Mat Chivers

نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 20 دسامبر 2017

Concept, artistic instruction and choreography: Mat Chivers
Performed by: Marika Leila Roux and Gestalta Judd
Costume: Vic Hare and Mat Chivers
Sound: Moire

Traditionally, Shibari is a ritualised form of amorous bondage, a energy sell between a chairman being firm and a one contracting – a Kinbakushi.
Natural jute ropes are used to remodel and intensify aspects of a physique of a tied individual, mostly heading to a physique being dangling above a ground
in a warped viewpoint regulating a network of weaves and knots

In Circle Drawing, wire is transposed with a same twine ocular cabling that is used to broadcast information by tellurian networks. Over a duration of time the
Kinbakushi binds her partner, solemnly elevating her from a floor, to cessation only above a ground. As a receiver is firm she attempts to pull a circle
on a building with a square of raw, red ochre pigment. This charge becomes increasingly formidable as a opening progresses, distorting a figure of a circle

A live sound work grown in partnership with eminent writer MOIRE, featuring a harmonic exaggeration of electronic beats and samples, underpins a earthy events as they unfold

Circle Drawing hints during paradoxical aspects of a tellurian condition and a entanglements with other life stories such as a opportunities and stipulations that our
increasing faith on record presents, joined with a inherited enterprise for a harmonic attribute with a sourroundings that we are dependant on for a survival

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