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In sequence to be means to follow this website with a channeled messages and applicable information from other sources it is useful to review a following brief outline of this challenging topic.

Channeled messages come around many channels and sources, for instance around Mike Quinsey (a channel for SaLuSa from Sirius), Sheldan Nidle, and other extraterrestrials from a Arcturian and Pleiadian star systems. It is compulsory to have a certain trust per a existence they are vocalization from, and that will be ours, for those who so wish. These extraterrestrials paint and are partial of a Galactic Federation of Light. In offer channeled messages are stirring from a Ascended Masters, such as Sananda (Jesus) and Saint Germain, and many Archangels. These Ascended Masters reside essentially on ships belonging to a Galactic Federation of Light.

We wish to start by observant that a avowal of a existence of amatory and bargain extraterrestrials is really tighten in time. The accurate date is not given and is contingent on developments.

Let us initial put together a context from a broader perspective. Our solar complement itself disseminate around a Central Sun – Alcyone. Alcyone is a executive object in a Pleiadian Star complement and a solar complement could also be deliberate as partial of a Pleiadian system. The time to circuit is about 25860 years, that is one cycle. Alcyone and all Suns present around Alcyone also disseminate around a Milky Way Galaxy, with an circuit of around 220 million years.

During a thoroughfare around Alcyone a solar complement goes by a photon belt during certain durations of a full 25860-year cycle. We have recently started a entrance into a photon belt, that is one reason for a heightened energies of Love and Light that Earth is experiencing.

Officially, a latest cycle finished on Dec 21, 2012, and we are now in a new cycle. The new cycle is mostly referred to as a Golden Age. The date is reliable by a Mayan Calendar, that finished during this date. The calendar has always pronounced it was a finish of a cycle and a start of a new, that some have misinterpreted as definition a finish of a world. The Hindu calendar, according to many scholars, also puts an finish to a dim Kali Yuga cycle during this time and a entrance into a Satya Yuga. Similarly many inland devout faith systems have 2012 as a finish of an epoch and a executive start of a new one.

The tellurian class was seeded on Earth a final time about 800,000 years ago on a continent Lemuria, before located in a Pacific Ocean. Before this tellurian bottom races had also been seeded on Earth, though were private from Earth by other Galactic races. The Human competition creatively grown in a Vega Star complement from nautical roots about 7 million years ago.

The tellurian cluster on Lemuria thrived for a prolonged time, though went underneath about 26000 years ago, due to among other things lunatic energies – with a over-abundance of delicate energies. Many of a inhabitants managed to shun a falling continent to strech Inner Earth – Agartha – where they continued to rise and have reached a aloft spin of alertness (5th dimensional consciousness).

Part of a passing of Lemuria was also a dispute with a Atlantis continent, that suffered underneath an lunatic over-abundance of masculine energies. In a latter years of this continent, that went underneath 13000 years ago, a Atlanteans followed dim agendas, that enclosed shortening a forefathers to a standing of singular consciousness, that we have suffered underneath given then. This dim bulletin also led to a really earthy passing of a continent, that was located mostly in what we now call a Bermuda triangle. The Atlantis multitude used really modernized clear technologies. As a continent sank underneath a waves really vast crystals finished adult on a sea floor. These crystals are now obliged for many unexplained disappearances of ships and airplanes, due to opening adult of portals interjection to communication between object and a crystals.

The Inner Earth or Agartha competence be a really startling aspect for some. According to a outline of existence in messages posted on this site Earth is hollow. The bombard is proportionally as thick as a flay of an orange or about 800 miles. Other planets in this solar system, such as Mars and Venus, and other planets around other stars are also hollow. This is a normal in a Universe.

There are far-reaching entrances to Inner Earth during both a South Pole and a North Pole. American Admiral Byrd describes his aeroplane moody around a North Pole into a Inner Earth and behind in 1947. In offer there exist hovel systems during other latitudes to Inner Earth, utterly in Tibet. The fables from Tibet of Shangri-La report life in Inner Earth and a city Shambala that lies directly underneath a Himalayan towering complex. Also, a city of Telos in Inner Earth is located underneath Mount Shasta in a United States and it is connected around systems of tip tunnels to Earth surface.

Gravity functions in such a proceed that it is topsy-turvy (180 degrees) in Inner Earth compared to a aspect world. About 4 hundred miles down in a membrane of Earth there is a neutral section with 0 gravity, before it reverses instruction as we pierce nonetheless deeper and strech Inner Earth. Inner Earth also has an Inner Sun, that on a shores of a Inner Earth appears roughly a same stretch as a Sun Sol, a latter is located during a many incomparable distance. The Inner Sun has a some-more disband light and is also infrequently referred to as a Core or Seed of a Earth.

Before a passing of Atlantis (and also Lemuria) humankind had a aloft spin of consciousness. The dim Atlanteans engineered a rebate in alertness in a tellurian race, to what we now call a third dimension or duality or usually simply singular consciousness. The tenure vital in a apparition also refers to this level. This dire believe of relocating down to this reduce spin of alertness still lingers in a sub-conscious minds, voiced as a fear of a finish of a world. However, a finish of this cycle will not coincide with a new inauspicious development, as did prior ends of cycles, – utterly a revers.

Some people from Atlantis managed to shun a falling of Atlantis in earthy form. They fled to for instance Guatemala and these people come to be famous as a Mayans. In fact, Maya was a name of a ecclesiastics during Atlantis. The Hopi Indians are also proceed descendants from a Mayas and Atlantis. Other people fled to Ireland and on to Egypt. This started a Egyptian civilization.

Pyramids are a executive form from Atlantis, with a singular devout meaning. Pyramids also exist in Guatemala, Egypt, Bosnia and other tools of a world. The 3 vast pyramids in Egypt, for instance a Cheops pyramid, and a Sphinx were however assembled by extraterrestrials about 40,000 years ago. They are located in line with a Sirius star complement (The North Star) on a really critical node or chakra in a Earth appetite field.

The concepts of reincarnation and that a essence is imperishable are executive among these messages and a fact, in annoy of a fact that many do not trust so. Many of us who are now materialise on Earth were also materialise during a times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Some other souls who now are here and materialise came from other planets in other solar systems and they are called Starseeds. Regardless of a new start of a souls a common concentration is now to lift a tellurian alertness spin – Ascension. This time it will not be a failure, as during a finish times of Atlantis and Lemuria. The masculine and womanlike energies will be balanced. An fortifying of alertness will take place that moves a alertness spin fast by a fourth spin to a fifth dimensional level, that is also referred to as full consciousness. Our devout and earthy abilities will fast and dramatically change. We will consciously start to remember prior lives and promulgate some-more and some-more telepathically. Aging, that we now experience, will initial delayed down and afterwards be topsy-turvy and a rejuvenation routine will commence.

Ascension is discretionary and will not be forced on anybody. Those that chose a proceed towards Ascension will follow Mother Earth to a aloft vibrational spin in a fifth dimension. Those souls who cite to continue their practice in a third dimension (3D) will finish this life and start new lives on other 3D planets really identical to Earth. One such universe is called Herculobus and is being prepared specifically for souls from Earth. These souls will continue their expansion on these planets and will eventually be prepared to Ascend to a fifth dimension. However, a successive event to Ascend in vast numbers competence take a prolonged time.

The Ascension of vast series of souls all during once and in their bodies, that is holding place on Earth is singular and many extraterrestrials in aloft measure are here to declare a routine and help. Normally souls grasp a aloft spin of existence as partial of their successive life and do not take a physique they are in with them. This, a Ascension routine en masse and in a bodies, has not before taken place in this Universe. The Ascension holding place here on Earth takes core theatre in some-more than one way, and it is pivotal to a Ascension that also is holding place in other solar systems in this galaxy.

The extraterrestrials that are here can generally not be seen. They use cloaking technologies for their ships, that make them invisible unless they spin it off and uncover themselves. This happens some-more and some-more mostly and is a reason for some of a UFO observations.

The extraterrestrials that are here are for a many partial accessible and full of love. They go to a Galactic Federation of Light and reside in a fifth dimension or higher. They also strengthen us from antipathetic introducers from dim civilizations. In a Galactic Federation of Light there are a infancy of tellurian extraterrestrials from Pleiadian star system, from Sirius A, Arcturians, Herculians, Andromedans, Alfa Centurians, Ummites, Procyons, Tau Centians, Lyrians and many more. Lyrians are generally interesting, given it has been pronounced they paint a strange tellurian competition that grown in a Vega system. The others paint after grown tellurian colonies, that also we are. Members of a Galactic Federation of Light are mostly of tellurian origin, though not completely.

There is also an supernatural dim side, that was authorised by a Creator. The dim side was authorised to penetrate and means a drop of a civilizations on both Lemuria and Atlantis. Many galactic wars were fought with a dim galactic association called The Anchara Alliance. They had their executive locations in a star systems of a belt of Orion.

Members of a Anchara Alliance have some-more mostly than not reptilian genetics. For instance a demons and gargoyles that accoutre many churches in Europe from a Middle Ages – for instance Notre Dame in Paris – paint extraterrestrials with a reptilian genetic form. One of a many critical races is Dracos. It is a absolute reptilian race, both physically and mentally. While many Dracos go to a dim side there are exceptions.

The extraterrestrials that are many mostly decorated in a media, as small, grey and with vast black cold eyes are not a categorical players. They are called a Greys or Zeta Reticulians. They do go to a dim side and are subordinate to a Dracos’ empire. They have been authorised to revisit Earth during a final 70 years and have shaped agreements with governments during this time. Their idea has been to form a new hybrid competition with a brew of their genetics and tellurian genes. Their competition has been threatened by annihilation and this is their proceed to save their species. They are a ones who were obliged for fetus abductions, that afterwards were used for formulating a new hybrid race. They have also been authorised to have subterraneous bases on Earth. In sell they have common aspects of their allege technology, that essentially a American troops has had entrance to. In existence many UFO sightings are a outcome of ships done by a American troops regulating record achieved from a Greys. However, this record does not come tighten to what a Galactic Federation of Light possesses. ‘

The loyal appetite in a dim fondness has a some-more obsolete reptilian background. This includes a Dracos and a stately competition – a Ciakar. The latter are challenging reptilian people with wings. They can presumably conform to a “myths” about dragons.

Galactic wars have taken place with a Anchara Alliance as a categorical actor during millions of years. This has, among other things, led to a drop of a surfaces of Mars and Venus. Our solar complement essentially had 4 pleasing H2O planets, identical to Earth. The fourth universe Maldek was a largest, and was totally broken in these wars and all that stays is what we call a asteroid belt. In other difference a asteroids are pieces of a former planet. All 4 planets will be easy to their obsolete conditions, around a routine called terra-forming, and be partial of a new Solar system. The name of Maldek will afterwards be altered to Pax.

For those meddlesome in astronomy it can be mentioned that a stream moon before was a satellite or moon around Maldek and it is not natural. It has an middle construction done out of Titanium. When a stream synthetic moon was put into circuit around Earth a prolonged time ago a dual healthy moons that afterwards existed were removed. These dual moons will be recreated around terra-forming and a stream synthetic moon will be removed.

Yet one some-more universe will be recreated. In it is a innermost planet, inside a circuit of Mercury, called Vulcan. It is small, though was celebrated from Earth around 1840-1850, though can now not be seen.

Further, some sources state that Earth has a many singular position in this galaxy. A certain singleness source exists within Earth, from that a whole Milky Way Galaxy grew. This creates Earth a really special and sought after planet, over that many wars have been fought. It can presumably also explain because Earth was not broken to a border that a other H2O plants were in this solar system. It has offer been settled that a solar complement will proceed and pierce closer to that of a Sirius complement and spin a partial of it, and a existent suns; Sirius A, B and C.

As we plead astronomical or geo-physical changes it is also engaging to note that during a time before Atlantis went underneath Earth had dual Firmaments surrounding it. They were dual round layers of ice crystals in a atmosphere surrounding Earth, that were hold in place around a progressing mentioned modernized clear technologies that existed on Atlantis. The Firmaments served a duty of providing a stable and ascetic meridian around all Earth. When Atlantis went underneath and a crystals left to a bottom of a sea a Firmaments could no longer be hold in place and a ice crystals fell down to earth. This combined a basement for what was retold in a Bible as a Deluge due to a Fall of Man and a annoy of a Gods. Recall that as Atlantis went underneath Humanity fell from full alertness to singular consciousness.

Atlantis and Lemuria will once again be lifted to a aspect once a mutation of a aspect of Mother Earth starts in earnest. The Firmaments will afterwards also be easy together with a dual strange moons. This will be partial of formulating a offset and ascetic meridian on Earth.

Let us lapse again to a tumble of Atlantis 13000 years ago, though from a opposite angle. The remaining and now in ability reduced tellurian competition managed to settle a obsolete existence on other continents. Shortly after a tumble of Atlantis a Anunnaki supernatural competition entered a stage and approached Earth. Their home bottom is on a universe Nibiru, or infrequently called Planet X, or Planet of a Crossing. It is a universe that goes in an elliptical circuit between Sirius and a Sun. The Anunnaki are infrequently called a Nephilim and were really vast in status – giants. It was a hybrid competition with tellurian genetics from Sirius B and reptilian genes from a Orion system. The Anunnaki people worked together with their rulers a Dracos.

As a tellurian competition had digressed in expansion and changed retrograde to singular alertness with a reduce vibrations it spin easy for a Anunnaki people to land on Earth and set themselves adult as gods in a eyes of humanity. The Anunnaki people were not usually vast in stretch they had special technologies and abilities as well. The Anunnaki did deliver certain technologies and knowledge, that led to multiplying cultures such as a Sumerians. They built step pyramids, Ziggurats, in Mesopotamia and elsewhere. They functioned as holy places where a Anunnaki showed themselves. Also it was a place for a masculine Anunnaki to founder brood with womanlike humans. The brood was called half-gods. The half-gods had special abilities, such as prolonged lives, stemming from a father’s lineage. These half-gods and their brood in spin became a founders of a tradition of kingships, underneath a origin of a Anunnaki. During successive centuries and millennia Kings were comparison from brood of a strange half-gods. They lift a certain special bloodline, that is infrequently referred to as blue blood in nobleness and stately families. This has led to attempts to keep stately families marrying within themselves to safety this bloodline. This same bloodline is also critical for a Freemasons. In sequence to strech a tip 33d spin within a Freemasons now blood tests are achieved and this sold bloodline is required.

The Light did not leave Humanity all together in a hands of a Anunnaki after a tumble of Atlantis. Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed came to widespread a Light. However, a religions that were shaped following a depart of such Masters were infiltrated by a dim led by a Anunnaki. The Christian sacrament went by a vital directional change starting with entertainment in Nicea in 325 a.d., underneath a Roman Emperor Konstantin. Before this date a Christian faith contained a judgment of reincarnation, though not a judgment of sin, and Jesus was seen as somebody who set an instance that could be followed and not a Son of God, that nobody else could achieve. Around this time a judgment of impiety was introduced and a complement of going to church to beg, urge for and buy a pardon of your sins. This done a Catholic Church really rich over a centuries.

After a time of Jesus Christ a control over humankind became reduction sincere and was achieved by a Anunnaki and their minions by some-more pointed means. Many tip organizations were shaped and some not so secret, such as a Freemasons. Much of a concentration was on formulating fear and pang among a populations, that modernized a bulletin of a Anunnaki and their overlords.

Lets pierce fast brazen to a time of a French revolution. Around this time several dim groups upheld by tip organizations and a Anunnaki started to use a name Illuminati – a illuminated. However, they are not of a Light, though utterly dark. Today a Illuminati consists of about 13 heading families, enclosed here are a Rothschilds, Rockefellers and a operation of European dim nobleness families.

At around a time of a French series and a American Revolution Count Saint Germain was active and incarnated in France. This essence was also incarnated as Joseph, father of Jesus, during that time. He was also Christopher Columbus and Merlin during King Arthur’s court. He and Sananda (Jesus) work really closely now and will come behind together. So, during around this time St Germain determined what is called a Saint Germain World Trust. It is a account that has been accruing in value given this time, interjection to his financial genius. Also, during this time Saint Germain was pivotal to aiding a Founding Fathers with essay a American Constitution. As a Founding Fathers hesitated in signing a request they had combined – fearing for their lives – he seemed in front of them, a stranger, and gave a debate that gave them bravery to pointer a document.

Since this duration in story a dark, especially a Illuminati, have dominated a universe and given 1913 they have used a American Central Bank as a pivotal instrument for this. The 13 Illuminati families possess Federal Reserve Bank. The dim have had a really sinister bulletin of depopulation on Earth around a operation of catastrophes, while during a same time building subterraneous bases to that they would retire and tarry a catastrophes in.

As partial of a depopulation module a dim designed a devise for 3 World Wars. The Third World War was dictated to be a dispute between a Moslem universe and a Western Christian civilizations. The Illuminati’s origination of Israel was partial of this devise during a finish of World War Two. The state of Israel was combined in 1948 formed on The Balfour Declaration from 1917, a minute from a afterwards British primary apportion to Lord Rothschild – a banker. Attempts are still done to emanate a Third World War, though it will not be successful.

Also, during a finish of World War Two when a initial chief bombs were detonated it captivated many courtesy among extraterrestrials. They satisfied that we were not a amply mature multitude to hoop such absolute weapons. The outcome became that vast series of ships from a series of heavenly systems came to a shores to observe and protect. In fact, many sources have settled on countless occasions that they would meddle if a chief fight were to develop, and make a chief inclination non-operable.

While a Anunnaki dim minions, Illuminati and others, have sought to both desert Earth and to settle worker like control of a remaining race they have not been successful. Their fitness has turned. Around 1995 a Anunnaki motionless to desert their aged dim habits during a same time as a Anchara Alliance entered a Peace Treaty with a Galactic Federation of Light. The outcome became that a dim minions on Earth no longer had a support of a Anunnaki. However, they did not confirm to follow a instance of a Anunnaki, to join a Light, in annoy of support to do so.

However, a Creator and Heaven (non-physical devout beings in a seventh dimension or higher) have announced that Humanity on Earth will finish a tarry in a dim – a fact that a dim is perplexing to ignore. In fact, a Creator dictated a dim duration for Humanity after a tumble of Atlantis to be a duration of essence expansion and expansion for Humanity, and from that Humanity would come back. It was never dictated to be permanent. Souls volunteered to be partial of this believe for their possess benefit.

As we transition towards a new Reality of Love and Full Consciousness a conflict of a souls and minds of amiability is holding place. It is a conflict that a Light will win. It is done probable and fueled by a middle developments among Lightworkers, that creates outdoor changes and developments possible.

The Galactic Federation of Light will shortly be rigourously introduced by certain Light oriented vital governments to a people of Earth. This is where we now are in a open of 2015. As a Galactic Federation is introduced a Ascended Masters will also return. This will embody Sananda, Saint Germain, Buddha, Mohammed, Hilarion, Mitreya and many more. Also during this time we will be introduced to a cousins in Inner Earth (Agartha).

The Lightworkers are watchful for a initial steps, that will convey a above mentioned earnings and introductions. These initial stairs will embody a new and satisfactory financial system, that will make it probable to discharge financial blessings to Lightworkers, who in spin will share such blessings with a incomparable population. Part of a supports for this will come from confiscated supports a Illuminati has stolen from a people. Part of a supports will come from a progressing mentioned Saint Germain World Trust and other sources. Following this, new governance will be introduced. In America this is referred to as NESARA. The National Economic Security and Reformation Act. This will outcome in debt redemption for people and governments and a origination of a satisfactory and caring multitude for all. Abundance for all will be created. The dim leaders will be deposed and face a authorised process, though be given chances to remodel as a Light is always forgiving.

Also, many new dim technologies will be introduced as precursors to a mass alighting of a supernatural and devout families, and they will pierce new technologies with them. Many of these technologies will be focused on cleaning adult a Earth and aiding with travel and yield giveaway appetite sources.

After mass landings have taken place Humanity will go by a high intentional training bend to prepared for full consciousness. Each of us will have a possess particular mentor. The returning Ascended Masters will teach us, together with a mentors.

This initial proviso towards a Galactic multitude includes devout learning, bargain of humanity’s history, abundance, new technologies, new financial systems and governance. However, this is a short-lived phase. We initial have to strech fourth dimensional alertness before we pierce on to a fifth dimension. The duration in a fourth dimension will be comparatively short.

The mutation to a fifth dimension is both earthy and spiritual. A series of new chakra centers are already now in a routine of being determined in a bodies, causing some nuisance as we grow. Mankind generally has dual DNA strands. However, many are now building a third strand, treacherous many scientists. A entirely unwavering chairman in a fifth dimension has 12 strands. These strands are done probable by changeable a DNA sequences, that are now called “junk DNA”. (Our “humble” scientists call them so, given they do not know their duty or purpose.) These DNA sequences competence be improved called asleep or dead and will be activated and used in a full 12-strand pallet of DNA. This is a earthy basement for a presentation of a new tellurian being, with new abilities and full consciousness.

This transitory proviso will eventually finish and we will pierce into loyal Galactic Society with full consciousness. In such a multitude all individuals’ needs are met. Money is no longer compulsory and instead a form bartering complement is used for sell of services focused on portion a divine. Technology is used for assembly simple needs.

Mother Earth also needs to pierce into a fifth dimension and revive her aspect to obsolete conditions. This includes for instance a reemergence of a continents of Lemuria and Atlantis from a bottom of a Oceans. The Firmaments will be recreated and a dual strange moons will reemerge. This is compared with vital earthy changes on a aspect of a Earth. According to many sources it will not be probable for Mankind to continue to dwell on a aspect during this time. Instead people will pierce possibly to Inner Earth, where new cities have been build to residence and caring for people, or they will pierce to vast space ships – Mother Ships.

While in Inner Earth or on-board a vast ships humankind will finish a transition to a fifth dimension. An essential partial of this will be to enter specifically done Light Chambers. These Light Chambers are vital sentient beings who will support a chairman to finish a mutation to full consciousness, while in a Chamber for 3 days.

Coming out of these Light Chambers a chairman will have achieved fifth dimensional consciousness. However, before being prepared to duty good in such a multitude certain manners of “etiquette” will have to be learned. The prerequisite of this can be accepted by a fact that in a fifth dimension we will be means to review any ours thoughts. Lies and distortions are not possible.

Our bargain is that also after a final transition to a fifth dimensional existence humankind will essentially live Inner Earth. The aspect universe will be stable and preserved, with many eco-systems, in obsolete conditions. It is accepted that other civilizations on other planets reside essentially on a inside of a universe and not on a surface.

Mankind will during this time start to perform a destiny, that is good indeed. The new fifth dimensional multitude on Earth will also embody a newly terra-formed planets of Venus, Mars and Pax. These 4 H2O planets will consecrate a core of a new Sol Star nation, that will embody all planets in a solar system. Travels will be visit between a 4 H2O planets and societies will be assembled on all 4 planets. Earth and this new star republic will also be home to many Galactic conferences within a Galactic Federation of Light, hosting many supernatural humans and non-humans in a fifth dimension.

From this home star republic – Sol – humankind will continue to offer a Light and a boundless in this Galaxy and even over in other galaxies. The work will be focused on converting this whole Milky Way Galaxy to a Light. Many heavenly systems before partial of a Anchara Alliance will be watchful for assistance to renovate their possess societies from a dim to a Light. We will yield assistance to them and take on roles identical to what a Ascended Masters and a Galactic Federation is doing and have been doing for us.

This is all partial of a Creater’s incomparable devise for Humanity and this Galaxy. Our souls are really aged and a prolonged time ago, as we were wakeful of a plan, we volunteered to be partial of it. The devise indeed enclosed us experiencing a tumble of Atlantis and pang singular consciousness. We saw this as a present that would yield us with singular trust and growth. This believe has prepared us for a destiny charge to support a countless star nations watchful to rise and join a Light.

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