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Deep defective epigastric artery perforator (DIEP) strap medicine for autologous breast reformation involves a send of a patient’s possess skin and subcutaneous tissues from a reduce abdominal wall to a chest to form a breast mound. The advantage of a DIEP strap technique is that a operation spares a rectus muscle, that formula in fewer complications and a faster lapse to normal activities [1].

The arterial supply to a reduce abdominal wall is from a low defective epigastric artery (DIEA) and a perforator branches that pass by a rectus flesh to strech a subcutaneous fat and skin. Selecting a apportionment of a reduce abdominal wall to use for a DIEP strap is formed on a location, morphology and distance of a perforating arteries present. Because a vascular anatomy of a abdominal wall varies severely both between people and between a right and left stomach within an individual, pre-operative imaging facilitates a surgical ratiocination by permitting a preference of a area of a reduce abdominal wall with a best arterial supply to use for a breast reformation [2]. CT angiography (CTA) with three-dimensional (3D) picture reformation has been successfully implemented for a pre-operative formulation of DIEP strap breast reconstructive surgery. Pre-operative accessibility of 3D reconstructed CT images improves user outcomes and shortens operation times [3-5]. The objectives of this essay are to examination a arterial anatomy of a maiden abdominal wall, report a facilities used to name a perforator artery for DIEP strap medicine and benefaction a CT scanning and picture post-processing protocol.

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