Vanishing puzzles – Archimedes

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Vanishing puzzles - Archimedes


and rearranging tools of an picture can furnish a illusion
that a partial of it magically disappeared. Actually, early
counterfeiting experts used this elementary complement of skillfully
cutting a series of particular records (say, 9 notes) in order
to eventually finish adult with adequate pieces to form a 10th note,
as shown in a blueprint below.

puzzles (we’ve renamed them ‘stereophanic puzzles’)
exist for 5 centuries… though they still continue to amaze
puzzle fans! These kind of enigmatic puzzles engage the
rearranging of tools of a drawing, so that, once a rearrangement
is completed, a apportionment of a sketch disappears or reappears
when a pieces are put behind into their strange order. One
of a many famous disappear nonplus was Sam Loyd’s “Get
Off a Earth” nonplus done in 1896. Another early example
is a vanishing

hope you’ll suffer some various and novel declining puzzles
featured in this and a subsequent pages!

The Japanese

this page. Then, cut out a 3 pieces A, B, C below
and lay them out in sequence to make one additional bird appear…

Click here to
solve a birds nonplus online!

1996-2007, Sarcone Waeber, Genova
(This picture is taken from the book Eye

 solution +
more sparkling disappear puzzles

Journal #2

Features 11 vanish puzzle drawings and models,
and endless 10-page explanations

PDF version: €3.00


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