Drawing Hands by M.C. Escher

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Drawing Hands
M.C. Escher
11.1 in × 13.1 in

28.2 cm × 33.2 cm

Drawing Hands is a lithography by M.C. Escher that dates behind to a year 1948. This imitation shows a piece of paper where one can see wrists drawn. Out of these prosaic wrists, 3 dimensional hands come out, that reason a pencil any and seem to be sketch one another.


M.C. Escher is eminent for his innovative works of arts. He likes to make one demeanour into a sum of a prints and consider about what they meant and their middle explanations. Paradoxical acts are unequivocally common in Escher’s prints, and in Drawing Hands it is even some-more transparent and interesting, even yet a act itself is elementary from a extraneous indicate of view. The fact that he manages to make a one-dimensional partial turn a three-dimensional one is unequivocally fascinating and engaging to demeanour at. The lines upsurge in such a approach that it is indeed formidable to suppose how he managed to make them demeanour so healthy and realistic.

Article source: http://totallyhistory.com/drawing-hands/

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