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An ancient and widespread phenomenon


All mandala designs have in common a circle. The round has been a absolute pitch given a beginning days of humanity.

The beginning circles we have come into hit with are those forged into a rocks by Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples here in Scotland.

It’s a visible denunciation that we have prolonged given forgotten, though these painstakingly-carved cups, concentric rings, grooves, tails and spirals reason an allure that fascinates artists, archaeologists and even psychologists into a present.

We can usually assume on a definition behind these inland mill carvings, though it seems reasonable to hypothesize that a ancestors were naturally and invariably drawn to a round as a pitch of their own tellurian experience.

Certainly, a justification left behind by these peoples – mill rings, wooden henges, round ditches, roundish funeral cairns and round home foundations – show an apparent tendency towards circles.


Mandala Designs in Nature


When they looked to a outward world, a antiquated folk would have seen a rising any day of a round round of glow (the sun,) orbited by a round moon. They would have seen other round heavenly phenomenon and beheld a outcome on their home planet, a rhythms and cycles of Earth in a sky, land and sea.

As we do, they would have celebrated the concentric rings that tell a story of a tree, and those on a loch after a stone has been tossed in, or in a reservoir when it’s raining.

Their eyes, faces, breasts and testes – they and we just can’t assistance being captivated to a circle, it’s in a really nature.


Circle as Spiritual Symbol


Whether there was any devout definition behind this early stone art we’ll never know though given we began recording history, we can see

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