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Note on images:

The colour scenes were subsequent from 3 HRSC-colour channels. The viewpoint views have been distributed from a digital turf indication subsequent from a stereo channels.

The 3D anaglyph images (shown in a concomitant essay related during right, above) were subsequent from a stereo and underside channels. Image fortitude has been decreased for use on a internet.

Note to editors:

The HRSC instrument and scholarship organisation is led by Principal Investigator Prof. Dr Gerhard Neukum. The organisation consists of 45 co-investigators from 32 institutions and 10 nations.

The systematic estimate of a HRSC picture information is carried out by a German Aerospace Center (DLR), while a images shown here were processed by a PI organisation during a Institute for Geosciences, Freie Universitaet (Free University), Berlin, in team-work with DLR’s Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin.

For some-more information:

Dr Agustin Chicarro
ESA Mars Express Project Scientist
agustin.chicarro @

Gerhard Neukum
HRSC Principal Investigator
Freie Universitaet Berlin
Email: gneukum @

This essay includes several 3D anaglyph as good as other images. Use a couple during right above to entrance these separately.

For some-more information on Mars Express HRSC images, greatfully review the updated FAQ (frequently asked questions).

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