How American Jews Ruined Hanukkah

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How American Jews Ruined Hanukkah

As distant as holidays go, Hanukkah sucks. Contrary to a renouned public-school-kid myth, 8 days of presents doesn’t meant a holiday is super-Christmas; it means a presents are junk, a proliferation of crap. Dreidl is a terrible diversion that requires no plan and many no skill. Somehow, a world’s whole gelt supply seems to have been made in 1993, so even if we do win, your prerogative is stale, filmy-white, sub-par chocolate. Worst of all, Jews are perpetually production kitschy alternatives to Christmas customs: What’s with a Hanukkah bear, anyways? Arguably, latkes are one effect of a Festival of Lights, though anguish to a holiday that relies on potatoes as a usually defense.

The story of Hanukkah doesn’t even seem in a Torah—the books of 1 and 2 Maccabees are in a Catholic Bible, not a Hebrew one. The story is quickly described in a Talmud—a story of armed Jewish rebellion opposite a Hellenistic King Antiochus IV, interconnected with a tale about spectacle oil that kept a almighty fire of a Temple blazing for 8 nights when it should have usually lasted for one. It is both theologically skinny and celebratory of aroused nationalism. For many of Jewish history, a holiday has been of small consequence. “Hanukkah is … a teenager holiday that America has towering into something many more,” pronounced Josh Plaut, a conduct rabbi during a Reform Metropolitan Synagogue in New York City. “Jews have been partial of that magnification of Hanukkah. It suits a purposes.”

So why, in America, has Hanukkah taken on outsized significance? Because it serves a sold purpose: an event to negotiate a twin, competing pressures of racial tragedy and assimilation. As a Rowan University historian Dianne Ashton writes in her book, Hanukkah in America, “Hanukkah’s strongest American advocates seem to have been those who felt a complexities of American Jewish life many acutely.” It’s so simple, so conveniently vague, that it has been used by rabbis, advertisers, Zionists, Hebrew propagandize teachers, and relatives to foster all from racial honour and nationalism to rendezvous in Jewish life and shopping stuff.

No doubt, Hanukkah is an impossibly critical partial of a story of Jews in America. Why, then, is this holiday—the many open Jewish jubilee in a United States—so silly?

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