch of their unequivocally identity, being stamped with a name of a vessel. The ship’s bell represented a ship, a reputation, load and any life onboard. Bells were taken as trophies by their spoilers. Shipwrecks are mostly identified by their bell. The predestine of a bell was a predestine of a boat – and all aboard. When a sound of a bell was quieted, genocide had come.

Eight Bells

Another tie between a ship’s bell and genocide is found in a signaling of 8 bells. Onboard ships, sailors’ avocation watches have prolonged been signaled by bell strikes. The bell is stage on a half hour during any 4 hour shift. One bell strike signals a initial half hour, two, a second until, during a finish of any 4 hour shift, 8 bell strikes are heard. Thus, “eight bells” signals a finish of a sailor’s avocation watch. “The tenure ‘Eight bells’ can also be a proceed of observant that a sailor’s watch is over, for instance, in his or her obituary. It’s a nautical substitution for ‘finished.'” (Ship’s bell – Wikipedia)

Because of a abyss of trust we acquired during a deteriorate of investigate focused on signs that occurred during a 2008 Olympics in Beijing, we have some rather surpassing discernment into a definition of a “eight bells” signal. The array 8 was a vital thesis of those Olympics, embedded into many layers of a eventuality and even into a stand pointer in Wiltshire, UK that conspicuous a opening day, 8/8/08.

Milk Hill, Wiltshire, UK
August 8, 2008

While it competence seem ideally judicious to viewpoint a 8 bells vigilance as a incidentally subsequent tradition, such a viewpoint ignores some important facts. The 8 bells vigilance fits too good into some larger schemes. Most importantly in a context of this study, a definition of a numbering compares closely to a definition of a vigilant numbered, exposing an even some-more conspicuous viewpoint of Satan’s grand bell scheme.

The array 8 in a Bible bears a widely famous interpretation of “new beginning.” With courtesy to avocation watches, “eight bells” is indeed imprinting a indicate in a cycle where one ends and a subsequent begins. The 8 bells vigilance a new beginning! Does it still seem incidentally derived? It’s not. As a nautical substitution signaling a finish of a “sailor’s” life, it fits with other schemes that report to a many famous “sailor” Noah a eighth.

And spared not a aged world, nonetheless saved Noah a eighth person, a reverend of righteousness, bringing in a inundate on a universe of a ungodly;

2 Peter 2:5

Noah has intentionally been identified with a array 8, representing a set of 8. It’s his seed that is represented in this array and all a life of mankind/Adam-kind in a earth. If we cruise that a strike of a bell represents a life of a masculine from commencement to end, a distinguished of 8 bells on a boat is a wise illustration of a ark of Noah a eighth. As a parable, a ark as 8 bells conspicuous a new avocation watch. The “duty watch” was over for a line of Cain and those genetically depraved from a line of depressed angels. It can good be conspicuous that “Eight Bells” applied, according to a nautical substitution that means death. It conspicuous a new “duty watch” for those “sailors” aboard a ark, a new beginning.

In sequence to unequivocally make clarity of what I’m essay now, we would have to investigate and turn flattering informed with many of a extensive 8 partial Olympic rite pointer series. we can sum adult what’s many impending for we in brief. Satan’s “eight” intrigue now underway is a counter-offensive in response to a “eight” devise executed in Noah’s day. Quoting from what we wrote about a Wiltshire stand sign: “This stand pointer signals his [the dragon’s] vigilant to move a inundate that will opposite a inundate of Noah’s day. He intends to purify a earth of God’s brood and repopulate a earth with a renewed people, a people brought onward by his “Ark of Noah” facsimile factory.” This depopulation/repopulation intrigue is a “eight bells” scheme. It’s a Beast and pitch of a savage scheme.

The savage compares to Noah a eighth, who “is himself also an eighth.” He is a anti-Noah and anti-Adam, initial and last.

The savage that was and is not, is himself also an eighth and is one of a seven, and he goes to destruction.

Revelation 17:11

The savage who “is himself also an eighth” is compared to Noah by a stipulation of 2 Peter 2:5, where a word “person” has been combined into a English translations even nonetheless there is no Greek word for it in a text. Literally, a anxiety there is to Noah a eighth. If we review and ostensible what I’ve created about a Olympic signs, a highlight of joining these dots in this context should be plain.

The bell is a humankind pitch yet, as such, it’s unequivocally about some-more than customarily death. In it, there’s an pragmatic demeanour brazen to a subsequent cycle. As a 8 bells signals a finish of a cycle and, during a same time, a commencement of another, so a bell itself that rings out humankind rings out a commencement of a new life. The life over death, in contrariety to a mortal, is immortal! Now, there is a genuine that is allocated for some folk, and there is a counterfeit, to that others will tumble prey. The tawdry comes initial and deceives many.

As we settled when commencement this study, bells are used in Satan’s “pharmakeia” intrigue and, ultimately, this facilitates his reproductive bulletin and his Beast army dispute scheme. The genocide comes when group opt-in and trade their souls, earning for themselves a deteriorate in a lake of fire. The new commencement will come as “zombie” brood are brought onward in his mark-of-the-beast anti-death scheme, a “undead” fruit of a serpent’s reproductive agenda. That life is customarily a inexpensive fabrication of immortality, a very, unequivocally bad substitute.

At this indicate I’d like to give some offer care to a pointer of a 22 penny rolls. As we competence recall, a pennies and bells have a identical coronet composition. The array 22 has a common definition with a bell, that of a multiplication of a strength that formula in death. As we customarily conspicuous about a pragmatic definition of a bell, there is a clarity of this genocide being followed by another kind of life. This, too, is a interpretation of a array 22 when a work of a cranky in a saint’s life is considered. The work of a cranky is to move a neccessary death, a compulsory genocide to a strength by peaceful scapegoat in sequence to move onward a new life that is truly life. It compares to how a seed that is planted contingency die in sequence for a plant to be brought onward (1 Corinthians 15). To those significations of a sign, I’d like supplement 3 some-more compared numbers; 13, 23 and 21.

Each penny shares certain facilities with other coins minted by a Federal Reserve. These have facilities that, when counted, furnish a numbers 13, 23 and 21. we introduced these numbered facilities during August 2010’s blogging (Rochester, NY – Parts 10-13). The numbers vigilance a savage (13), sex chromosome (23) and a generosity of an allocated time (21). Are these all suitable for this bell study? Yes. Yes they are. The 22 penny rolls was a conspicuous sign!

The Liberty Bell – A National Symbol

The bell as an button of humankind is partial of America’s ancient heritage. The fee of bells has been instituted as a ancient custom, stage when someone is about to be executed by collateral punishment. Such a use is a non-believer “passing bell” custom. America also rings bells during certain times according to a tradition of other nations, imprinting a deaths of nobles or dignitaries.

The bell famous as a Liberty Bell is a ancient idol that compares to a Statue of Liberty as a pitch of America. Inscribed on this bell that had hung in Philadelphia, PA’s Independence Hall for many years is a following, taken from Leviticus 25:10. “Proclaim LIBERTY around all a land unto all a inhabitants thereof.

If America were a ship, a bell would be a Liberty Bell. It’s famously cracked. In this condition a a doubled announce to a humankind of America. It was innate to die, launched as a New Atlantis envisioned by Sir Francis Bacon customarily to be sunk, carrying served a allocated purpose: Shipwrecked. “Captain” Obama is now during a helm. The profitable load has mostly been off-loaded and a boat is being scuttled even as we write. This was resolved as a destiny, according to a justification being brought onward by students of America’s story who have not incited a blind eye to a announce of a tip societies. This is also a stipulation of a mysterious auspicious scriptures.

8) Therefore a he goat [Greece – now America] waxed unequivocally great: and when he was strong, a good horn [Alexander a Great – now Obama] was broken; and for it came adult 4 important ones toward a 4 winds of heaven.
9) And out of one of them came onward a tiny horn, that waxed surpassing great, toward a south, and toward a east, and toward a pleasing land.

Daniel 8:8-9

The ship’s captain and those who consecrated her on this excursion have no distress about this. People marvel during Obama’s joining to golf and leisure, unknowingly of his concentration of courtesy on an tip bulletin and compared capitulation rating. The ship’s captain and a organisation of underwriters demeanour to a prophesied deliver operation that will follow this accursed voyage. From her damaged hull, a apportionment will be lifted out of a sea (Revelation 13:1 Daniel 8:9ff) to perform her allocated destiny. (This, according to a settlement of a barbarous form of a Beast Antiochus Epiphanes IV, who arose from Seleucid’s Kingdom as parceled from Alexander’s Empire, that parcel privately enclosed Babylon, from that Seleucid determined his rule.) More has been created about this on a blog and on, so we won’t elaborate offer here.

The Liberty Bell as a bell of ancient marker and pitch of humankind testifies of her destiny. The enormous of a bell during a initial strike in America, together with it’s benefaction state of being cracked, is many confidently a auspicious testimony. What was allocated for her as announced by insurgent group in dim swindling will be overseen and over by a emperor God Himself, to His glory.

This bell was featured on my blog recently (The Liberty Bell and America’s Independence from God), presenting it as a pitch of America’s autonomy from a Creator. That’s a rarely endorsed read!

With courtesy to this nation, “Liberty” is customarily represented as a enchantress whose alter-identity is Isis. Consider a Statue of Liberty and also Freedom presiding from her roost atop a U.S. Capitol dome. What a initial fathers and a inheritors of their management impute to by “Liberty” is what will outcome from a accomplishment of a ancient Isis/Osiris-Horus magickal regeneration. This is eventually a leisure and autonomy from a Creator of their reputed and prolonged hoped for feat in a debate of Armageddon, with their “liberated” Beast army. This is a interpretation of a Liberty Bell, of disagreeable rebels who prolonged to be liberated from a order of a Creator and a holds of death. Thee disagreeable and their skeleton will come to nought, “cracked” by a acts of God graphic in Revelation 14:8 and 20 and Revelation 19:19-21.

I already mentioned how bells now fee when someone is about to be executed by collateral punishment. While that’s apparently in gripping with a “bell as humankind emblem” theme, discount a tip testimony of a Liberty Bell reveals how a other times allocated for America’s bell fee are too.

  • July 4th, Independence Day, Let Freedom Ring!
  • Sept. 17 Constitution Day, Bells Across America.
  • Dec. 10th International Declaration of Human Rights Day and Breast Cancer Awareness.

The idol-worshiping papers distinguished on a initial dual of these days announce autonomy from a Creator’s order and so from His life, that is truly a visualisation of death. What are called “human rights” review to a same kind of declaration of subdivision from a sanctified life of a Creator. Even a “Breast Cancer Awareness” relates to mortality. You can see how a thesis of humankind has been deeply embedded into a traditions of bells and their ringing, in ways trimming from a apparent to a subtle.

There’s something unequivocally surpassing we wish to highlight here. While a bell border whose sound was featured in Exodus 28 meant life in a Most High God’s participation for a High Priest, a counterfeiter’s bells unequivocally meant a converse; genocide outward a Most High God’s presence. This goes over tiny earthy genocide of a body. Satan’s genocide knell intends to move a subdivision from a life of a vital God. It speaks of a depart of a essence and essence life, of a establishment of a pitch of a Beast with a soul-stealing mutation and fundamental subdivision from a life of a Creator. When brought to that point, a bell speaks of a finish of a mortal life, of a condition of proxy un-death that follows it, then, finally, of a allocated lake of fire, a second death.

Wind Chimes and Healing

Wind chimes are a cluster of tubular bells that are customarily hung where a breeze creates them ring. In offer to what we wrote about them earlier, their use is infrequently for healing, that is compared to mortality. In Feng Shui, a breeze carillon is used to change a chi energies. The breeze carillon works pharmakeia.

“Tones have a recovering outcome on a bodies, ease a minds and incite a spirits. The inflection and quivering of sound releases highlight and romantic blockages in a physique and calms a mind. The relaxing of mind expands unwavering recognition and tie with spirit. Wind chimes thereby assistance raise a mind/body/spirit tie bringing us a clarity of assent and good being.” Healing effects of breeze chimes (Spirit Winds))

For Whom a Bell Tolls

I’m going to tighten this territory featuring a bell as a humankind button with anxiety to a renouned phrase, “for whom a bell tolls.” It was popularized in some-more new years due to an Ernest Hemingway novel of that pretension and a cinema it spawned. It’s borrowed from John Donne’s Devotions, a poetry work from 1624. From that same work and context comes another renouned expression, “No masculine is an island.”

When, in this glorious prose, it is written, “…for whom a bell tolls,” it’s a signaling of a failing and a genocide that is referenced. The extensive and unequivocally surpassing territory XVII Meditation facilities what I’ve been presenting as a flitting and genocide bells. The author reflects on a same bell’s calls to sermons and prayers. It’s a unequivocally estimable review nonetheless rather extensive so I’ll customarily mention here some utterly applicable bits.

“Who bends not his ear to any bell that on any arise rings? nonetheless who can mislay it from that bell that is flitting a square of himself out of this world?”

“No masculine is an island, whole of itself; any masculine is a square of a continent, a partial of a main. If a bit be cleared divided by a sea, Europe is a less, as good as if a top were, as good as if a estate of thy friend’s or of thine possess were: any man’s genocide diminishes me, given we am concerned in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom a bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”

“…by this care of another’s risk we take cave possess into contemplation, and so secure myself, by creation my chance to my God, who is a customarily security.” When we hear a bell fee for another, seize a eventuality to simulate on a loyal value of what competence be left of we possess mortal life.

The Tambourine

Earlier, we introduced cymbals and tabrets, tambourines. The tambourine is a unequivocally normal instrument played in a church and in a eremite ceremonies of many cultures. Is any personification of a tambourine evil? Certainly, some personification is an immorality enchantment.

Together with her ensemble, Alessandra Belloni is Artist-in-Residence during a famous Cathedral of St. John a Divine in NYC. That’s a grand Gothic Cathedral of a Episcopal Diocese of New York, a largest cathedral and third or fourth largest “Christian” church in a world. The following excerpts are from her Web site.

In Puglia a women customarily played a tambourine for a recovering ceremonies behaving as shamans and running a trance. They were treated as doctors for their work in a Pizziche Tarantate mostly accompanied by violin guitar and accordian.

Alessandra’s performances are a burning “percussive journey” by a south of Italy exploring sorcery rituals tarantellas used as strain therapy and recovering coma dance to heal a fabulous punch of a tarantula women processional chants and pitter-patter in respect of a Black Madonna lullabies women venerate laments and work chants privately organised for voice and percussion.

Iconic musician Bob Dylan wrote and achieved a strain patrician “Mr. Tambourine Man” that was finished even some-more renouned by a rope called “The Byrds.” There’s an engaging story here. Bob Dylan has testified that he “went to a crossroads,” that is famous to meant that he sole his essence to a devil. He settled in an talk that he finished a discount with a “chief commander” “of this universe and in a universe we can’t see” to get where is today. When an early recording of a strain sung by Bob is reversed, we hear a testimony confirming that testimony. His countenance of “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man” in this sole chronicle renders “My new genuine master’s Satan – yeah!” when reversed.

In that video, we anxiety Ezekiel 28, where a 13th strain refers to some anointed cherub’s tabrets and their workmanship. These tabrets can be interpreted in several ways, including as tambourines. The context is a mysterious anxiety to a aristocrat of Tyrus, that many commend as an alias of Lucifer.

Christmas Bells

The bells of Christ-mass have non-believer roots customarily like any other component of a holiday celebration, including even a date itself. The Christmas is not Christian in a clarity that it honors my Lord in any way. The suspicion that this competence be a frank jubilee of a birth of a customarily begotten son of God can customarily be ostensible by someone who has never undertaken to hunt out a story with firmness of heart.

Web hunt “bell choir jubilee of christmas” and see how many formula are returned.

Christmas bells outrider a birth of Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. Even now they are deliberate as an integrated partial of frolic and tradition. People use them given they bear a devout highlight and expostulate divided all devils. It is unfit to suppose Christmas jubilee nonetheless a jingling sounds of bells. – For Example – Around 431 A.D. Bishop Paulinus of Nola in Campania started regulating large church bells during Christmas. There are many legends compared with Christmas bells. Even now people admire and venerate them as they beget pleasing and balmy sounds and are believed to be a middle between sky and earth. (Christmas bells)

When palm bell ringers were introduced to Americans, a context wasn’t that of a reconstruction of holiness. “P.T. Barnum introduced palm bell ringers to this nation in 1844. They were a Lancashire Ringers of England who he dressed adult in some-more colorful costumes as Swiss Bell Ringers.” (BELL FACTS) Barnum even introduced a grace with deception, sauce a English in Swiss costume. Let this pronounce to we about bells and bell ringing.

This masculine had trust and insight, nonetheless not from above. He was famous to be a Master Mason who famously introduced Tom Thumb to Freemasonry in 1862. The introduction of bell ringers is an transformation unchanging with Barnum’s other efforts. “Using increase from a Lind tour, Barnum’s subsequent plea was to change open attitudes about a theater. Widely seen as ‘dens of evil’, Barnum wanted to position them as palaces of polish and delight, and as important middle-class entertainment.” (P. T. Barnum– Wikipedia) But yet, they were dens of evil! For Barnum, who wrote a book titled, “The Art of Money Getting,” remuneration will come due for all this evil, who apparently never came to repentance, redemption and discount of sin.

While it was conspicuous that P.T. Barnum introduced bell ringers to America, that fails to acknowledge another kind of bell ringers, non-believer priests. For one example, Philadelphia, PA has a encampment of bell ringer Jesuits that has been in continual existence given 1733, compared with Old St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church.

Is any instance of palm bell fee evil? If a bell is not accursed and a Lord ordains it specifically, afterwards of course, it’s good! If you’re customarily following some tradition a Lord has not privately hallowed for we personally, would it not be softened to refrain from such activity? Babylon is as Babylon does.

The Marriage Bell and Wedding Bells

As ordinarily listened in a venerate song, weddings have prolonged been compared with bell ringing. The organisation is so common, infrequently a expression, “wedding bells,” is used to impute to a matrimony itself. we found a accumulation of explanations for given this competence be so, nonetheless we trust there’s some-more to it than is ordinarily recognized. Why a matrimony bell is so renouned competence be due in partial to a common acceptance of a bell as a humankind emblem, given a matrimony is ostensible to continue for “as prolonged as they both shall live.” The matrimony bell is outwardly deliberate to be like many other bells in that is stage to find a preference of a gods, privately here in a context of a matrimony attribute to sentinel off immorality spirits and move a blessing to a couple.

“The start of matrimony bell favors, some-more privately matrimony bells during weddings dates behind to ancient times. By fee a bells, it was to sentinel off immorality spirits.” (The Origin of Wedding Bell Favors)

“Celtic tradition has it that any immature integrate should accept during slightest one bell as a matrimony gift. The bell is placed strategically in a newlyweds’ home, manifest to all. When a destined justification or feud takes place one of a integrate competence ring a bell to finish a dispute and announce a equal nonetheless an acknowledgment of shame or fault.” (Celtic Wedding Traditions) The equal bell is one proceed to vigilance a finish of an argument, nonetheless it positively doesn’t settle anything. Neither does it respect a Creator’s appointment of headship management to a man, that settles any dispute of will in a home with desiring saints. A lady with faith who calls on a Heavenly Father with her cares and refrains from usurping His management has distant some-more going for her than what any bell or equal competence offer.

The following excerpts are from Wedding Bells-

“Certain traditions, like a Celtic Scottish wedding, have a roots in non-believer rituals. Pealing matrimony bells proclaims a divinity of a matrimony settle between a newly married couple. According to a ancient Egyptian tradition, while worshipping God Osiris, tiny matrimony bells in a form of prosaic gongs were used in matrimony ceremonies. Whereas in Christian churches, bells came to be used in a year 400 A.D. and were initial introduced by Paulinus, bishop of Nola, nearby a city of Campania, in Italy. These bells became utterly popular, as in those times a church-bell was useful not customarily for summoning a eremite services, nonetheless also for giving an alarm in times of danger. But it was customarily in 604 A.D, that Pope Sabinian particularly authorised a use of bells for matrimony ceremonies to magnify a newly married couples.”

The anti-Bridegroom and anti-Bride
Beijing Olympics, 2008

The regard that matrimony bells broadcast a divinity of a matrimony settle points us over a healthy to a supernatural. When we know what a establishment of matrimony unequivocally means (see The Bridegroom and a Bride) and how there is both a genuine messianic Bridegroom and Bride and a counterfeit, a surpassing definition of a matrimony bell unequivocally comes into view. It’s in this context that a rite gongs used in weddings by a worshipers of Osiris creates ideal sense!

Now, customarily as a Genuine Bridegroom Y’shua will marry his Bride, a anti-Messiah husband will marry his bride, his loyal worshipers. (This was graphic during a Olympics in 2008 by a Chinese. See Olympic Ceremony Symbolism – Part One.) Here’s a interpretation of a matrimony bell. A matrimony is a bringing of a masculine and a lady together. A bell facilitates a entrance together of a abnormal gods and their healthy worshipers. A matrimony bell celebrates a kinship of a sons of God with a daughters of group of Genesis territory 6 and facilitates a entrance kinship of a same. It’s a testimony of a pitch of a savage that even facilitates a coming! The savage will come and have his bride. The matrimony bells will ring.

The Bell: A Stairway to Heaven?

When a Aaronic High Priest was ushered into a participation of a Most High God it was customarily ever accompanied by a sound of bells. The wretched have age aged etiquette of regulating bells with identical results, summoning a fake gods and ushering themselves into their presence. The bell can promote thoroughfare between a healthy and abnormal realms, handling in such a proceed as a pivotal unlocking a gate. The gates of sky that are also referred to as stargates and inter-dimensional portals report genuine constructs. These bridges that camber a heavens and Earth are presented in a Bible in a accumulation of ways. One of a biblical references to such a stairway to sky is so closely compared to a bell that “connecting a dots” between these homonyms seems unavoidable.

In a Hebrew, a word translated “bells” in Zechariah 14 sounds unequivocally scarcely like and is spelled unequivocally scarcely like a word for “highways” in Judges 5:20.

20) In that day shall there be on a bells[H4698] of a horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD; and a pots in a LORD’s residence shall be like a bowls before a altar.
21) Yea, any pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be piety unto a LORD of hosts: and all they that scapegoat shall come and take of them, and seethe therein: and in that day there shall be no some-more a Canaanite in a residence of a LORD of hosts.

Zechariah 14:20-21

From a heavens they fought: The stars from their highways[H4546] fought with Sisera.

Judges 5:20 YLT

In a design on a right we can review a spelling of a difference used and their base words. In this audio record we put together, we can hear them conspicuous by Chuck Missler on a Blue Letter Bible. [MP3] Comparing sets of Hebrew homonyms

The word for “bells” is Strongs H4698 – metsillah“bells”, and a base word is Strongs H6750 – tsalal“to chill (of ears)”.

The word for “highways” is Strongs H4546 – mecillah“highway, lifted way, open road”, and a base word is Strongs H5549 – calal“to lift up, expel up, exalt”.

The Hebrew difference we highlighted can be deliberate as homonyms. Superficially, there’s no reason to review their meanings and when they are compared there seems to be no tie between them. However, meaningful how a Author delights in stealing gems for a discovery, a care of enigmatic definition seems to offer adult a validation of a bell as stargate device.

I’ve created frequently and during length about a word used for “highways” as a being a stargate construct. (Web hunt this site for mecillah and Web hunt a blog for mecillah) Angels and those with devout bodies transport around mecillah, channel over between abnormal and healthy realms when they have a compulsory permission, and metsillah are used to promote such travel. Books could substantially be created about this insight, nonetheless I’ll customarily make a integrate observations and leave offer investigate to you. It’s a unequivocally engaging study!

In Zechariah, a metsillah are on horses, animals (probably a metaphor) used for transport between realms regulating mecillah.

In that day shall there be on a bells of a horses, HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD;…

Zechariah 14:20a

And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there seemed a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and split them both asunder; and Elijah went adult by a whirlwind into heaven.

2 Kings 2:11

And a armies that were in sky followed him on white horses, dressed in excellent linen, white and clean.

Revelation 19:14

Remember how cymbals are used for courtesy in Psalm 150? The base word of mecillah (highways) is translated “extol” in Psalm 68.

Praise Him with cymbals of sounding, Praise Him with cymbals of shouting.

Psalm 150:5 YLT

Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol[H5549] him that rideth on a heavens by his name JAH, and glory before him.

Psalm 68:4

Where Does a Word “Bell” Come From? – Etymology of a Word “Bell”

The problem I’ve encountered in perplexing to learn a trustworthy etymology of a word “bell” leads me to cruise that a roots have been obscured. The reason for this would be to disguise Satan’s scheme, given a name by that this vigilant is famous points to a ancient gods referred to as Bel, or Ba’al.

You competence consternation given we don’t blindly accept what a anxiety book competence state. Have we ever beheld how there is infrequently a far-reaching opposite from one work to another? I, for one, don’t trust in a good vigilant of everybody who has been entrusted to move contribution brazen when documenting story and recording a growth of language. Would people indeed debase annals of a past to offer dark agendas? Well, yes! Has a etymology for a word “bell” been so perverted? we have no tough justification one proceed or another, nonetheless if we were Bel and wanted to precedence a bell for my schemes, I’d crush a tie if we could.

While “Ba’al” competence infrequently impute to a disagreeable management as a scold noun, it’s some-more ordinarily a anxiety to a region’s internal god. Ba’al means “lord” or “master”, “possessor” or “owner.”

“Gatherings and settlements were finished where a dirt was many inviting; that is, where it was perennially productive. Such districts were regarded as being fertilized by boundless agency, and as any of them had a possess divinity or demon as a “owner” of a soil, such a being was called a “Ba’al.” The usage, carrying so begun in rural settlements, was naturally eliminated to a sites of cities, all of that were in any box founded underneath eremite auspices. Hence a multiplicity of Ba’als;” (BA’AL AND BA’AL-WORSHIP – Jewish Encyclopedia)

“…Moreover, there was not, as this speculation assumes, one God Baal, worshipped underneath conflicting forms and names by a Semitic peoples, nonetheless a crowd of internal Baals, any a ancient of his possess place, a guardian and champion of those who worshipped him there.” (“Baal” by W. Robertson Smith and George F. Moore – 1899 – Encyclopædia Biblica)

As Bel was a God of a earth in a Babylonian pantheon and not of a sky or underworld, so it is that a concentration of Ba’al’s domain is earthly. On a informal turn he is a duke or owners of a “soil.” One city’s Ba’al competence not be another city’s Ba’al. Sometimes a detailed anxiety to “Ba’al” can impute to a God who is also famous by some scold noun name. In a annulment (Speech Inversion – Spilling a Beans) we hear a word “Nairf” used in a identical way, that refers to whatever disagreeable management happens to be statute in a context. The Ba’al gods seem to have all been loved in identical ways, divulgence how these were of a sole category of angels.

Now, cruise how a territorial domain of a Ba’al or Bel can be compared to a operation of a bell’s sound. If you’re within ear-shot of a bell, you’re in a domain and it is your Bel, or, Ba’al. Bells are infrequently stamped with a name of a locality or differently identified with a sole deity, maybe in a loyalty ceremony. The encampment bell is infrequently believed to have a energy to change a internal continue and/or to strengthen a locals from immorality spirits or their curses. These bells are unequivocally particular with singular sonic signatures, their possess personalities.

Does a English word for a bell indicate behind to a Ba’als as a root? we positively have no route of chronological support to indicate to for validation of my supposition, nonetheless such a basement as we suggested for a word seems distant some-more trustworthy than anything else I’ve read. Perhaps a name for a vigilant in other languages and cultures competence yield offer insight.

The Bell and Clock and Their Institutions

The bell as a vigilance device announces special events and warnings, nonetheless many ordinarily announces a time. Onboard ships, avocation watches had prolonged been signaled manually any half hour, regulating a hourglass and unchanging astronomical observations as a beam for when to ring a bell. In monasteries and afterwards encampment squares, time towers were a facilities of advancing technology, introducing a involuntary agreeable on a half hour, or maybe hourly. Who can cruise of Big Ben in London nonetheless being means to hear a signature chimes? The once entire grandfather time dutifully rang out a hours with a noble discriminating chimes in homes and businesses around a globe. The alarm time was invented to vigilance a preset time with a jangling bell, and further a countdown timer. The fee of a informed bell mostly will put us in mind of what time it is. What does this organisation with a time exhibit about a bell? There is in this attribute a kind of synergy.

From one perspective, a time agreeable is a unchanging pointer of a mortality. The bell that is itself an button of humankind chimes to announce a thoroughfare of another hour, counting off a profitable totalled increments of a lives. This is indeed a unequivocally good thing if deliberate in light of John Donne’s imagining on a genocide bell, that “tolls for thee” and competence prompt one to make “recourse to God.” There is, however, a some-more apparent unsentimental use of a time and bell multiple that provides for some surpassing insight.

Skull and Bones multitude during Yale University. Note a featured furnishing – a Grandfather clock.
Where’s “W”? (And we don’t meant Waldo.)
You’ll find George W. Bush customarily left of a clock. Notice that a time is set to 13:00 hours. Right. Time for rebellion – Beast time!

No strong care of bells can be unequivocally finish nonetheless addressing a clock. Technically, a time is a watch that announces a time with a bell instrument.

A time is an instrument for measuring, indicating and progressing a time. The word “clock” is subsequent eventually from a Celtic difference clagan and clocca definition “bell”. For horologists and other specialists a tenure “clock” continues to meant exclusively a device with a distinguished resource for announcing intervals of time acoustically, by fee a bell, a set of chimes, or a gong. (

Before what we know now as a analog time with a dial face and rotating hands a time was review from a illustration of a stream positions of astronomical bodies. Bell chimes were afterwards keyed to a hours to announce a time. Then hands were introduced on a dial to register a hours by number.

“In a Middle Ages, however, members of eremite orders were approaching to urge during clear times. Failure to say saintly habits given of cloudiness or non-static abandon was not acceptable. There was an answer, however. Sources from Antiquity (and substantially rumors of Chinese inventions) referred to inclination that could embrace a Sun and stars” … “The commencement mechanisms of this type, around a finish of a 13th and commencement of a 14th century, were used to energy representations of a heavens.” … “The monks and nuns were summoned to request by a bell. Soon someone satisfied that a elaborate astronomical indication was not needed; a complement of distinguished a hour with a array of rings of a bell was sufficient. Sometime after that, people combined a dial to uncover a hours with a pointer (hand). A identical pointer for mins was not indispensable until clocks severely softened in accuracy. Although a initial clocks were commissioned for use in religion, within a few years people began to keep time by a hours, given a fee of a bell mostly could be listened or a dial seen all over a village.” (The History of Science and Technology / Sci-Tech Essays: Early automatic clocks )

The agreeable prompt of a hour of a day creates us courteous to a despotic schedule. It’s 4 pm, am we on schedule? Am we early, on-time, or late for scheduled appointments? The time and bell work together to umpire a lives of those who mind it. While many of us have been lerned to see that as a good thing, it’s unequivocally not. The gods of a time and bell are served with respect and industry, not a Creator who determined a conflicting governance for a lives. If we am compulsory to keep a report of activity utterly regulated by a clock, where afterwards is a courteous seeking of a heading of a suggestion of God? The time has a start in a regimented lives of a Babylonian-style priesthood. Think about it. Isn’t that rather telling?

From a first, when timepieces initial represented a design of a heavens and a lights in their movement, it contingency be seen that this was finished discordant to a demonstrate management of a Creator.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any correspondence of any thing that is in sky above, or that is in a earth beneath, or that is in a H2O underneath a earth.

Exodus 20:4

What good can come of rebellion conflicting a Creator? Should we do immorality that good competence come? NO! Even nonetheless we’ve been scholastic in tractability to a time and bell, and time and bell institutions, what good can unequivocally come of it?

I wrote during some length about a time in a blog post titled, “Part 21 – Rochester, NY – The Clock of Nations and World Domination,” pity discernment about how a time and calendar disassociates people from a life of a Creator. Here are a few excerpts.

“Observations of a thoroughfare of time were finished formed on a transformation of astronomical objects until sincerely recently. One could disagree that, ultimately, they still are, nonetheless time is now many popularly conspicuous in terms of bound calendars and monitored regulating automatic and digital timepieces that are customarily remotely compared to a astronomical lights. God’s time has been hijacked, in a sense. The universe now runs on Babylon time, a tawdry deputy that pretends to urge on a Creator’s way. From this perspective, some of we competence determine that such calendars and clocks are used for rebellion conflicting a Creator. “

“There are a few implementations of a time that exhibit it as a device dictated for universe domination. Clocks are publicly placed to unnaturally umpire a lives of people and promote a attention of Mystery Babylon.”

“For a prolonged time now, clocks have been placed in city squares and city centers. Several posts back, we finished a indicate about civic-mindedness, and how Cain built a initial city and how these race centers became a hallmark of a ungodly. we celebrated how people accumulate in cities to insurgent conflicting a emperor God together. Putting a time during a county core and crossroads of commerce creates ideal sense. Here, men’s lives are governed not by a healthy institutions of a Creator nonetheless by those institutions of a depressed one who ceaselessly inspires and leads group to rebel.”

If it occurs to we that we have righteously discerned a situation, what should be your response? Well, of course, it’s rather formidable for many to cruise throwing a craft or assembly an appointment if not minding Babylon time. Showing adult for work is something that for many people is finished on a flattering firm basis. Can or should one disjoin oneself from Babylon time? That’s something that contingency be answered between we and a Lord, according to your faith and a Lord’s direction.

In closing, cruise how folklore about a time compares to folklore about a bell. From English Folklore: clocks.

Until recently customarily found in rich homes, or on open buildings. Nevertheless they became a thesis of several superstitions, from a 1820s onwards. The elementary one is that a time will stop during a unequivocally impulse a owners dies; a initial instance given by Opie and Tatem is also one of a many dramatic, for it refers to a time in a Houses of Parliament carrying stopped on 27 Jan 1820, ‘being scarcely a hour during that HM King George a Third had expired’. A time interlude inexplicably, or distinguished a wrong hour, could be omens of some genocide shortly to occur. Parallel to these beliefs is a tradition that as shortly as someone dies any time in a room (or, according to some, all a clocks in a house) contingency be deliberately stopped, to designate a fact that time has now ceased for that person.

If a church time strikes a hour during a wedding, within a year a bride or husband will die, nonetheless if a timing is such that a bride hears a carillon while still outward a church, that brings good luck. Similarly, if it strikes a while a strain is sung during a Sunday service, this foretells genocide within a week for someone in a parish; a city time distinguished while a church bells are ringing, foretells a fire. In Devon around 1900, it was even suspicion detrimental to pronounce while a time is distinguished (Opie and Tatem, 1989: 84-6).

The time and bell together are a absolute pair. The time outlines a thoroughfare of time in a fake way, compared to nonetheless isolated from a Creator’s allocated means. It is an instrument whose early versions were graven design idols that governed a request life of communities of fake priests. The bell, used to management lessor demons and promote meetings between group and a fake gods they worship, was shortly harnessed to announce a time, statute a lives of group from afterwards until now. Isn’t that how it is? Isn’t that a scold and scold perspective?

Clocks and bells have prolonged been promoted as soft instruments, useful tools. Certainly, they can be, nonetheless there unequivocally does have to be a care during some indicate of how we got to be in a disaster we’re in today, and how a universe has come to acquire a moral visualisation announced in a books of auspicious explanation about a final days.

I urge this investigate helps we righteously appreciate a influences of a informed universe around we as we find to be found estimable of a Bridegroom Y’shua during His shortly coming.

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