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Paradoxical greeting to Benadryl? | allnurses<![CDATA[]]>


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    Out of curiosity, people that tend to have a enigmatic greeting to Benadryl where is creates them hyper instead of composed them…

    is there one track of administration that tends to give that greeting some-more than others?

    If a studious has that reaction, does that meant they can’t accept benadryl again?

    Is it a pointless occurrence or will it occur everytime that chairman takes that benadryl?


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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse

    I do. Unless I’m carrying an allergic greeting Benadryl 1/2 sip creates me hyper, full sip creates me even worse. Doesn’t matter if PO or IV.

    If I’m in a center of a greeting lonesome in hives a Benadryl does a pursuit and attacks a greeting though neurological/emotional side effect.

    It’s not an allergy though inauspicious effect. First detected when an desirous helper misread a station sequence in box of anesthesia greeting and slammed it in IV meditative it would composed me when we was concerned pre-procedure. My surgeon had never seen such a clever greeting No one has an allergic greeting to D5NS (the liquid that was running. Everything else would be given immediately pre-op or intra-op).

    In my box I’m excellent holding Benadryl if carrying an allergic reaction.

  4. by   JustBeachyNurse

  5. by   BethG73

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