Technology in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy

نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در ۲۶ آذر ۱۳۹۵

The illusory star of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy array by Douglas Adams is a galaxy-spanning multitude of interacting supernatural cultures. The technological spin in a array is frequency advanced, nonetheless mostly unreliable. Many technologies in a array are used to poke fun during complicated life.

Sirius Cybernetics Corporation[edit]

Most of a record mentioned in a array are products of a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation, a decidedly unhandy association that designs and manufactures a far-reaching operation of robots and labour-saving devices, such as lifts, involuntary doors, transformation systems, and a barbarous Nutrimatic Drink Dispenser. In a novel So Long, and Thanks for All a Fish, a Guide summarises a problem with all a corporation’s products:

It is unequivocally easy to be blinded to a essential inability of [their products] by a clarity of attainment we get from removing them to work during all. In other words—and this is a stone plain element on that a whole of a Corporation’s Galaxy-wide success is founded—their elemental pattern flaws are totally dim by their extraneous pattern flaws.

The customarily essential multiplication of a company, a Complaints division, takes adult all of a critical landmasses on a initial 3 planets in a Sirius Tau system. The thesis strain for a Complaints division, “Share and Enjoy”, apparently becomes a thesis for a association as a whole. The categorical office-building and domicile for a association was creatively built to paint this motto, nonetheless due to bad design it sank median into a ground, withdrawal a tip halves of a motto’s disproportion to review (in a internal language) “Go Stick Your Head in a Pig.”

The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation invented a judgment called Genuine People Personalities (GPP). GPP impregnate their products with comprehension and emotion. Thus not customarily do doors open and close, nonetheless they appreciate their users for regulating them, or whine with a compensation of a pursuit good done. Other examples of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation’s record with sentient record embody an armada of highly-strung elevators, hyperactive ships’ computers and (perhaps many famously of all) Marvin a Paranoid Android. Marvin is a antecedent for a GPP feature, and his basin and “terrible pain in all a diodes down his left side” branch from unused flaws in his programming.

The radio sequence of The Long Dark Tea-Time of a Soul mentions a Corporation, that also appears listed in a instructions to a Atari Jaguar diversion Alien vs Predator as a manufacturer of medical equipment.

By-products of Designer People[edit]

In a backstory Young Zaphod Plays it Safe, a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation designed and constructed feign personalities to order, nonetheless they incited out to be a “By-products of Designer People—amalgams of characteristics that simply could not co-exist in naturally occurring life forms”. Some of these were dangerous as they did not warning people to their dangerousness. The starship Billion Year Bunker contained 3 of these in a hold, on their approach to being bloody out of a universe—but one had transient to Earth, “the male babbling kindly about a resplendent city on a hill”; after revised editions explain a anxiety by describing a figure as “a Reagan” (in other words, Ronald Reagan).


Doors made by a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation are involuntary to adore their elementary lives; they adore zero some-more than to open and tighten for flitting users, and appreciate them openly for so emphatically validating their existence. Most characters in a array grow to disgust a doors, utterly Marvin (the initial to explain a doors’ “cheerful and balmy dispositions”).

Happy Vertical People Transporter[edit]

The rises in a Hitchhiker’s Guide offices are called Happy Vertical People Transporters. As designed by a Corporation, they are meant to be sentient (enough to disagree with) and have “defocused temporal perception”. The latter judgment is meant to capacitate a rises to see apart adequate into a destiny to arrive during a building before intensity passengers realize they wanted a lift, so saving them from carrying to wait around and make friends like they would have to do normally.

The one lift with a voice appears in Fit a Seventh of a radio series, uttered by David Tate. The rises make cameo appearances of sorts in a radio array The Quintessential Phase and in a mechanism diversion Starship Titanic.

Matter dumping beams[edit]

Matter-transference beams underline as a categorical means of teleportation encountered via a series—first used by a Dentrassi to ride Ford and Arthur onto a Vogon boat seconds before a Earth is destroyed. Ford explains that one substantially loses some salt and protein when ecstatic for a initial time by a matter-transference beam. In a Hitchhiker’s game, this condition is deadly nonetheless eating peanuts. Used again in The Restaurant during a End of a Universe: as a organisation try to shun from Hotblack Desiato’s stuntship, they find a room, approximately 6–۸ feet tall, with what resembles a mixed showering territory with half-finished wiring tangled from a ceiling. Since there is no superintendence programming and no involuntary system, Marvin has to stay behind and work a appurtenance (he himself escapes by an artificially introduced Improbability Field). Arthur wakes adult from a ride and states he has a misfortune headache imaginable. Arthur describes a believe as “Not as many fun as a good, plain flog in a head”. As with many Corporation products, they were famous to malfunction. A renouned criticism strain about Matter Transference Beams sums it adult by saying, “I teleported home final night with Ron and Sid and Meg; Ron stole Meggy’s heart divided while we got Sidney’s leg.”

Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser[edit]

The Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser is a product of a Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. The Guide has this to contend on a Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser:

When a ‘Drink’ pitch is pulpy it creates an present nonetheless frequency minute hearing of a subject’s ambience buds, a spectroscopic investigate of a subject’s metabolism, and afterwards sends tiny initial signals down a neural pathways to a ambience centres of a subject’s mind to see what is expected to be good received.

However, nobody knows utterly given it does this given it afterwards constantly delivers a cupful of potion that is almost, nonetheless not quite, wholly distinct tea.

In Fit a Ninth of a radio series, a appurtenance fails to furnish tea altogether, in fact refusing to try, and taps Eddie’s proof circuits to discriminate given Arthur wants tea during all; “Because we occur to like it” doesn’t compute. With a assistance of a suggestion of Zaphod Beeblebrox a Fourth, Eddie eventually settles on a answer “because he’s an ignorant gorilla who doesn’t know better”, nonetheless this answer is not good perceived by Arthur.

In a novel The Restaurant during a End of a Universe, on a other hand, Arthur Dent manages to solidify adult a Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser (along with a rest of a spaceship they are on) by seeking it to make him tea, due to a several servings of a terrible-tasting sludge he’d perceived from a appurtenance during a whole trip. The Nutrimatic Drinks Dispenser defines tea as “The ambience of dried-up leaves boiled in water”. After many hours of substantial suspicion with a assistance of Eddie it manages to furnish genuine tea, that Arthur describes as “the best tea he’s ever drunk”.

In a film adaptation, a appurtenance identical to a drinks dispenser appears, portion brownish-red sludge into a cosmetic cocktail glass. However, it is not mentioned by name, nor does it rivet Arthur in conversation. There is also a identical appurtenance circuitously that detects and produces—according to Trillian—”what you’re craving”. While still unqualified of origination tea, this appurtenance does not in fact hypnotize a ship’s systems—that attainment is instead achieved by a hitchhiking mice who are, in fact, a pan-dimensional beings who activated Deep Thought for a second time.


Billion Year Bunker[edit]

The Starship Billion Year Bunker seemed in Young Zaphod Plays it Safe. It was consecrated by a Galactic supervision to lift certain “by-products”, such as aorist rods and biological weapons. It was meant to be roughly indestructible and a load reason had been reinforced in many opposite ways. The organisation was to expostulate a boat towards a black hole, where it would be sucked in and perpetually be destroyed. However, a captain took a road to his home world given he wanted some of a lobsters that were in contentment on a planet. The boat crashed into a H2O and separate in two.

Blagulon Kappa policecraft[edit]

In a a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy, this booster is found on a aspect of Magrathea, parked subsequent to a Heart of Gold. It is described as “a bulbous, shark-like affair, slate-green in color, with stenciled essay in several degrees of stretch and unfriendliness informing whoever cared to review them as to where a boat was from, what territory of a military it was indifferent to, and where a energy feeds should be connected.” It is also totally dim and silent, as if dead.

The Blagulon Kappa policecraft arrives to try to detain Zaphod. However, Marvin, being “bored and depressed”, plugs himself into a mechanism and “talk[s] to it during good length; divulgence [his] whole perspective of a star to it”, whereupon “It [commits] suicide”, opportunely holding a dual Blagulon Kappan pilots with it, given they compulsory their shipboard mechanism to run their personal life-support systems.

Business End[edit]

In a novel And Another Thing…, this is a boat of Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz.

Golgafrincham B-Ark[edit]

The Golgafrincham B-Ark was dual miles prolonged and capped by a overpass that offering a breathtaking perspective of a stars. Its interior corridors were lonesome in brownish-red Hessian wall-weave, and home to fifteen million neglected “colonists” in cryonic suspension. The boat was built as partial of an elaborate criminal to outcast an oblivious third of Golgafrincham’s population; convincing them their world was doomed, a infancy sent them off to another planet, that happened to be Earth. Upon completing a five-year journey, a boat crashed into a swamp, holding a immeasurable infancy of a sleeping passengers with it.

Heart of Gold[edit]

Heart of Gold is a initial antecedent boat to successfully use a insubordinate Infinite Improbability Drive. It is 150 metres prolonged and has been represented in several shapes. The bizarre radio array did not mention a shape. In a novel blending from a initial 4 episodes of a radio series, it was described as a neat white regulating shoe, that a TV instrumentation adopted as a basement for a depictions. In a 2005 movie, it is some-more spin with a hole and red stop lights on a behind that form a figure of a heart, a figure subsequent from a teacup in a brownian suit writer that powers a Infinite Improbability Drive. It also facilities a picture around a hole that depicts a invention of a Drive. It was built as a tip supervision plan on world Damogran from where Zaphod Beeblebrox, a then-President of a Imperial Galactic Government, stole it during a rising ceremony.

The ship’s cybernetics embody of a new era of Sirius Cybernetics Corporation robots and computers with Genuine People Personalities (including Eddie a shipboard mechanism and Marvin).

In a novel Life, a Universe and Everything, it is suggested that a core of a Improbability Drive is indeed a Golden Bail of Prosperity, one of 5 equipment that forms a Wikkit Gate. The expostulate is subsequently stolen by a robots of Krikkit, nonetheless it is after recovered by Zaphod Beeblebrox and reinstalled.

Starship Bistromath[edit]

Slartibartfast’s boat in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything. The boat is pronounced to work by abusing a laws of ‘bistromathics’, that is a specific arithmetic of values of several factors in restaurants, such as a bill, array of people attending, array of people pronounced to be attending, array of people who leave and a time they all arrive. In a novel Life, a Universe and Everything, bistromathics is explained that “Just as Einstein celebrated that space was not an absolute, nonetheless depended on a observer’s transformation in space […], so it is now satisfied that numbers are not absolute, nonetheless count on a observer’s transformation in restaurants.”

The ship’s coming was described as carrying some of a facilities of a spaceship (guidance fins, rocket nozzles, shun hatches, etc.), nonetheless apart some-more strongly imitative “a tiny upended Italian bistro.”

Starship Titanic[edit]

A stately and lush cruise-liner launched from a good shipbuilding asteroid complexes of Artifactovol. Its designers enclosed an early form of Infinite Improbability Drive, theorising that it would afterwards be Infinitely Improbable that anything bad would occur to it. Unfortunately, a inlet of a Infinite Improbability Drive means that anything Infinitely Improbable was now firm to happen, and so a boat underwent a Total Existence Failure before it left a dock.

Vogon Constructor flagship[edit]

Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz’s flagship used in a drop of Earth. It is described in a novels as being yellow, “huge as [an] bureau block”, and “not so many designed as congealed”. Its interior is dim and squalid.


Bistromathic drive[edit]

The Bistromathic Drive is a starship thrust complement introduced in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything, a third book of a series.

The Bistromathic Drive is used in Slartibartfast’s qualification Bistromath and works by exploiting a undiscerning arithmetic that request to numbers on a waiter’s check pad and groups of people in restaurants. a novel Life, a Universe and Everything describes bistromathics as follows:

Bistromathics itself is simply a insubordinate new approach of bargain a poise of numbers. Just as Albert Einstein’s ubiquitous relativity speculation celebrated that space was not an comprehensive nonetheless depended on a observer’s transformation in space, and that time was not an absolute, nonetheless depended on a observer’s transformation in time, so it is now satisfied that numbers are not absolute, nonetheless count on a observer’s transformation in restaurants.

Further reason of a speculation behind bistromathics:

The initial nonabsolute array is a array of people for whom a list is reserved. This will change during a march of a initial 3 write calls to a restaurant, and afterwards bear no apparent propinquity to a array of people who indeed spin up, or a array of people who subsequently join them after a show/match/party/gig, or to a array of people who leave when they see who else has shown up.

The second nonabsolute array is a given time of arrival, that is now famous to be one of those many weird mathematical concepts, a recipriversexcluson, a array whose existence can customarily be tangible as being anything other than itself. In other words, a given time of attainment is a one impulse of time during that it is unfit that any member of a celebration will arrive. Recipriversexclusons now play a critical partial in many branches of mathematics, including statistics and accountancy, and also form a simple equations used to operative a Somebody Else’s Problem field.

The third and many puzzling square of nonabsoluteness of all lies in a attribute between a array of equipment on a bill, a cost of any item, a array of people during a list and what they are any prepared to compensate for. (The array of people who have indeed brought any income is customarily a sub-phenomenon in this field.)

The overpass instruments of a Starship Bistromath are ensconced in feign booze bottles.

The executive computational area is a feign Italian grill list with seating for twelve encased in a potion cage. The list is embellished with a faded red and white check tablecloth with mathematically positioned cigarette burns. A organisation of drudge business lay spin a table, attended by drudge waiters.

The arithmetic play themselves out in a formidable interplay between invariably present keys, menus, watches, coupon books, credit cards, check pads and scribblings on paper napkins.

Slartibartfast explains that “On a waiter’s check pad, numbers dance. Reality and pretence hit on such a elemental spin that any becomes a other and anything is possible.”

Should a ship’s captain lay during a table, a mathematical functions speed up; a business spin some-more assertive and call during any other. Eventually, a equation balances, and a business spin respectful and polite once more. The some-more exhilarated a argument, a some-more formidable a equation, and a over a boat competence travel.

Effectively, a boat takes advantage of a bizarre manners that customarily restaurants work underneath by branch itself into a controlled, synthetic restaurant. This allows a boat versed with a bistromathic expostulate to accomplish feats utterly outward a normal capabilities of spacecraft, such as travelling dual thirds opposite a galactic hoop in a matter of seconds. The expostulate is quite some-more controllable than a Infinite Improbability Drive. It is also pronounced to “make a Heart of Gold seem like an electric pram.”


The Vogon ships use hyperspace transport to go faster than light. They also destroy Earth to make approach for a hyperspace bypass. Ford Prefect describes going into hyperspace as “rather unpleasantly like being drunk”. When asked what’s so upsetting about being drunk, he replies, “You ask a potion of water.”

Infinite Improbability Drive[edit]

The Infinite Improbability Drive is a faster-than-light drive. The many distinguished use of a expostulate is in a starship Heart of Gold. It is formed on a sold notice of quantum theory: a subatomic molecule is many expected to be in a sold place, such as nearby a iota of an atom, nonetheless there is also an infinitesimally tiny luck of it being found unequivocally apart from a indicate of start (for instance tighten to a apart star). Thus, a physique could transport from place to place nonetheless flitting by a inserted space (or hyperspace, for that matter), if we had sufficient control of probability.[1] According to a Guide, a expostulate “passes by each fathomable indicate in each fathomable star roughly simultaneously,” in other disproportion whoever uses it is “never certain where they’ll finish adult or even what class they’ll be when they get there” and “it’s therefore critical to dress accordingly”. In a 2005 film, for instance, a initial time a Improbability Drive is used, a whole boat ends adult as a hulk round of chronicle for a few seconds, and a categorical characters are rendered as charcterised chronicle dolls.

The Guide’s entrance on a expostulate also states that it was invented “following investigate into calculable improbability, that was mostly used to mangle a ice during parties by origination all a molecules in a hostess’ undergarments jump one feet concurrently to a left, in suitability with a speculation of indeterminacy”. It serve explains that many critical physicists wouldn’t mount for that arrange of thing, “partly given it was a small-mindedness of science, nonetheless mostly given they didn’t get invited to those arrange of parties.”

The Heart of Gold was a antecedent boat for perpetually extraordinary travel. It is a Infinite Improbability Drive in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy that saves Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect from unequivocally illusive genocide by asphyxiation in low space after being thrown out of a Vogon ship; a extraordinary contingency opposite being detected being 2276709 to one; a superscripted array incidentally being a write array of a Islington prosaic where Arthur went to a imagination dress celebration and initial met—and totally blew it with—Trillian (in a film, a superscripted array is “2079460347” instead). Incidentally, Adams explained in a annotated volume of a bizarre radio scripts that it was a eviction of Arthur and Ford out a spacelock of a Vogon boat that led to his possess “invention” of a Infinite Improbability Drive. Adams realised that he had worked a story into a passed end, meditative in disappointment that a customarily solutions would be “infinitely improbable.” In a peep of discernment and what Adams called “mental jiujitsu”, a Infinite Improbability Drive was born.

In a third book, a Infinite Improbability Drive is detected to be a Golden Bail of Prosperity in a Wikkit Gate. It is stolen by a white Krikkit robots; however, it was returned and a Heart of Gold returned to operational status.

Adams grown a suspicion of a improbability expostulate carrying larger causal (and narrative) effects in after books. For example, when Zaphod’s great-grandfather discusses his good grandson’s career-to-date, he explains that Zaphod can't shun his destiny now a improbability margin “controls you”.

Karey Kirkpatrick, who with Adams blending a novel for a shade in 2005, described a improbability expostulate as a “plot adjunct machine”, permitting Adams to erect elaborate plotlines formed on coincidences that would, in other narratives, be deliberate too extraordinary to be believed.[2]

Phargilor Kangaroo Relocation Drive[edit]

The Phargilor (or Penargilon) Kangaroo Relocation Drive seemed in Fit a Sixth of a radio series—it can also be listened on BBC Sound Effects No. 26: Sci-Fi Sound Effects. The expostulate allows, in an emergency, a boat to be ejected unexpected by a fabric of space time and come to rest apart from a starting point, with a commander frequency carrying time to tract where a boat will finish up. Ford and Arthur use this expostulate to shun from a Haggunenons.

Photon Drive[edit]

The Photon Drive or Conventional Photon Drive is a customary expostulate that a Heart of Gold utilizes when a Infinite Improbability Drive is not in use. It is discussed quickly in a initial book after an partial about a Infinite Improbability Drive, where it states that “The Heart of Gold fled on silently by a night of space, now on compulsory photon drive”. Little is famous about a Photon Drive, as it is customarily mentioned 4 times over a march of a whole series, once in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy, twice in a novel The Restaurant during a End of a Universe, and once in a novel Mostly Harmless.


Kill-o-Zap blaster pistol[edit]

The Kill-o-Zap is a arms initial appearing in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy, wielded by a military from Blagulon Kappa when they come to Magrathea to detain Zaphod. It is referenced via a array in a purpose of a customary and widespread code of raygun.

In a novel The Restaurant during a End of a Universe it is described in some-more detail:

The engineer of a gun had clearly not been educated to kick about a bush. ‘Make it evil,’ he’d been told. ‘Make it totally transparent that this gun has a right finish and a wrong end. Make it totally transparent to anyone station during a wrong finish that things are going badly for them. If that means adhering all arrange of spikes and prongs and blackened pieces all over it afterwards so be it. This is not a gun for unresolved over a grate or adhering in a powerful stand, it is a gun for going out and origination people miserable with.’

In a novel Life, a Universe and Everything, a organisation arms themselves with Kill-o-Zap guns opposite a Krikkiters. Arthur “fumbled to recover a reserve locate and rivet a impassioned risk locate as Ford had shown him. He was jolt so many that if he’d dismissed during anybody during that impulse he substantially would have burnt his signature on them.”

In a 2005 film adaptation, a gun has a worldly look. It is some-more of a white globe that covers a palm and has a trigger on a inside. This chronicle is wielded by Marvin.

Point of View Gun[edit]

The Point of View Gun is a device combined by Douglas Adams for a film version[3] of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy; it does not seem in any of a before versions of a story.[4]

According to a film, a gun was combined by Deep Thought before to a prolonged introspective of a Answer to Life, a Universe, and Everything. When used on someone, it will means them to see things from a indicate of perspective of a chairman banishment a gun (the Guide says that it “conveniently, does precisely as a name suggests”). According to a Guide, nonetheless a gun was designed by Deep Thought, it was consecrated by a Intergalactic Consortium of Angry Housewives, who were sleepy of finale each evidence with their husbands with a phrase: “You customarily don’t get it, do you?”

This orderly mirrors a Total Perspective Vortex, an progressing tract device from a radio array and second novel, combined by a impression Trin Tragula to uncover his mother a whole perpetually of origination and herself in propinquity to it.

Humma Kavula wants to obtain a gun in sequence to enhance a change of a sacrament he heads. He agrees to trade it with Zaphod Beeblebrox for a coordinates to Magrathea, nonetheless takes Zaphod’s second conduct as material instead, as Zaphod doesn’t have a gun during a time. When a gun is detected inside Deep Thought, it is playfully used by Ford Prefect and Zaphod on one another, and eventually taken by Trillian who, wanting answers from Zaphod about how dissapoint she was over Earth’s destruction, uses it to survey him until he does so (In a film adaptation, Zaphod certified a drop of Earth, meditative he was simply being asked for his designation for a fan, and was totally unknowingly given Trillian was indignant with him when she detected this on Vogsphere). Following this, Zaphod threatens to glow a gun during Trillian, to that she scathingly replies that she is “already a woman” (implying that a gun customarily works on men, generally given it was consecrated privately by housewives, nonetheless also given women are sensitive and courteous of others, and therefore can already see things from another’s indicate of view).

Near a finish of a film, Marvin a Paranoid Android uses a gun to save a organisation of a Heart of Gold from hundreds of Vogons. After a Vogons see things from Marvin’s chronically-depressed indicate of view, they all collapse, no longer anticipating a indicate to life.

There are 7 holsters for Point of View Guns inside Deep Thought, nonetheless customarily one tangible gun. The rest of a holsters are empty. At a finish of a film Arthur Dent possesses a gun, and Zaphod has not nonetheless incited a gun over to Humma Kavula.


Quite Unwieldy Experimental Sublimation Torpedo, an initial anti-god barb used by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz to conflict a God Thor in a novel And Another Thing…. The Vogons bought a device from Zaphod, who reveals that he commissioned a lawnmower engine on it in a intrigue to deceive them.

Supernova bomb[edit]

Featured in Life, a Universe and Everything, a supernova explosve is “a unequivocally really tiny bomb” that resembles a cricket ball, and is a biggest arms of mass drop ever combined in a story of a universe. Initially designed by a supercomputer Hactar for a Silastic Armourfiends of Striterax, who had demanded that it emanate an “Ultimate Weapon” nonetheless forgot that computers take instructions literally, a explosve creates a trail by hyperspace that connects all critical suns together into one enormous supernova, effectively destroying a whole universe. Hactar deliberately designed a explosve with a smirch that rendered it useless; when a Silastic Armourfiends detected this, they crushed a mechanism into dirt and afterwards broken themselves by consistent warfare.

Hactar’s particulate form wrapped itself around a halcyon world Krikkit, isolating it from a rest of a universe, and gradually re-engineered a multitude until they could reconstruct a explosve and perform Hactar’s program. The Krikkiters were degraded in a Krikkit Wars, secular memories of that would lead to a invention of a diversion cricket on Earth. Billions of years later, they built Hactar’s injured explosve and attempted to muster it, heading to their find of a computer’s change on their evolution. Trillian remarkable that it was unfit for a Krikkiters to be intelligent adequate to build this arms on their own, nonetheless foolish adequate not to grasp that it would destroy them if they used it. Hactar combined a entirely organic transcribe of a explosve and hid it in a transport bag belonging to Arthur Dent, who unequivocally scarcely caused it to raze before interlude it by collision during a final second.

Personal items[edit]

Crisis Inducer[edit]

A watch-like device that can emanate an synthetic predicament conditions of selectable severity, in sequence to whet a wits of a user. Carried by Lintilla in Fit a Eleventh of a radio series.

Digital watches[edit]

Earth’s race are described in a initial novel as “so amazingly obsolete that they still consider digital watches are a flattering neat idea.” When Arthur Dent temporarily loses his left arm as a effect of a Infinite Improbability Drive, he panics on realising he can no longer work his digital watch. Hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings built a supercomputer Deep Thought in partial to clarity given people spend so many of their lives wearing digital watches. In a 1970s, when a array was initial composed, digital watches were a tallness of techno-fashion. For a 2005 film The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy, references to digital watches were transposed by mobile telephones.

Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses[edit]

Designed to assistance a wearer rise a loose opinion to danger. The lenses spin totally black during a initial spirit of trouble, so preventing a wearer from observant anything that competence alarm him/her. Appeared in partial 3 of a TV array and in chapters 5 and 6 of a novel The Restaurant during a End of a Universe.

Thinking Cap[edit]

A special helmet that Zaphod Beeblebrox uses in a film adaptation. It is presumably an out-of-date device, as settled by Ford Prefect that it was used when boat captains indispensable to concentrate. It is fundamentally a helmet with a trigger device on tip that resembles an involuntary citrus juicer, that is given it is powered by common lemon juice. The effects of a meditative cap, in Zaphod’s case, final about 10 mins per lemon. In a film, Arthur Dent negatively remarks to Ford’s trust Zaphod’s ability during origination guesses by angrily replying “Go with a camber of a male whose mind is fuelled by LEMONS!?” After Ford starts a Thinking Cap, Zaphod (who was unequivocally intoxicated from carrying his second conduct private by force) immediately was means to transport true and consider smarter than usual, and 10 mins after he could still walk, nonetheless was behind to his normal, over-the-top self.


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy states that a towel is a many critical object a hitchhiker can have. It also mentions that “to know where one’s towel is” means to be in control of one’s possess life. It describes a towel as a multipurpose apparatus that can be converted into such things as a cruise for a temporary raft, a gas mask, a blindfold and a arms for hand-to-hand combat. Resourceful hitchhikers have extended their towels in frequency outlandish ways, including embedding formidable circuitry; Roosta, who Ford Prefect says “really knows where his towel is”, fortified his towel with yellow stripes high in protein, immature stripes with vitamin supplements, pinkish flowers of wheatgerm extract, and other areas containing grill salsa and anti-depressants. Ford Prefect, a traditionalist, has so apart customarily reinforced his towel’s seams, that enabled him to use it as a wire to stop himself from descending to his death. In a TV series, towels pierce of their possess settle during hyperspatial jumps, and a volume they’ve altered allows an gifted hitchhiker to calculate a stretch he has travelled. The towel was useful in a film chronicle a handful of times, generally by Ford. For example, while on a homeworld of a Vogons, he started to call it around in front of a organisation of Vogons, who screamed and ran away. He also used it while attempting to cranky a beach filthy with shovel-like creatures that feed on thought. Another time, he used it to lift a siren from a Vogon ship, attempting to boost a operation of his ring.

The significance on towels is a anxiety to Hitch-hiker’s Guide to Europe by Ken Walsh, that desirous Adams’ illusory manual and also stresses a significance of towels.[5]

Other technology[edit]


Breathe-o-Smart was a “sexier and smarter” in-building climate-control air-conditioning record (in a novel Mostly Harmless) that sparked a Great Ventilation and Telephone Riots (of SrDt 3454).

One of a smartest facilities of a Breathe-o-Smart is that it can't presumably go wrong. So. No worries on that score. Enjoy your respirating now, and have a good day.

The fear erupted when 3 coexisting events happened: Breathe-o-Smart Inc released a matter “best formula were achieved by regulating their systems in ascetic climates”, a relapse of a Breathe-o-Smart complement on a utterly prohibited and wet day putting hundreds of bureau staff into a transport where a violent host of prolonged stretch write operators who had got so disfigured by a repetitiveness of their work that they had finally taken to a streets with megaphones—and rifles.

In days of riots, each singular window was smashed, to cries of “Get off a line, asshole!” and a accumulation of animal noises.

So now, all (mechanical or electrical or quantum-mechanical or hydraulic or even wind, steam or piston-driven) inclination are now legally compulsory to lift this text:

The critical disproportion between a thing that competence go wrong and a thing that can't presumably go wrong is that when a thing that can't presumably go wrong goes wrong it customarily turns out to be unfit to get during or repair.


Sub-Etha is an interstellar faster-than-light telecommunications network used by hitchhikers to dwindle down flitting spaceships. The primary hitcher’s apparatus is famous as a Electronic Thumb, a brief black rod that can be used to hit flitting ships and ask to be let on board. Ford also carries a Sens-O-Matic, a device for monitoring ships’ Sub-Etha signals, and learns from it that a Vogons are on their approach to explode a Earth. Sub-Etha is used via a Milky Way for any kind of information transmission, such as listening to a news or updating a Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy itself. The name is a anxiety to a ether, that was once believed to be a middle stuffing a universe.

Total Perspective Vortex[edit]

The Total Perspective Vortex is allegedly a many terrible woe device to that a sentient being can be subjected.

When we are put into a Vortex we are given customarily one duration glance of a whole unthinkable perpetually of creation, and somewhere in it there’s a tiny small speck, a small dot on a small dot, that says, “You are here.”[6]

Located on Frogstar World B, a appurtenance was creatively invented by Trin Tragula in sequence to provoke his wife. Because she was perpetually whinging him for carrying no clarity of proportion, he motionless to invent something that would uncover her what carrying a clarity of suit unequivocally meant. Unfortunately a startle of being placed in a Vortex broken her brain, nonetheless Trin Tragula’s grief was gradual by a believe that he had been right and she had been wrong. In Adams’ words, a Total Perspective Vortex illustrated that “In an gigantic universe, a one thing sentient life can't means to have is a clarity of proportion.”[7]Gargravarr is a discarnate mind and protector of a Total Perspective Vortex.

The appurtenance produces a practical existence indication of a whole star by means of a adage that any square of matter is influenced by all other matter. The Vortex reconstructs a star by mechanism estimate of a high-resolution indicate (“extrapolated matter analysis”) of a square of angel cake. In a disproportion of a Hitchhiker’s Guide,

…since each square of matter in a Universe is in somehow influenced by each other square of matter in a Universe, it is in speculation illusive to extrapolate a whole of creation—every Galaxy, each sun, each planet, their orbits, their composition, and their mercantile and amicable story from, say, one tiny square of angel cake.[8]

Only Zaphod Beeblebrox is reported to have survived a Vortex protection (and afterwards to have eaten a tiny square of angel cake). When it showed him a “You Are Here” marker, Zaphod rightly interpreted a Vortex as simply revelation him that he was a many critical being in a universe. This is due to a fact that he entered a Vortex in an synthetic universe, that had been specifically combined for his advantage (thus origination him a many critical being in it) by Zarniwoop. After rising from a synthetic universe’s Total Perspective Vortex, Zaphod ate a square of angel cake, observant “If we told we how many we indispensable this, we wouldn’t have time to eat it.”

In a radio array The Quintessential Phase, a ideas behind a Total Perspective Vortex and a Guide Mark II are used to mix story lines from all of a radio episodes. This allows many of a tract lines from a anomalous versions of a story to be wrapped adult by a radio series’ conclusion.

The Total Perspective Vortex was referenced as a name of an attainment for a 2016 video diversion No Man’s Sky, that uses procedural era to deterministically furnish a practical star containing 18 quintillion (1.8 x 1019) planets.[9]

In genuine life, astronauts and cosmonauts believe a chronicle of this materialisation when in circuit and after their space practice famous as a Overview Effect.

Wikkit gate[edit]

The Wikkit Gate is an artifact featured in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything.

The Wikkit Gate is a concept pitch among a opposite cultures of a Galaxy of a simple ideals of civilisation. The Galactic Government therefore chose to indication a pivotal that could clear a pouch of Slo-Time surrounding world Krikkit after a Wikkit Gate. The embankment was destroyed, afterwards a several tools re-animated as opposite objects around a universe. It is stoical of:

  • A Steel Pillar of Strength and Power (Marvin’s leg, nonetheless customarily after it had been transposed by a throw steel merchant)
  • A Wooden Pillar of Nature and Spirituality (the reconstituted remains of a cricket branch that was burnt in Melbourne, Australia to weigh “the genocide of English cricket”)
  • A Perspex (Plexiglas) Pillar of Science and Reason (Argabuthon Sceptre of Justice, renamed a Plastic Pillar in a U.S. chronicle of a books)
  • A Golden Bail of Prosperity (The Heart of Gold’s heart of gold—the Infinite Improbability Drive that powers a starship)
  • A Silver Bail of Peace (the Rory Award For The Most Gratuitous Use Of The Word “Fuck” In A Serious Screenplay, altered to “Belgium” in a U.S. version)

According to a novel, a competition of cricket as played on Earth is a uninspired sign of a Krikkit Wars, and a cricket wicket is a frequency twisted secular memory of a Wikkit Gate. The novel describes a “bit where a tiny red round hits a stumps” as being utterly offensive.

Artificial intelligences[edit]

  • Colin, a confidence robot
  • Deep Thought
  • Eddie, a shipboard computer
  • Hactar
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy
  • Marvin, a Paranoid Android


  • Bartledanian story book: A unequivocally lifeless book, once review by Arthur Dent, in a novel Mostly Harmless. It chronicles a events of a Bartledanian whose artless detachment towards his life’s happenstances is so finish that a miss of a operative source of celebration H2O eventually leads to his genocide of dehydration. As a standard instance of Bartledanian literature, a book reaches a finish not by bringing a gratifying finish to a narrative, nonetheless simply by interlude during a 100,000th word.
  • Bathsheets in Space by Werdle Sneng, Fit a Eighth of a radio series.
  • Big Bang Theory – A Personal View, The by Eccentrica Gallumbits (the triple breasted prostitute of Eroticon Six) in a novel The Restaurant during a End of a Universe.
  • Celestial Home Care Omnibus: A spacy chronicle of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy. The Guide is mentioned as being some-more renouned than this book.
  • Dr Dan Streetmentioner’s Time Traveller’s Handbook of 1001 Tense Formations: This book deals with abbreviation in time-travel situations. Most readers get as apart as a Future Semi-Conditionally Modified Subinverted Plagal Past Subjunctive Intentional before giving up, and indeed new editions of this book have been left vacant past this indicate to save on copy costs, in a novel The Restaurant during a End of a Universe.
  • Encyclopedia Galactica: A book of this name seemed in Isaac Asimov’s brief story “Foundation”, and it is mentioned in a Hitchhiker’s Guide books as a opposition to a Guide, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy. It is remarkable as being somewhat some-more costly than a Guide and lacking a recommendation “Don’t Panic!” on a cover.
  • Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Sex But Have Been Forced To Find Out: Oolon Colluphid’s latest book, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy.
  • Fifty More Things to do in Zero Gravity: Also 53 More Things to do in Zero Gravity, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy. The Guide is mentioned to be improved offered than this book.
  • Heavily Modified Face Flannels by Frat Gad, Fit a Eighth of a radio series.
  • My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles: a collection of communication stoical by a Azgoth writer master Grunthos a Flatulent, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy (called Zen and a Art of Going to a Lavatory in a TV series).
  • Siderial Daily Mentioner: The announcement that sent a publisher to a hearing where Prak was injected with too many law serum, in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything.
  • Siderial Daily Mentioner’s Book of Popular Galactic History: Tells us that a night sky over a world Krikkit is a slightest engaging steer in a whole Universe, and life in a Galaxy contingency be space-sick, time sick, story ill or some such thing .. and stupid, in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything.
  • Some More of God’s Greatest Mistakes: Oolon Colluphid’s second book, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy.
  • Songs of a Long Land: The book of poems that Lallafa had to transport behind in time to write (again), in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything.
  • Sqornshellous Swamptalk: A mattressy lexicography, in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything.
  • Ultra-Complete Maximegalon Dictionary of Every Language Ever, The: …is not value a swift of lorries it takes to transport a micro-stored book around in, in a novel Life, a Universe and Everything.
  • Veet Voojagig’s Story: The story of a mislaid biros, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy.
  • Well That About Wraps It Up For God: Oolon Colluphid’s fourth book, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy.
  • Where God Went Wrong: Oolon Colluphid’s initial book, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy.
  • Who is this God Person Anyway?: Oolon Colluphid’s third book, in a novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to a Galaxy.
  • You and Your Planets: Gail Andrews’ book whose astrological recommendation leads to a drop of Earth by a Grebulons, in a novel Mostly Harmless.

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  • Almost never
  • Somebody Else’s Problem


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