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Contemporary Watercolor

Aquachrome was final presented as partial of a lauch of a Fresh Paint biennial in 2013. We are gratified to announce a reinstatement as a permanent component of a biennial, and demeanour brazen to showcasing and documenting works of watercolor, alongside a wider spectrum of painting, each dual years.

Quite presumably a oldest form of painting, watercolor persists today, defying slight categorization and extended stereotype. Practiced for centuries in judgment growth rough to ‘finished’ paintings done in oil or other scale-worthy durable media, watercolor also found preference with botanists, illustrators, and portraitists, and was practical to sundry and large surfaces.

The inlet of a media itself represents a ethereal and compulsory transparency, fluidity, and a power for fluent spontaneity. This not usually creates it an ideal car for contemporary art, though also one of training, intensity, philosophy, and play for any who use it. Where an artist can simply browbeat other portrayal media, forcing a will by gelatinous layers into a work of art like taming a furious horse, with watercolor there is dialog, compromise, and definite forthrightness. In this approach a artist practicing watercolor works with a tiger in a room.

For this vaunt 44 artists from 24 states, Australia, and Canada submitted 142 works for consideration. Thirteen works by a following 9 artists from 5 states, and Canada were comparison by a blind jury routine for display in a gallery and a Manifest Exhibition Annual publication.

Presenting works by:

Nat Borges
Sarasota, Florida

Corey Drieth
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pauline Goldsmith
Miami, Florida

Soyoung Jung
West Lafayette, Indiana

Emily Kaelin
Cincinnati, Ohio

J. Li
Brooklyn, New York

Harriet Livathinos
Kingston, New York

Yeachin Tsai
Troy, New York

Scott Waters
Toronto, Canada






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