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A Patient’s Perspective – March 2004 (Parkinson’s disease)

I continue to be empty during what we review in a research. The cervical spine, in sold a top cervical spine is mentioned in many of a examine (chiropractic and medical) we have located.  It is such a critical area that is a categorical communication pathway between your physique and mind and nonetheless detached from apparent injuries like fractures or other pathologies it is frequency analyzed in detail. Why do some medical researchers not see a significance of this area in a conditions they are investigating? Why are giveaway foundations that are set adult to support examine into a sold medical condition or illness not interested including top cervical chiropractic in a review and appropriation process? Why is examine into curative outcomes adored over choice and interrelated approaches? we would have suspicion that patients’ interests are what are many critical and therefore any and all probable solutions to illness expulsion should be researched?   Scientific researchers should be given leisure to examine any and all options rather than carrying them concentration on curative or surgical solutions.

In this emanate we have supposing some examine information on a condition Parkinson’s disease. we chose this one since we have a crony who is struggling with a illness during a moment. There is some engaging examine and box studies that would seem to prove once again to a cervical spine as being a culprit. we did once remonstrate my crony to revisit an top cervical chiropractor. He had an extraordinary response to a diagnosis as we can see by his communication to me shortly after his initial atlas adjustment.






To demeanour during my crony we could see his conduct was unequivocally noticeably slanted to one side and his conduct was utterly forward. His trapezius muscles are intensely tight, a sternocleidomastoid is underneath tragedy on one side, and a scalenes seem unequivocally parsimonious and large (scar tissue?). Apart from a Parkinson’s symptoms he also has tinnitus, deafness, rawness pins and needles and pain in a neck and shoulders. In other difference he appears to have a large atlas subluxation which, as we can see from a above communication was clear on x-rays. He would need ongoing diagnosis for a extensive period.

Sadly he did not continue with this diagnosis (AO top cervical chiropractic) as he was fundamentally told by his doctors that neck problems could not be a means of Parkinson’s disease. we could not convince him or his mother to keep adult a diagnosis and was told in no capricious terms that Parkinson’s illness was a problem with a mind and there is no approach a neck could be involved. we desire to differ and in this book of my newsletter we will explain my opinions and conclusions. My crony is mislaid to a medical contention carrying now graduated firstly to a motorized scooter and some-more recently to a nursing home periodically! This is a tragedy and we feel for my dear friends; however we am no compare for a medical complement and a dubious information widespread about chiropractors.

I wish we humour my newsletters and as always feel giveaway to yield me with any feedback and suggestions to info@upcspine.com. Remember we am a studious and not a medical practitioner; however we am entitled to my possess opinion. People are giveaway to remonstrate with me. My newsletters are supposing as an informational source only, and are not a medical opinion. Therefore we should do serve examine for yourself and make your possess decisions.

What is Parkinson’s illness (PD) according to medical science? PD is a on-going neurological condition inspiring movements such as walking, articulate and writing. PD has 3 categorical symptoms that are tremor, flesh and prong acerbity acerbity and slowness of movement. Other symptoms embody detriment of balance, constipation, rawness prickling sensations in a limbs, lassitude and depression. However, a lassitude and basin we contend are as a outcome of constrictive a illness and not a sign of a disease. According to American Parkinson Disease Association Inc.[1] “Parkinson’s illness is caused by a lapse of a imbued neurons in a Substantia Nigra of a brain, ensuing in decreased dopamine availability.” It is this decreased dopamine phenomena that is a concentration of many of a stream examine and a aim for recovering drug intervention. There would, however, seem to be other diagnosis alternatives that need to be investigated.

One sold alloy Fernandez Noda[2] has finished some work that unequivocally interests me and we contend his work confirms that damage to a cervical spine as we news on my website is a critical writer to a growth of PD if not a categorical causal means in a disease. If this is a finish afterwards maybe top cervical chiropractic can assistance people with Parkinson’s disease? The initial paper we would like to impute to by Fernandez Noda and Lopez[3] in 1984 describes a surgical technique for a condition referred to as thoracic opening syndrome (TOS) in after papers cerebellar thoracic opening syndrome (CTOS) and some-more recently intelligent thoracic neurovascular syndrome (CTNVS). The doctors carried out medicine on 71 patients presenting with TOS that “the signs and symptoms are deliberate to be caused by neurovascular application by boney, robust or ligamental structures in a thoracic outlet.”Reported symptoms embody paresthesia (tingling, prickling, burning-abnormal sensations), pain, weakness, dizziness, short-lived blindness, fainting and indifference in fingers/hands/face. The paper discusses finish (100%) dismissal of a signs and symptoms following division/section of a maiden scalene flesh compressing neurological and vascular structures in a segment (thoracic opening customarily above a clavicle), with no regularity of symptoms.

In another paper Fernandez Noda et al[4] interpretation that “Parkinson’s illness is a snarl of CTOS, caused by deficient irrigation of a dopamine producing cells and successive rebate of dopamine secretion.” Using a surgical technique to perform a multiplication of a scalene muscles (scalenotomy) in sequence to mislay neurovascular application a authors achieved glorious formula with 5% of patients reported totally marinated of Parkinson’s symptoms and a serve 80% display poignant alleviation and means to revoke their coherence on medication. The authors state “After operation, these patients continue to take anti-Parkinson drugs etc. in gradually dwindling quantities until symptoms moderate and serve remedy is unnecessary.” Further they interpretation “compression is constructed by a maiden scalene muscles and a cervical ribs during a spin of C6-7. The inadequate irrigation of a cerebellum and intelligent cells produces CTOS and a complications, critical among that are ipsilateral stoppage and Parkinson’s disease.”

A singular box news by Sell et al[5] discusses a “tight maiden scalene muscle”resulting in “entrapment of a left vertebral artery”about 2cm from a start when a studious incited her conduct to a left. If a studious incited her conduct “excessively to a left” she would benefaction with, among other mind branch symptoms, “global binocular blindness” and her prophesy would “quickly lapse to normal when she incited her conduct to a right. The surgeons detected that a scalene muscles (anterior and middle) were also compressing a reduce cord of a brachial plexus. These robust compressions of neurovascular structures are critical in combining a finish that top cervical chiropractic can and does support in service on CTOS symptoms and some-more than expected Parkinson’s illness symptoms.

Fernandez Noda et al[6] paper describes “the purpose of application of a vertebral, subclavian arteries, inner mammary, inner carotid arteries, brachial plexus and coiling and kinking of a vertebral and basilar arteries, a inadequate irrigation of blood supply and oxygen of a cerebellum and fundamental ganglia of a brain.” Basically their finish is that this application that is caused by the “anterior scalene muscles and a cervical ribs during a spin of a C6-7 vertebrae; by a sternocleidomastoid during a spin of a cervical atlas; coiling and kinking of a vertebral, basilar and a inner carotid arteries” produces a symptoms of Parkinson’s since a outcome of a application of these critical structures is to “decrease secretion of dopamine during a spin of a basial ganglia (putamen, caudate, thalamus)”. The authors plead PET scanning that reveals that a illnesses “epilepsy, memory deficit, agnosia, dementia, Huntington’s disease, ongoing schizophrenia and manic basin … denote few and sketchy decreases in blood flow”. They news poignant improvements in people with all these diseases and 88% recovering formula for Alzheimer’s disease. They also news carrying operated on 17 patients with mixed sclerosis and 12 carrying “shown good improvement” and their “colleagues in Spain have had glorious formula with 40 mixed sclerosis operated patients.” They interpretation with a perspective that a neurovascular application mentioned progressing which, in their opinion formula in reduced oxygenated blood to a dopamine producing cells, can be relieved by their surgical technique (scalenotomy) and a formula are certain in “CTOS, symptomatic Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, psychological disturbances by hypoxia, epilepsy, mixed sclerosis, hemodynamic parkinsonism and imminent gangrene of a top extremities.”

Fernandez Noda et al[7] in this 2002 paper have renamed a syndrome to intelligent thoracic neurovascular syndrome (CTNVS) when they detected that a inner carotid arteries were partial of a syndrome (pg. 58) and in their epitome echo conclusions from a before papers, “decreased blood supply to a cerebellum and fundamental ganglia is a means of a CTNVS and a neurological complications, among that are ipsilateral paralysis, symptomatic Parkinson’s disease, organic Alzheimer’s disease, mixed sclerosis and others.” They serve strengthen that a symptoms compared with these diseases are caused by application of critical neurological (e.g. nerves and haughtiness plexuses) and vascular structures (arteries and veins) both during a C6-7 spin and during a spin of a cervical atlas (C1), by muscles such as a maiden and core scalenes, a sternocleidomastoid and other neck muscles. The application causes “sporadical deficient blood supply and oxygen to a cerebellum, mind and a twelve cranial span nerves”. They list good improvements in many patients with these diseases when they lift out their surgical procession to mislay a application on a neurovascular structures. As mentioned before this medicine involves stealing flesh that causes a compression. They state “all symptoms left after surgery” in many cases involving a conflicting diseases. They list a symptoms of CTNVS on page 56[8] of a paper underneath a streamer “Symptomatology constructed by CTNVS. This list includes all of a symptoms that have been demonstrated to be relieved with diagnosis by top cervical chiropractors. If we also impute to my symptoms during http://www.upcspine.com/greg4.htm we will note how closely my symptoms during a time correlated with CTNVS. we consternation what Fernandez Noda and his colleagues would contend to those doctors who told my friends that Parkinson’s illness was not compared to a neck.

On my website we will also find that we frequently impute to application of critical neurological and vascular structures by a muscles that have a pursuit of holding a conduct atop a cervical spine. These structures embody a jugular vein, vertebral and carotid arteries, phrenic nerve, brachial plexus, and a cranial nerves, vagus, glossopharyngeal, spinal appendage and hypoglossal. It creates finish clarity that if one’s conduct has been shifted on a atlas due to mishap afterwards flesh imbalance, stroke and application or traction of critical structures will result. You will note we also plead a need to residence a dental mal-occlusion that can be a outcome of top cervical subluxation. At this prove we impute we to a unequivocally engaging paper good value reading by Dr A.C. Fonder, “The Dental Distress Syndrome Quantified” http://www.icnr.com/DentalDistressSyndrome/DentalDistressSyndrome.htm. Fonder discusses a attribute between dental occlusion and viewpoint and tellurian ailments. Note references to successful diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

I consider that Fernandez Noda et al have finished a smashing pursuit of explaining accurately what a causal mechanisms of tellurian illness are and we continue to consternation since their work is not some-more widely heralded by medical organizations. If we demeanour closely during people with Parkinson’s or any other illness we will notice a signs of flesh imbalance, bad posture, muscles struggling and fighting to say balance.

  1. Could CTNVS be zero some-more than a subluxation in a top cervicals?
    1. My finish is many unequivocally yes!
  2. Can people with CTNVS, Parkinson’s or other illness be helped with top cervical chiropractic?
    1. In my opinion – Yes!
  3. Should regressive diagnosis (a.k.a. top cervical treatment) be attempted before invasive procedures?
    1. Of march – Yes!

A video-tape of a ratiocination of a cervical spine[9] is also engaging since it demonstrates a anatomy of a cervical spine and a scalene muscles unequivocally well. About 36.5 mins into a videotape, thoracic opening syndrome (TOS) and tests are demonstrated and explained. The authors note a series of people they see in their hospital with brazen conduct viewpoint and advise application of a brachial plexus and other neurovascular structures (e.g. carotid blanket that contains a jugular vein, carotid artery and sensitive chain) in and around a scalenes can occur. According to a authors “the tighten vicinity of soothing tissues and bony structures emanate a intensity for compressive and tensile army on a neurovascular structures in this area.” It is emphasized that scold position of a conduct and neck a critical to a healthy cervical spine. If we get to watch a tape, consider about an off centre conduct and what competence occur to a cervical spine muscles as they try to reason a conduct erect. In my opinion TOS, CTOS and CTNVS are a outcome of an top cervical subluxation and it follows that alleviation by specific top cervical chiropractors can soothe innumerable symptoms compared with these syndromes though a need for invasive surgery.

A paper by Herrera-Marschitz, Utsumi and Ungerstedt[10] is unequivocally engaging and it has zero to do with humans. Experiments were finished on rats that when subjected to decreases in dopamine; scoliosis of a spine was a approach result. In fact, “rats with a strongest dopamine lassitude (greater than 95%) and a strongest rotational responses showed a sharpest spinal flaw and fundamental deformity. These commentary establish with a clinical observations that scoliosis occurs in patients with Parkinson’s illness and a instruction is correlated with a side of a critical signs and symptoms of parkinsonism.” This could serve strengthen that Parkinson’s and other diseases are a outcome of an top cervical subluxation as it is good famous and good available that top cervical subluxations outcome in scoliosis (see my Feb 2004 newsletter about fibromyalgia).

Chiropractic and Parkinson’s disease

A hunt for Parkinson’s examine and chiropractic does not spin adult saturated studies. we trust this to be a duty of examine appropriation that customarily is channelled toward curative outcomes. It would be a dauntless alloy who endorsed to a examine classification or supervision physique that appropriation is destined towards chiropractic research! There are however a integrate of studies estimable of mention. The initial is a box news by Elster[11] an top cervical chiropractor from Colorado, USA. This is a box news of a 60 year aged male who was diagnosed with PD during age 53. Elster used “paraspinal digital infrared imaging” and “precision top cervical radiographic series” of x-rays and cites “6,000 peer-reviewed and indexed articles” as good as “blind studies comparing thermographic formula to CT-scan, MRI, EMG, myelography and surgery, thermography was shown to have a high grade of attraction (99.2%), specificity (up to 98%), predictive value and reliability”.

The author detected by her top cervical methodology that a studious had “right laterality of a atlas.” In other words, a studious had an top cervical subluxation of atlas. After receiving consent, “treatment began with an composition to scold a right laterality of atlas.” The composition was achieved regulating a knee-chest composition technique that is described on my site during http://www.upcspine.com/tech12.htm and a common protocols compared with that technique were followed.

Following serve diagnosis by a finish of a 2nd week of caring a studious “reported larger operation of suit in his neck, softened sleep, softened energy, and decreased acerbity in his altogether body.” Utilizing a United Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) a “re-evaluation suggested a rebate in symptoms” accompanied with an altogether “43% improvement”. Other improvements not listed in a UPDRS understated a alleviation as “it did not take into caring other compared symptoms, such as spinal pain, insomnia and fatigue”. The studious continues underneath a caring of Elster and maintains a alleviation as good as exhibiting no diminution in condition. He has also started a unchanging practice and training program.

The studious reported a story of mishap “6 specific incidents” before to a conflict of symptoms including poignant mishap to a head. Elster concludes with some theories as to a tie between a conduct injuries, a top cervical subluxation and a conflict of PD. One speculation suggests that “sympathetic malfunction occurred, presumably causing a diminution in intelligent blood upsurge compromising a patient’s substantia nigra”. She righteously states that this one box does not endorse a couple between an top cervical subluxation and PD, however total with a CTNVS studies and other famous contribution about a consequences of top cervical subluxations it is not tough to make a connection. It customarily needs to be researched.

A second essay by Elster[12] a duplicate of that can be found during http://www.erinelster.com/Articles/parkinsons_article%20_07_00.html discusses 10 cases of PD and the “results suggested a estimable alleviation in biased and design commentary in 6 out of 10 patients and amiable alleviation in 2 patients. The final 2 patients sojourn unchanged.” All patients had atlas subluxations that were perceptible on pointing top cervical x-rays.

In another paper by Burcon[13] finds remarkably unchanging commentary in a series of patient’s with a accumulation of conditions. All vaunt top cervical subluxations and all softened following top cervical chiropractic intervention. Burcon concludes with a speculation among others “ vigour exerted by a subluxated atlas causes a multiple of problems including, decreased blood supply to a occipital apportionment of a brain; vigour on a nuclei of cranial nerves V (trigeminal) and VIII (vestibulocochlear); nerve-root exasperation of cranial haughtiness VIII.” These would seem to be in agreement with Fernandez Noda with honour to decreased blood upsurge and cranial haughtiness impairment. Reduced blood upsurge to cranial haughtiness VIII for instance many expected would outcome in conference disorders like tinnitus and deafness. Interestingly in some Doppler sonography studies[14],[15] of people with tinnitus, blood upsurge is significantly reduced in a vertebral artery on a side of a tinnitus.

Someone Please Save a Pope!

There are a series of celebrities who have been diagnosed with PD many particularly Mohammed Ali, Michael J. Fox and of march a Pope. In customarily about each print that we have seen of Michael J Fox he favors carrying his conduct brazen and to a right and side-on photos would “seem” to prove detriment of cervical curve. The print on this page is an instance http://mjftribute.tripod.com/mikephoto3.htm. Now I’m not observant that this is definitive, however a discerning check by Michael himself might exhibit that he does have right conduct lean and has had it for some length of time. A slanted conduct is mostly a outcome of atlas subluxation. Has he had a conduct injury? Probably. Has Mohammed Ali had a conduct injury? Yes!

Upon watching a viewpoint of Pope John Paul II on many occasions and looking during some photos during http://przewodnik.iq.pl/fatima/page_02.htm, we have to interpretation that he exhibits a ‘classic’ top cervical (atlas) subluxation, farfetched thoracic kyphosis and reduce spine saving subluxation. His conduct is so distant brazen that application of neurovascular structures in his neck and of a brachial plexuses as suggested by Fernandez Noda et al is rarely likely. The brazen conduct carriage of a Pope is NOT a normal partial of a aging routine that some people would have us believe. It is due to accumulative mishap via one’s life, subluxating atlas, that never gets corrected. we would serve advise that since of a ‘link’ between top cervical subluxations and conference disorders, a Pope is some-more than expected exhibiting both tinnitus and deafness. Why don’t his doctors residence a Pope’s apparent postural anomalies?

Parkinson’s Danger

People who humour conduct damage are 4 times some-more expected to rise Parkinson’s disease.  The investigate also found that this risk increases eightfold for people with a conduct mishap requiring hospitalization and 11-fold for those with a critical conduct injury, characterized by prolonged detriment of alertness and mind bruising.  Lead author Dr James Bower, a Mayo Clinic neurologist, says:  “I was astounded by a strength of a organisation and was also astounded that a normal conduct mishap was about 20 years before a start of a disease.” Details of a investigate are published in Neurology.

Compiled by Kym Nicoll – Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, Australia) Thursday 22 May 2003 Health Science territory P.1

Chiropractic Testimonials

As mentioned progressing Erin Elster www.erinelster.com is achieving smashing formula with a operation of conditions. See her commemorative site http://www.erinelster.com/Case%20Studies/parkinsons_case_studies.html for some good Parkinson’s success stories.

Anecdotal Cases

A studious grown Parkinson’s like symptoms such as tremors with facial twitches one hour after holding a prescribed medication. When a studious was told to pause a prescription, a symptoms worsened. After being underneath top cervical caring for one month her symptoms have decreased by 50% and are gradually removing better.

A Parkinson’s studious with tablet rolling palm tremors, slurred speech, empty look, impassioned conduct viewpoint with a conduct in impassioned chin to chest position. Two days after an atlas composition a studious waltzes into a bureau with her conduct in a normal position vocalization routinely and though tremors.

A Parkinson’s studious who fell off a rings in gymnastics as a girl and would have identical spasms, arm prolongation seizures,…Despite a 3 hour spin outing indispensable to get UC care, a man claims to already  be 60% softened after customarily dual weeks of care!!!

Parkinson’s box with determined tremors in both her arms and legs. Within one week, a tremors have dramatically forsaken and a strength is entrance behind into her arms!

I have a Parkinson patient, who has customarily perceived one adjustment. She was my initial studious adjusted.  Her neurologist is repelled by a changes, and she called and scheduled subsequent week.

Had a associate in his eighties with critical Parkinson like conduct tremors who was one of my initial people final November.  Adjusted him 11/30 and checked him weekly for 2 months and now monthly.  He reason his initial alleviation compartment Apr and a tremors where left by January!

A middle aged lady with Parkinson’s. She was ceaselessly rolling and jerking her conduct each 3 seconds and a right arm kept constrictive towards her chest. After being scanned and precisely adjusted, right on a table a conduct tremors stopped and as she sat up, a arm contractures reduced by 2/3rds.

I have one lady that had Parkinson’s, daily seizures, and is cramped to a wheelchair.  The symptoms started after she perceived a TB remedy for a bruise throat.  She hasn’t had a seizure in 3 weeks, her arms are reduction rigid, and she jumped out of bed one night and attempted to make a run for it (falling after a few meters, though she was holding clever when we checked her a day after).  She has started articulate more, a initial dual weeks she pronounced nothing. She has a facade face standard of  some Parkinson’s patients, one day she came in on a pale morning and smiled for a initial time in a while, and miraculously a object came out from behind a clouds lucent in on her face.  It was a unequivocally romantic impulse for me since we comprehend who is unequivocally doing a healing. Her family has also reduced all a meds she was taking, (probably since she is recovering so fast)  I have been enlightening my technique each morning before we start saying patients.  I customarily went by a transport cards and we have 9 patients who have customarily ever had one alleviation over a duration of many months.

A Parkinson’s studious is now means to travel though his hiker and his BP is normalized.  (He’s off a meds)  His mother continues to criticism that he is some-more problem now than before his alleviation since he’s into everything!  He is pushing again, sharpened his shotgun during matches and he says, “I feel like me again.

A Parkinson’s patient. The lady had determined conduct tremors and left her arm would jerk ceiling involuntarily. The UC doctor’s partner had to reason a patient’s arm and head, a father reason her reduce torso while a alloy practiced a atlas. When they sat her up, her firm arm was loose as she was fanning herself due to a regard she was feeling. (We’ve all had a studious who describes that prohibited H2O issuing down a behind feeling…and we know we privileged them.) Anyway, a conduct tremors STOPPED post adjustment.

The dual pivotal facilities of a Parkinson’s Disease (PD) box we am now looking after for, this sold blog post are:

  1. To compute resting tremor (a underline of PD) from essential tremor (not a underline of PD); and
  2. To illustrate an roughly finish annulment of micrographia (small handwriting) by top cervical specific chiropractic care.


The Chiropractic Green Books[16]

Copyright with accede – Chiropractic Books www.chiropracticbooks.com

There are customarily a few references to PD by B.J. Palmer who reported a use of top cervical chiropractic caring for PD patients. In a Greenbooks, he referred to patients carrying “shaking palsy” also referred to by Firth[17] as Paralysis Agitans (see below). Palmer listed alleviation or alleviation of symptoms such as “tremor, shaking, flesh cramps, flesh contracture, dilemma stiffness, fatigue, incoordination, problem walking, numbness, pain, inability to walk, and flesh weakness.” His top cervical chiropractic caring enclosed use of a neurocalometer (NCM) thermal scanning device as discussed in final month’s newsletter. Note he recommends composition to atlas (C1) or pivot (C2).

Paralysis Agitans

Definition.—This is also called Parkinson’s illness or jolt palsy, and is a ongoing incoordination of a muscles, characterized by robust weakness, shock and flexor rigidity.

Adjustment.—Atlas or axis.

There is no famous pathology and no clear nerve-tracing in jolt palsy. Most cases start after a fortieth year of life.

Symptoms.—This customarily starts with slight painful heedfulness in a ride and initial dual fingers of one hand, and a slight nonsense of a ride of a influenced hand, that shortly develops into a tremor. Later a shock starts in a fingers, and a evil “bread crumbling, or tablet rolling” transformation is noticed. The border of a shock increases so that a whole forearm trembles, and a shock starts to be beheld on a palm of a conflicting side. The legs, face, and neck muscles might spin affected. There is a noted flexor acerbity inspiring all of a muscles of a physique so that a studious always assumes a stooped position, a knees are bent, a forearms are flexed on a arms, and a box leans forward.

The festination or propulsive speed is evil of this disease; in it a studious leans distant forward, and it appears that he is on a prove of using or that his speed is augmenting in speed and his stairs are shuffling. It is formidable for him to stop fast or to spin a corner, a voice becomes diseased and high-pitched, a spit is secreted in excess, and mostly dribbles from a mouth, and a studious is customarily emotional. The transformation temporarily stops on intentional transformation and during sleep. The studious is customarily restless, and sleeps poorly. The ubiquitous health might be sincerely good, and life is not severely condensed by a paralysis, though a studious might spin wholly helpless.”

In a Greenbooks Palmer discusses one PD case[18] as follows:-

“We remember a box of stoppage agitans. We mentioned, one day, that we thot jolt of right palm was less. She denied it. We pronounced zero more, though watched right leg. Every day that box came, we watched right leg. After dual weeks, gratifying ourself that right leg did not shake AT ALL, we asked her how her right leg was, and she endorsed that “it is a same, no better.” We told her. She was astounded and had to remember behind that there was a time when it did shake ALL THE TIME and now it did not shake AT ALL. Then she certified she was better.”

Palmer also provides a table/(list of conditions)[19] in that he lists a series of cases by condition. This list shows “5 Cases of Shaking Palsy” – p869 and “2 cases of stoppage agitans” – p868. Palmer serve demonstrates that in a infancy of cases it was a top cervical spine that was adjusted. In 94% of cases a composition was possibly to a atlas or a pivot ONLY. Notably 97.4% of patients possibly got good or improved.

This news shows that out of 5,000 cases, 3,856 got WELL and 1,013 IMPROVED, by adjusting ONE place customarily in 4,904 cases and TWO or some-more places in 96 cases, with an normal of 8.9 adjustments per case, with an normal composition given 1 in 6.9 days; where ATLAS ONLY was practiced in 1,829 cases; AXIS ONLY in 2,872 cases; 3rd CERVICAL ONLY in 157 cases; 96 other places in other cases; Spinograph being used in 2,564 cases and palpation in 1,912 cases. The news serve proves that a NCM was 100% exclusively used, as a efficient, competent, accurate, and honest means used on 5,000 cases to locate a division and establish a mace of and for adjustment.


The phenomena of atlas subluxations that perceptible as bad viewpoint would seem to be clear in PD as good as many other critical tellurian diseases. we consider these postural anomalies many unequivocally caused by top cervical subluxations should be addressed before any other medical intervention. Let’s see what happens when these postural distortions are corrected. Research organizations critical about anticipating cures for a operation of tellurian diseases should work with a best minds in top cervical chiropractic. The day that happens will truly be a smashing day for us patients.



[2] Esteban I. Fernandez Noda, M.D. – Mimiya and Auxilio Mutuo Hospitals-San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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