Introduction | The Great Chicago Fire & The Web of Memory

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The Great Chicago Fire a Web of Memory consists of dual categorical parts. The initial part, patrician The Great Chicago Fire, includes 5 chronologically orderly sections that together benefaction a story of a fire.  The sections of a second part, The Web of Memory, inspect 6 ways in that a glow has been remembered:  watcher accounts, contemporary broadcasting and illustrations, talented forms such as novel and art, a fable of Mrs. O’Leary and her cow, glow souvenirs of many opposite kinds, and grave commemorations and exhibitions. Each of a sections has 3 integrated components: thematic galleries of images, a library of texts, and an interpretive essay.

The Great Chicago Fire a Web of Memory also contains a Touring a Fire territory that revisits a story of fifty-four opposite sites in Chicago today, called Landmarks, that have a tie to a fire.  Individual Landmarks are orderly into tours that are organised geographically.  In addition, there is an 1871 Timeline that recalls events in Chicago life during a year of a fire.

Throughout a site there are several interactive features.  Virtually each picture can be lengthened severely for some-more minute viewing.  There are also three-dimensional images (a red/blue anaglyph spectator is required) in a Media Event section, and dual glow songs achieved by soprano Patrice Michaels in a Fanning a Flames section.  Both of these, as good as a Timeline, are among a Special Features.

Almost all of a images here can be purchased from a Chicago History Museum.  For some-more information, go to or send an e-mail to  Please be prepared to brand equipment by their ichi number, that is indicated in a images that are accessible for sale. The artifacts and texts enclosed here paint usually a tiny fragment of a Chicago History Museum’s land relating to a fire.

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