Seward Johnson

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Born 1930, New Jersey

“It’s easy infrequently to forget a elementary things that give us pleasure. If we open a eyes, life is marvelous. The tellurian suggestion triumphs, if usually for moments in a day. we try to have my work call courtesy to those moments.” -Seward Johnson

Seward Johnson was innate in New Jersey in 1930 and subsequently lived in London, Paris, and Bermuda. He graduated from a college basic Forman School in Litchfield, Connecticut before attending a University of Maine. Enlisting in a Navy, Johnson spent 4 years aboard a U.S.S. Gloucester, a usually boat strike by rivalry glow during a Korean War. Johnson staid in New Jersey to lift a family with his mother and now spends his time in New York City, Nantucket and Key West. Johnson’s beginning artistic efforts were in portrayal though as his cultured developed, he gravitated some-more toward sculpture. Having no grave training over a array of classes in Cambridge, MA, his initial expel work of sculpture won a Award in Steel Art foe that enclosed 7,000 entries. Now famous worldwide for his life-size bronze incongruous sculptures, Seward Johnson’s works are exhibited internationally and are enclosed in private collections, museums, and open art collections too countless to mention. Johnsons physique of work consists of 3 graphic series: a Celebrating a Familiar male on a travel works, a collection called Icons Revisited formed on images in a common unconscious, and a Beyond a Frame array desirous by Impressionist paintings. He has finished a array of over 30 works formed on Impressionist and Post- Impressionist masterworks.

“I wish my work to disappear into a landscape and afterwards take a spectator by surprise. After he gets over a startle of being fooled, it becomes an romantic discovery. Then he owns a sculpture. People mostly revisit their favorites. They turn like friends.” Seward Johnson

In further to Johnson’s conduct branch sculptures, a artist’s munificence of suggestion is clear in his many munificent endeavors, of that a first prophesy for Grounds For Sculpture is one of a many rarely regarded.

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