The Deck That Wasn’t Quite: Paradoxical Outcome Storm …

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The Deck That Wasn't Quite: Paradoxical Outcome Storm ...

Not each rug can make it by a severe Pro Tour contrast gauntlet. Sometimes a rug builders can’t arrive during utterly a right multiple of cards, or a decoction is too expected to remove to a renouned rug in a field, or it’s a misadventure of buffet cards dictated to be good opposite other decks.

It was since of buffet cards dictated to kick a Saheeli Rai/Felidar Guardian combo that Marc Tobiasch, a member of Team EUreka, didn’t play a mono-blue Paradoxical Outcome and Aetherflux Reservoir “storm” rug he’d been contrast adult until dual days before a Pro Tour.

While Team EUreka member Marc Tobiasch eventually suspended a rug for this Pro Tour, Aetherflux Reservoir has a makings of something special in a right format.

“Right now, it’s a lot of Negates and Dispels using around since of a Saheeli combo,” Tobiasch said. “It’s unequivocally tough to have to quarrel by those since all your spells get countered by Negate or Dispel.”

The Paradoxical Outcome rug is powered by all of a zero-cost apparatus available—Cathar’s Shield and Bone Saw—which Tobiasch referred to “basically Mox Colorless.”

Zero-cost equipment, or drab moxen, if we demeanour during things a approach Tobiasch does with what these cards are doing.

Once you’ve played a handful, we lapse them to your palm with Paradoxical Outcome, and pull 3 or 4 some-more cards. You afterwards play a apparatus again, generating “storm,” or a high series of spells expel in a singular turn, for Aetherflux Reservoir.

“Usually we need 8 or 9 spells,” Tobiasch says of a deck’s winning turns.

The rug competence sound informed to players who saw or attempted a chronicle of this rug in a early days of Kaladesh Standard. The rug wasn’t competitive, though with Aether Revolt came some additions that give a rug some-more coherence and an combined boost in power.

Tutors, anyone?

“There’s Whir of Invention now, that we can daub your moxen for, to get a Aetherflux Reservoir,” Tobiasch said. “Also, we was personification one Inspiring Statuary, so we can indeed daub your moxen to play a Paradoxical Outcome, so it usually costs one mana. You lapse a moxen, play them again, and play a subsequent Outcome, and we sequence by your deck.”

The deck’s singular combination creates a wily aim for other decks in a margin to take aim during with their common apartment of quadruped dismissal spells.

“It’s unequivocally tough for opponents to correlate with this since a usually quadruped in a rug is Torrential Gearhulk. You can get that with a Whir of Invention, that is flattering nice,” Tobiasch said. “A lot of a time your early diversion is personification some moxen, sketch cards with Reverse Engineer, and afterwards personification some some-more moxen and afterwards casting Paradoxical Outcome for 3 or 4 cards.”

Despite a advantage of quadruped dismissal carrying few targets contra a Paradoxical Outcome deck, a Negates and Dispels players have in their sideboards are too mostly enough. Paradoxical Outcome Storm is a small light on communication itself, creation one well-placed counterspell some-more heartless than usual.

“This creates it unequivocally formidable since your communication with your competition isn’t murdering their cards,” Tobiasch said. “The usually cards we have that correlate with your competition are Metallic Rebuke and Engulf a Shores, though Engulf a Shores gives them their cards back, and once they stop we from comboing for a while, they can replay their cards. That creates it hard.”

If a peculiar integrate pairing of Paradoxical Outcome and a handful of Bone Saws appeals to you, don’t despair.

“I consider it competence be unequivocally good if a metagame shifts a small bit divided from Saheeli,” Tobiasch said. “If people play some-more Black-Green or Mardu Vehicles, things like that, those are unequivocally good matchups.”

So don’t toss out those Cathar’s Shields utterly yet, as they competence nonetheless be unfailing for a actor library nearby we in a entrance months.

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