Juried Art Galleries

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View and squeeze award-winning art.

View award-winning art inside a Anderson Center where 3 galleries showcase juried excellent art from some-more than 200 area artists. Shown are paintings, prints, drawings, photography, sculpture, and 3 dimensional artworks. Juried by veteran artists, usually a top peculiarity art is comparison to be displayed, either it is constructed by an determined artist, student, or rising artist. Awards are given to a top ranked art pieces in any media difficulty and a esteem winning pieces are concurred in any gallery. All art inside a galleries is offering for sale.

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Paintings, Prints, and Drawings Gallery
Hosting a collection of really different juror-selected work in this vast gallery, pieces of all sizes are displayed, from full scale to miniature. Paintings might be executed in acrylic, oil, watercolor, pastel or encaustic. Prints are constructed by methods such as woodblock, linocut, or etching. Drawings in pencil, charcoal, coop and ink, or conte are shown. Mixed media work is also mostly seen in this gallery.
Three Dimensional Artwork Gallery
This gallery displays design combined in a following media: clay/ceramic, glass, wood, metal, stone, and fiber/textile. Functional pieces, such as valuables and wooden bowls are shown, along with non-functional pieces like bronze sculpture and forged stone. Mixed media pieces are also found in this gallery.
Photography Gallery
Revealing a full progression of detailed techniques, enclosed in this gallery will be images that have been creatively manipulated, in further to some-more normal photography. Both tone and black and white photography are shown. Photographs displayed might be printed on paper and underneath glass, printed on canvas, or printed on metal.


1st Place $800
Presented by Dewar Meeks Ekrem PC CPAs and Business Consultants
Her Eyes Were Open/Vicki Des Jardin2nd Place – $500
Presented by Elizabeth Turner, Attorney during Law
Last Tango in Quartzite/Jim Matthew3rd Place – $300
Presented by Cheryl MacDonald and Jon Nelson
Boathouse Boardwalk/Robin WeissHonorable Mention – $150
Presented in Honor of my Dad, O.A. Bud Eklund with adore Suzanne Eklund
Old Dog, New Trick/Patrick Sanford

Honorable Mention – $150
Presented by Suzanne Ecklund and Pete Frame
Salt Creek Vista/Andy Eccleshall

Honorable Mention – $150
Presented by Joyful Art Foundation
Edo Ichimatsu Temariuta II/Naoko Morisawa

Honorable Mention – $150
Presented by Joyful Art Foundation
Emergent Properties: Heme Snowflakes/Deborah Baker

1st Place – $400
Presented by Axis Physical Therapy
Huck Gibbs and his Slug Umbrella/Val Paul Taylor

2nd Place – $300
Presented by Cascadia Art Museum
Urban Life Texture/Bonnie AuBuchon

3rd Place – $200
Presented by Axis Physical Therapy
Shopping Man Pooch/James McFarlane

Honorable Mention – $100
Presented by Interiors of Edmonds
Coeur et Fleur/Roxine McQuitty

1st Place – $400
Presented by Axis Physical Therapy
Ned/Michelle Friars2nd Place – $300
Presented by Tom Morgan
Great Horned Owl/Tim Jensen3rd Place – $200
Presented by Tom Morgan
Hi There!/Aron HartHonorable Mention – $100
Presented by Ken Reid and Barbara Norgaard-Reid
Hiding From a Monster/Laurie Miller

Miniatures Small Paintings
1st Place $300
Presented by Dewar Meeks Ekrem PC CPAs and Business Consultants
Early Evening/Lisa Snow Lady

2nd Place – $200
Presented by Michele R. Unger
Pepper Dance/Jackie Gilbert

3rd Place – $100
Presented by Susan Penning
Forties Fashion/Janis Graves

Honorable Mention – $50
Presented by Hamburger Harrys
Minus Tide/Merridy Shinn

Three Dimensional Art
1st Place – $800
Presented by Diane and Jim Cutts
Feminine Contours/Jon Schmidt

Second Place $500
Presented by Tom Morgan
On a Road/Dale W. Reiger

Third Place – $300
Presented by Phil Butler and Marni Muir
Black and White Vase with Hand Built Neck/Sam Scott

Honorable Mention #1 – $150
Presented by Michelle and Ron Clyborne, Coldwell Banker-Danforth
Sterling Silver Neckpiece/Bonnie AuBuchon

Honorable Mention #2 – $150
Presented by Brets, Inc.
The Phoenix Arising/Christopher Green

Honorable Mention #3 – $150
Presented by Ken Reid and Barbara Norgaard-Reid
Blue Men/Rick Holst

1st Place – $800
Presented by Phill Butler and Marni Muir
Windblown/Terri Vincent2nd Place – $500
In annoy of their early found leisure due to rising waters and gravitational change a condo cats seemed usually softly meddlesome in their surroundings/Alicia Savery3rd Place – $300
Presented by J. Rankin Jewellers
Butterfly Mirage/Keith FieldHonorable Mention – $150
Presented by Michelle and Ron Clyborne, Coldwell Banker- Danforth
Roosters in a Field/Kiah Helms

Overall Awards
Anne E. Sambataro Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship
Fairy/Jessica Phung

Mayor’s Choice (formerly Best of Edmonds) – $500
Presented by Mayor Dave and Sue Earling
Monreale Cloister/Henry Heerschap


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