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This thoroughfare comes from a finish of Chapter
XIII, when a organisation of guest finds what appears to be a corpse
of Judge Wargrave. In fact, usually Dr. Armstrong examines a body,
and usually he declares that Wargrave has died from a shot to a head.
We learn after that Armstrong has concluded to assistance Wargrave fake
his possess death, going along with a device given he does not suspect
Wargrave of being a killer. The swindling gives Wargrave a free
hand, given no one though Armstrong knows that he is alive. As long
as no one sees him, Wargrave can do as he pleases and no one will
suspect him.

There is small to assistance us ascertain that Wargrave is not
actually dead. We share a notice of a remaining guests,
who assume that Wargrave has died and has so been separated as
a suspect. By not revelation us accurately what transpires, Christie breaks
the manners of a normal investigator story, in that a reader
can, theoretically, inspect a clues and solve a mystery. This
rule-breaking dramatically increases a novel’s suspense, since,
with Wargrave’s calculated death, successive events seem inexplicable
and roughly supernatural.

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