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I had examination a examination of this book on a Arts Letters Daily website (originally from 13 Mar 2012 _National Post_). we was awaiting a common high peculiarity of essay that is in many books reviewed on AL Daily. This book is towards a reduce finish of a peculiarity scale, for a book in English. The interpretation is glorious (the translator, Steven Randall contingency be a genius) though it can't censor a underlying impression of a strange French that is evil of so many complicated French philosophy–grandiose, sweepingly general, blending a ubiquitous with a sold and deducing a ubiquitous from a tiny representation of particulars, and pile of epitome nouns doing avocation as agents and objects of action. As a arrange of diversion for a certain form of irascible sociologist this might good be interesting. But for someone severely meddlesome in a theme that a pretension promises, _The Paradox of Love_ is unfulfilling, unrequited.

The book was creatively published in France as _Le Paradoxe Amoureux_.

A deputy representation of a book is given by a following thoroughfare (Kindle plcae 555):

“The success enjoyed by a author like Michael Houllebecq, with his multiple of black humor, can be explained in this way: he has combined a arrange of general association of losers in love, and suggested a distortion of hedonism, that is one form of feudalism among others. He has supposing a voice to those though a voice, only as Woody Allen has finished in his early films that uncover a homely holding punish on playboys.”

or this (location 546):
“Seduction, like beauty in Calvinism, is a classification machine. In a many common training knowledge in a world, we learnt that we am not always preferred by those we desire, desired by those we love, and that we never this star as a intensity reject.”

This book is positively a intensity reject, and something that we re-learnt from it can be explained like this: not each book that we wanted to like do we indeed like.

The book is frustrating in that there are many good ideas in it, including some in a quotes above, though they are not grown fully, they are played with and dreaming from by a too visit insertion of irrelevant and unnecessary, and mostly plain wrong analogies and side remarks.

In a good classification appurtenance that is rendezvous with literature, and like beauty in Catholicism, this book sits between sky and hell, somewhere in a limbo inhabited by pretended complicated French philosophers. If this settlement seems harsh, afterwards another approach of putting it is that in a good classification appurtenance of humour, 50% of a calm of this book during slightest would fit ideally into a Pseud’s Corner mainstay in _Private Eye_.

I suggest not shopping this book. Instead cruise a _Essays_ of Michel de Montaigne.


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