Paradoxical Art: Self Healing Tape

نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 20 ژانویه 2018

Self Healing Tape is enigmatic in design, permitting we to make things seem damaged even yet they aren’t.

I recently lonesome a fun and innovative Nature V2.0 chair by Dream Me a Sheep that is so crafty in itself. But a designers during Dream Me a Sheep are constantly anticipating intelligent and smart ways to reintroduce aged product concepts. One of their new designs is Self Healing Tape. It’s a new take on an aged design: tape.

Tape, for a past 70 or so years, has only been this transparent cosmetic things that allows a user to hang things together. Great job. Not until a final integrate of years, though, have designers pronounced to themselves, because cant we imitation something on a fasten to have a fasten make a statement? Why not indeed.

What Draw Me a Sheep has answered with is a transparent fasten with a pointless moment settlement printed on to a fasten to make any intent that receives a fasten demeanour damaged (see vase above). Now, because competence we wish something to demeanour broken? For fun, perhaps? I’d adore to send a benefaction to my mom with this fasten on it. She’d get a flog out of it, I’d think.

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