نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 03 ژانویه 2018

Since a pregnancy in 1969, FIRST STREET GALLERY has hold juried exhibitions for nonmember artists, both U.S. and unfamiliar based. These shows yield emerging, mid-career and determined talent with bearing to a New York City art community. In presenting their work, artists are afforded an eventuality to accept vicious examination and encourage open bargain and appreciation of art.

National Juried Exhibition

Initiated decades ago, a annual National Juried Exhibition is open to nonmember U.S. proprietor artists, operative in a different operation of dual and 3 dimensional media. Prominent artists and art historians, museum and gallery curators, and art critics such as Jed Perl, Lance Esplund, David Cohen, Dore Ashton, Donald Kuspit, Paul Resika, Lori Bookstein and Peter Colon have all recently juried a shows.

Entry deadline: Apr 3, 2018.

Our juror for 2018 is Ronnie Landfield, an American epitome painter associated with Lyrical Abstraction, in sold Color Field painting. He is represented in open and private collections including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a Museum of Modern Art, a Whitney Museum of American Art, a Art Institute of Chicago, a Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, among others.

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MFA National Competition

Realizing in 2010 that MFA possibilities and new graduates from opposite a republic had small eventuality to uncover their work or entrance a New York art world, FIRST STREET GALLERY took action. We combined an sparkling new venue, a MFA National Competition, juried any year by a distinguished member of a art world. The Juror selects a country’s many gifted immature artists to vaunt their work in a 3 week exhibition, that attracts critics, collectors and a art community. Past Jurors are: Susanna Coffey, John Yau, Phong Bui, Asya Geisberg, David A. Ross and Dorothea Rockburne.

Entry closed.

Our juror for 2017 was Dorothea Rockburne, Artist, Guggenheim Fellow, Collections: MOMA, MMA, The Guggenheim Museum, among many others.

PopUp Series

In Jan 2014, FIRST STREET GALLERY launched a initial PopUp Series hold over 3 uninterrupted weekends for 3 constant days. The Gallery curates adult to 8 nonmember artists for any eventuality giving participants an eventuality to showcase a estimable series of works. The subsequent PopUp Series will be in Jan 2018.

Entry closed.

Article source: http://www.firststreetgallery.org/juried-shows/

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