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Perspective might impute to:

Vision and mathematics[edit]

  • Perspectivity, a arrangement of an design in a design craft of a stage noticed from a bound point, and a modelization in geometry
    • Perspective (visual), a approach in that objects seem to a eye
    • Perspective (graphical), representing a effects of visible viewpoint in striking arts
    • Aerial perspective, a outcome a atmosphere has on a coming of an intent as it is noticed from a distance
    • Perspective exaggeration (photography), a approach that observation a design from a wrong position gives a viewed distortion
    • Perspective (geometry), a propinquity between geometric figures


  • Perspective (P-Model album), 1982
  • Perspective (America album), 1984
  • Perspective (Jason Becker album), 1996
  • Perspective (Prague Album), 2010
  • Perspective (EP), an EP by Tesseract
  • Perspectives (album), a 2010 manuscript by Australian rope House Vs. Hurricane
  • “Perspectives”, a strain from a manuscript Sea of Faces by Kutless
  • Perspective Records, a record label
  • Perspective (film), a 2012 film by B. P. Paquette
  • Perspective (video game), a nonplus game


  • Perspective (pharmacoeconomic), a vantage indicate from that a pharmacoeconomics research is conducted
  • Point of perspective (literature), a compared knowledge of a narrator
  • Point of perspective (philosophy), in truth and psychology, a context for opinions, beliefs and experiences

See also[edit]

  • Perspecta, a suit design sound system
  • Perspectivism, in philosophy
  • Point of perspective (disambiguation)
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