Charlotte + Mr. Collins 4-Eva: In Praise of Jane Austen’s …

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In a lovely new piece for a Guardian ,
Lucy Mangan praises Charlotte’s pragmatism, though fears for a “desolate middle landscape” to that years of matrimony to Mr. Collins might doom her.

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I know a concern, though we don’t consider that that is indispensably going to be Charlotte’s fate. There are, after all, no necessity of unfortunate marriages in Austen’s fiction—that between Mr. Bennet and a intensely stupid Mrs. Bennet, for example, or, in Sense and Sensibility, a compare between Willoughby and a deeply unamiable Miss Grey. Such mismatches tend to result, for Austen, not in desolation, though in moderate, and by no means insupportable, dissatisfaction. Mr. Bennet resolves, given his mother is unqualified of intelligence, to get delight from shouting during her folly. Willoughby, while he might not like his wife, during slightest gets to live absolutely on her fortune. People will make do one approach or another, Austen suggests—and that positively relates to a clear-eyed Charlotte.

Austen, in short, is not Tolstoy, or D.H. Lawrence, nor even, for that matter, E.M. Forster. She has to be one of a slightest regretful writers ever to write romance. When Elizabeth tells Darcy that she fell in adore with him on saying his estate, a fun is in no tiny partial that she’s not accurately lying. In Austen’s world, adore is partial of life, not a detonation in it, and element concerns cause in, as they do in everything. The overpowering, primal adore that overturns gathering and uproots petticoats—Austen mentions such unrestrained usually to make fun of it while propelling her characters not to review too most poetry. Real intrigue for Austen is not swoons and passion and ideal essence mates, though charity and comfort and flannel waistcoats and a best accommodations we can manage.

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