Three-Dimensional Trees Formed with Layers of Painted …

نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در ۰۳ بهمن ۱۳۹۵
Three-Dimensional Trees Formed with Layers of Painted ...


Using fragile materials like layers of potion or paper, artist Ardan zmenoglu redefines bland objects in her visually formidable sculptures. In these tree sculptures, a Turkish artist breaks a intent down into rows of hand-painted glass. A singular piece appears to be totally abstract, however, by mixing a fragmented tools into repeated rows, she gives new life to a tree that changes coming formed on a position of a viewer.

In all of her work, zmenoglu investigates how a life or ephemerality of images via story have influenced tellurian culture. By severe expectations and mixing astonishing mediums, she invites viewers to demeanour during a universe with a new perspective.

“Whether commenting on a chronological continuance or transience of an pattern or sculpting with such frail media as wire, potion slides, or tree branches, my proceed to my art and a sources has been and will always be contemporary in a extreme: my review into pattern coexists with cultured gestures that challenge, provoke, and invite,” says zmenoglu.

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