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نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در ۲۳ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۶

Pricke of Conscience Window

The iconography
of a subsequent window is singular in European art. It is formed on an anonymous
Middle English poem called a Pricke of Conscience. The content of
a Pricke of Conscience was endangered with a final fifteen days of the
world. The window reads from bottom left to tip right with any of a final
days given a apart row with a Middle English content that paraphrases
a poem. The initial 9 panels are endangered with a earthy destruction
of a earth. This starts with a seas rising and descending and giving up
monsters that ‘make a resounding that is appalling to mans hearing.’ Then follows
a drop of buildings by an trembler (see a new-built spire of
All Saints falling), and a blazing of all earthy matter. The final panels
illustrate a predestine of fearful mankind, and a finish of all things. Men
censor in holes, rising usually to pray. Finally on a fourteenth day ‘all
that lives afterwards shall die, both children, group and women.’ The finish of things
comes, a stars tumble from a sky, a skeleton of a passed rise, and finally
a ‘the universe browns on each side’. As a name advise a window is intended
to be a moralistic call to repentance, so as a sign of this, in the
quatrefoil molding lights during a tip of a window, are dual panels that
uncover redeemed souls being let into sky by St Peter and a dammed being
taken to ruin by demons. It is suspicion that members of a Henryson and
Hessle families paid for this window. Both families, associated by marriage,
were among a freemen, who were a civic chosen of Gothic York. The kneeling
total of a families during a bottom of a window are quite expressive
and seem to demeanour on in fear during a events going on in a panels above.

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