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Glossary of Literary Terms  – finish alphabetical list

Terms Related to Types of Poetry




ballad stanza

concrete poem



dramatic monologue





heroic couplet





occasional poem



Petrarchan sonnet

prose poem


rhyme royal



Shakespearean sonnet

slam poetry


spoken word movement


allegory – a form of poem where a settlement of black is used to tell a story within a story

aubade – a hymn poem about morning or a rising sun

ballad – a account poem revelation a story a chairman or eventuality mostly about adore customarily told in rhymed stanzas and that includes a steady refrain.  Ballads are mostly sung.

ballad stanza – a hymn of 4 lines (quatrain) with a second and fourth lines rhyming

concrete poem – a poem whose difference or letters are laid out on a page to simulate a thesis of a poem.

confessional – a form of poem that reveals rarely personal experiences

dramatic monologue – a hymn poem where a orator expresses crafty emotions or ideas to wordless listeners.

elegy – a hymn poem that mourns a genocide of a sold person

epic – a account poem that tells a story of a good journey or conflict and that involves humans of well-developed status such as kings who mostly have higher strength or skills or includes gods. The formula of a journey or conflict or fight has extreme consequences over a predestine of a participants mostly for an whole nation or kingdom

epigram – a brief crafty poem creation a pointed, infrequently paradoxical, observation

haiku – a form of Japanese hymn with 3 lines that are not rhymed and that have five, seven, and 5 syllables customarily involving some aspect of nature.

hip-hop – low-pitched hymn that uses rhyme, exercise of sounds and phases

lyric – a form of communication that expresses feelings or observations

meditation – a hymn poem that starts by watching a specific intent and afterwards sketch some philosophical inferences

narrative – a form of communication that tells a story

occasional poem – hymn communication created about an occasion

ode – a hymn poem explicating a attributes or aspects of inlet or a specific intent or vital quadruped such as “Ode to a Nightingale.” Uses formidable hymn patterns.

pastoral – a hymn poem that observes a elementary pleasures of farming life

Petrarchan sonnet – a hymn poem about unattainable love

prose poem – is communication created in communication instead of regulating hymn though preserving elegant qualities such as heightened imagery and romantic effect

rap – outspoken character of behaving hip-hop verse

rhyme royal – a elegant form regulating 7 line stanzas in iambic pentameter with a rhyme settlement of ababbcc.

sestet – a poem or hymn of 6 lines in a poem

sestina – a thirty-nine line poem consisting of 6 six-line stanzas with a three-line hymn (tercet) during a end

Shakespearean sonnet – a lyric that has 3 four-line stanzas (quatrains) and a two-line hymn (couplet)

slam communication – a rival art of opening poetry

sonnet – a fourteen-line poem in iambic pentameter with a delicately patterned rhyme scheme

villanelle – a nineteen-line poem of 5 three-line stanzas (tercets) followed by a four-line hymn (quatrain) and that includes dual repeating rhymes and dual refrains

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