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نوشته شده در موضوع خرید اینترنتی در 22 ژانویه 2018

Instantly Intuitive Interface

If we can take a selfie, we can record in with ZoOm.

Simply core your face in a oval and pierce a phone a few inches closer to your face. As we nbsp”ZoOm”nbsp in, a front-facing camera captures high-resolution video frames of your face that are now processed into biometric data.

Unlike easy-to-steal passwords, fingerprints or 2D images, ZoOm significantly increases confidence by ensuring your face is 3D and measures countless liveness attributes.

ZoOm, for a initial time, creates mobile biometric authentication fast, easy and impossibly secure.

Try a Free ZoOm Login app for iOS/Android devices, or supplement ZoOm to your possess app with the Developer SDK.

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