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نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 18 فوریه 2017

by Takuan Amaru

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“His Story” of a Black Man in a Americas

Part I: Empathize

I guess about a black organization who incited their heads during work as if they didn’t know a white master was raping their wife, daughter, sister, and even mother. we attempted to know what it was that gives black organization a ability to contend and do 0 while they are being so apparently violated…. Were they cowards or customarily survivors?” ~Sister Souljah; from a novel, “No Disrespect”

Could a same sentiments be oral in 2011 about a state of Black Manhood?

Before and After Civil Rights

Well, things cunning not be perfect, yet we strait admit, we have come a enlarged way” ~politically repremand perspective


Is there any difference in how adult, black males “say and do nothing” while Oscar Grant, Shawn Bell or Aiyana Stanley Jones are murdered in a open eye and when innocent, black lady such as Emmitt Till were lynched in a open square?

Today, maybe it is non-professional for us to wholly grasp customarily how many “strange fruit” was unused (rotting) on trees all around a US. Put it this way, it was to a prove where a sure center of communication, a English libel itself, was forced to emanate suitable idioms of aspect for this ‘peculiar culture’.

Brief “Crackanalysis” of Language

The ‘cracka’ was a manly who topsy-turvy a slaves on a plantation. Most times a manly who cracked his whip was a lower-class, white administrator or foreman, however, intermittently a cracka was a melanin-rich manly who felt effect to spin opposing his own.

It has been famous for years that a origins of a word ‘picnic’ were secure in a Jim Crow date lynchings. These unwavering afternoon gatherings became family-fun-filled events when some of a local, “good ol’ boys” would go out and “pick-a-ni**er”…

…to be lynched.

Men, women and children of all ages would amass for these despicable eyeglasses to announce a (usually) black manly get whipped, beaten and kicked to within an in. of his life for a appetizer, yet always being certain to save a loud, crisp, frightful sound of a chewing of a vertebrae…the discernible roped execution, for a sure dish.

Oh, and for dessert… The ‘settlers’ would humour a prevalent surgical exclusion of a testicles and penis…to be kept “as souvenirs.”


Despite a fact that so many information (including ‘post-card type’ photos) stays of these disgusting “family celebrations”, there are many people who still try to countermand that a unquestionably basis of a United States is built on murdering and exploiting melanin-rich people with a special thoroughness on a manly in this regard.

 AfroAsiatic Perspectives | Just another WordPress.com site

The start of a word “picnic”?

The horrible, hideous law many wish to bury is that lynching darker complexions has been a nation’s jubilee some-more so than even a dear and amatory foe of baseball.

Part II: The Ritual

A Legacy of a Neutered and Raped

Where were all a organization allocated psychologists and mental health specialists for a millions of females and boys who were frequently raped over several generations by “massa” after a ostensible abolishment of slavery?

If President Lincoln’s sideboard unquestionably commanded on all of a people in America opening together to live in a “united state of existence” equally underneath one banner, wouldn’t they have assuming some arrange of psychological therapy, not to plead a ‘new-career workshop’ or two…something to support and acquire these new “citizens”?

Use your common sense.

Even in a 20th century, many everyday, user difficulty mothers and wives were forced to incline to a spin of prostituting their bodies to feed their families when a “honky” came honking his horn in a eve for a perceptive shot of (melanin-rich) sex after some-more than a confederate shots of besiege during a bar.

And what about all of these women’s husbands, brothers and fathers? Since they were denied opportunities for use due to racism, they could not have presumably met a basic, smallest requirement compulsory to aspect as “bread winner” in a home.

How enlarged does it take for a man’s egoism to erode when he has no proceed to acquire any income to feed his family? And even over that, what happens to his purpose within that family structure…in a bigger society?

What are a compounded effects to a hint of a black manly who has sat by helplessly for centuries and watched a military of insults and abuse from western crowd reconstruct a repute of what-was-once a world’s many appreciative and customarily amazement into a difficult day “Whore of Babylon”?

These now shop-worn spirits have been denied opening to their constant start as a descendants of good heroes in a ancient world…the imaginary giants of folklore whom all tales of aplomb are based. The ones whose due to knightliness compelled a Spaniards many centuries after to chateau them as “Knights of a Granada, Gentlemen, notwithstanding Moors.”

The feared as good as venerated, “Black-a-Moor”, who not customarily colonized Spain for 7 centuries (until a nightmarish year of 1492) yet also attempted to coach all of Europe with a wonders of math, science, literature, and music.

Who would ever trust that a start of a warrior’s regulation of ethics, or bushido”, finished famous in Japanese culture, could arguably be traced to a organization of disenfranchised organization who are reason in contempt, not honour, for their achievements?

In 2011, any one of these neutered and housebroken pets could simply be conspicuous to be some-more revealing of a cooperative lion during a zoo than any worried Samurai of a Emperor.

America is an infirm society…for anybody. It’s shaped on enthusiasm and materialism” ~Umar Abdullah-Johnson

 AfroAsiatic Perspectives | Just another WordPress.com site

Umar Abdullah-Johnson

Umar Johnson, a creditable disseminate minister / child therapist, apportionment a exquisite Philadelphia encampment states that “there is 0 healthy about American society.” But over and over even this grave bewilderment stands an autocratic element of “sick-lical”, self-hatred set adult to poison a minds of a children.

The scarcity of normal family values, that starts with a healthy visualisation of womanhood / strength virtues, is directly proportional to a multiplying array of homosexuals within a black community. This is customarily one of a many “psychological imbalances” that is devastatingly negative for a whole community.

So, where does this sick, cycle of self-hatred begin?

Ironically, we learn it starts innocently adequate with a training famous simply as “school.”

The customarily thing people caring about with black boys (in school) is possibly or not they can lay still enlarged adequate to be ‘mis-educated”

For a children not prying in “sitting still”, they are sent to what was once famous as a chapter of “child psychology” or “mental health”, yet now has been renamed, “behavioral health.” Once there, though a second thought, these honest souls are quick prescribed mentally and physically damaging, psychotropic drugs by strangers in white coats who frequency get to know a youngster’s names.

Incidentally, given all a departmental name changes?

Umar Johnson explains that this clearly illustrates how they feel about a children:

We (the system) don’t caring that a child is depressed. We don’t caring that he has misplaced his father…or maybe a associate to patrol violence. We don’t caring that he was molested… All we caring about is how he acts (behaves)…’Behavioral Health”

Too many of these abused children grow adult totally neglected in a home sourroundings where tellurian caring is substantially non-existent; so they have tiny eventuality to believe any feelings of venerate or grace…not even from family members.

Think about that deeply for a moment.

No one ever took time to pronounce to them or learn them anything; no one ever finished them feel special…feel like a tellurian being.

And as a result, they have no honour for their elders…hence, no honour for themselves.

Hmm, is this what rapper Li’l Wayne’s publishing entitled, I’m not a Human Being” is all about?

And thereafter many of us are detered when a juvenile cenobite pulls out a gun and blows another brother’s smarts out (just) for stepping on his toe… How could he do that? It’s easy…he never scholastic a clarification of compassion…that things needs to be learned!”

The Emotional Pain Body and Marriage

Two mentally ill people can’t make a healthy relationship, nor can they lift happy children…”

The Emotional Pain Body (EPB), is a “chip of self-hatred” that is suppressed in a subconscious of a authority and can be activated astonishing and though warning if she / he is put in a stressful situation. The era and bitterness of these “post-traumatic prominence disorders” change from authority to person.

Bro. Umar stresses that those people with a vicious EPB should not even consider entering into a ardent or marital relationship.

But in many cases, this is accurately a opposing of what occurs.

One thing we have to praise is that a self-hatred that has been conditioned into a minds of African people also affects a relationships…”

All melanin-rich people learn unquestionably early in life to be actors when in a appearance of white folks. After so many years, has a act finally hold adult with us? Are we now confusing to subvert any other…even ourselves?

Just a “Little White Lie”?

Since black women customarily mountain a 25% probability to marry a black manly anyway, given a state of affairs as we know them today, this alone is simply some-more than adequate inclination for a lady to “overemphasize” some of her some-more certain characteristics while parallel focusing on concealing some rebate appealing traits when dating a young, tasteful brother.

A authority graduation some-more of their certain side while consciously camouflaging a few rebate appealing qualities is 0 new, nor indispensably sinister in a investiture of courting. But where do we lift a line between introducing a positive-side-only, “representative”, to a date and straight-up lying?

Bro. Umar tells us that some juvenile couples date for as enlarged as 2 or 3 years and indeed decrease in venerate with any other’s representatives customarily to find out later…after it is already too late (married / family) that a level-headed, intelligent authority they guess they were in venerate with is indeed a manic depressant, bi-polar psychopath.

Of impetus these issues are customarily suggested once a “dating” and “honey moon” phases have totally ended. In other words, when a stresses of ‘real life’ start to manifest, it is inevitable that those smoothly suppressed EPB, bi-polar “bones will come out from a closet”.

Since “no manly in America has some-more prominence than a black man”, what does all of this prove about a home and marital affairs of a victims of a “constant attack of white supremacy”?

Civil War in a Home by Design

For any problem that is in a encampment that a white manly says, ‘I have 0 to do with it’…we all know that he is (in fact) a unquestionably one who set it up…”

Once a juvenile manly realizes that a sourroundings he lives in is repugnant towards his unquestionably existence, he learns to be careful…too careful. The outcome of this is that unfortunately his home becomes a customarily investiture where he feels he can truly denote himself.

Since this bureaucratic erratic is constantly worried by a cops, disrespected and differently can’t explain his potential all day while during work or whenever he is divided from his home, he develops a focussed to “over-compensate” for all of a aspect of strength that he had to disguise during a day as a participation tactic. Thus, when he gain from work, this beating explodes out, over and dizzy onto his family and into his home. This tragic, mostly abandoned side-effect of white precedence transforms many black organization into “dictators and oppressors of their possess women and children.” This explains given black males are during a rather aloft risk to spin domestic abusers.

If that is not adequate fuel for a fire, Bro. Umar keeps it coming.

Now when he comes home from work and expects not to be challenged for a position of caring in his home he is met by an ‘educated’ sister who has been “trained by a white man” that given she has a college class and cunning make some-more income than her husband, that gives her a right to sequence over him”

Domestic respectful quarrel erupts in a home.

He is confusing to reimburse for a strength he is not certified to denote in white crowd and she is confusing to threaten him given she has been taught to do so by that same society. He is sacrilege her out, she is sacrilege him out and…

...the children are watching…closely.

The tiny lady watches her mom get physically abused so she grows adult with a dismay and negligence for men. The child sees his father spin emasculated and talked down to by his mom and so he grows adult controversial and vicious toward women.

According to Umar Johnson, both of these situations pre-dispose a children to a psychological imbalance of homosexuality.

He also says that this is “a cycle that is constantly perpetuated.”

Part III: The Mysticism

۲۰۱۱ Resolutions: “The Mother Ship Connection is Here”

Black people are crazier now than in any other time in history…” ~Bobby Hemmitt

Believe it or not, notwithstanding what cunning seem to be a ghastly situation…is indeed definitely a opposite.

This is a year of intrepidity for a people. It’s time to thoroughness inward.

An expert-occultist, who simply goes by a name of “Panic”, relates that a array “۱۱” is a master array symbolizing duality: Universe A and Universe B.

However, nonetheless there are twin scenarios or stages, there is unquestionably customarily one resolution:

Do You!”

Universe A represents a physical, perceptible star as we have come to know it…cars, flowers, careers, etc.

The Universe A restraint is graceful facile and essentially relates to user things out in this 3rd dimension. Some of a highlights on this spin are: home schooling a kids, eating some-more natural, organic dishes (especially vegetables), meditation, prayer, exercise, buy gold, etc.

If this resonates with you, great… Do you.

But, for those prying in advancing over a appearance of duality, to a spin of mastery, where 2 becomes 1…

Universe B Resolution

Universe B, on a other hand, is a “dark side” that reflects a together existence to a worldly world, both in a past as good as in a future.

Please try to suspect “dark” as a certain assign from now on.

This is a year a “gateway” or portal opens to Universe B. In addition, there are 9 striking occasions during a year when a binary regulation (01) is prevalent in a date and these days are associated to an gratification of untapped reservoirs of energy.

A pure instance of this was a ostensible “new years” day, or 1/1/11 or 01/01/11. This also was a day of a (natural?) materialization that resulted with piles of upheld birds and fish all over a world. Brother Panic says this unaccompanied occurrence in estuary represented a appetite compared with those days.

This is customarily prejudiced of a many exquisite expectation that has been compared with a Mayan (Illusory) Calendar; customarily one of a events we have to feeling contemptuous to during this “۲۰۱۲ Exodus Season”.

So, a “Mother Ship Connection” of George Clinton fame, or Universe B, is indeed 0 some-more than a reciprocity with an existence that knows no finish or limitations…the Alpha and Omega, a derivation and a end.

Remember, we run this *ish; they run around in it” ~Bro. Panic

If this seems like weird nonsense or grant romance stuff…that is accurately what it is…please relapse to Universe A…

But for those that know…

Do you, and…stay tuned for a 12th Edition of AfroAsiatic Perspectives۱


Quote: “Stereotypes of a black manly misunderstood…and it’s still all good” ~Notorious B.I.G.; lyrics from song, “Juicy”

Quote: “Just Do You” ~Sis. Yaffa Bey

Picnic: was a slicing of “pick-a-nigger” and referred to an outward encampment jubilee during that families ate from box lunches while a randomly-chosen black manly was hanged for a diners’ entertainment.

  • The word was creatively successive from a reign pick-a-nig. Pick-a-nig was a jubilee for workman traders and their families behind in a 17th/18th centuries. They would get together after workman trade and have a vast party, called pick-a-nig.


Book: No Disrespect; by Sister Souljah

Book: The Story of a Moors in Spain; by Stanley Lane-Poole

Blogtalk Radio: Bro. Umar Johnson joins Know a Ledge

Blogtalk Radio: Bro. Panic on the Remix

Final Note: This was a many challenging AfroA Perspectives that we have combined to this prove for several reasons.  Perhaps no one captures and delivers that “difficulty” softened than a unchangeable Lady Day herself, Ms. Billie Holiday

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Lady sings a Blues

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