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In my bureau we have a card intent that produces a “wow” outcome for many visitors. It’s a “reverspective”, and a demonstrations here can't come even tighten to a overwhelming existence of a effect. we bought that indication during a “Turm der Sinne” when we gave a speak there and managed to pierce it home though repairs (it’s only cardboard) and afterwards delicately fabricated it.

What to do

The film (©Fergus Sullivan, with kind permission) conveys a small of a impression. While it runs, a intent clearly distorts. What does it demeanour like, anyway? Somewhat like 3 corridors heading into a depth, and a whole arrangement rotates a little. Seen from tip it appears to have this (green) profile:

In reality, a abyss is inverted. This can be seen during a unequivocally commencement and finish of a film (stop it there for closer inspection).
There it looks unequivocally different, and that’s what it unequivocally looks like:

three truncated pyramids, though with wily hardness embellished on them. What seems to lead divided from a spectator (the corridors) indeed points toward her. Seen from a top, a whole intent has a following form (in blue).


The film illustrates what is famous as “Reverspective”, brief for “reverse perspective”, a tenure that was, we believe, coined by Patrick Hughes. While a pyramids are fluctuating out towards a viewer, a portrayal or hardness on them is done increasingly smaller, as it would start with augmenting distance. Our visible complement sees this stretch change, and “size constancy” kicks in, viewpoint is assumed, though in a wrong direction.

Once a abyss is inverted, a ostensible suit or exaggeration is only due to geometry: suit parallax shifts tighten objects relations to apart objects when we pierce sideways. Inversely, position of objects is deduced from their parallax. When a abyss is inverted, a suit inverts too. Yes, this is a involved explanation.

When one does not only see a movie, though a genuine reverspective object, a outcome becomes some-more striking: when one moves sideways, a intent seems to turn alive and stagger by itself (in a conflicting direction). Real objects, when assembled right, can simply be seen in different depth. It works best if one covers one eye, afterwards there is no counterbalance between stereovision (what we ascertain from a slight differences in a images of a dual eyes) and (inverted) perspective. In fact, if we are watching a good rebirth viewpoint portrayal in a book (thus from a brief distance), a viewed abyss of a picture can be severely extended by shutting one eye.

I strongly advise that we viewpoint a genuine reverspective object. Either buy one, or build one, subsequent we give sources.

Reverspective is closely associated to a “hollow mask” illusion, though there a abyss inversion is even some-more constrained since a face percept is “stronger” afterwards a believe that abyss is inverted. The small dragon from “gathering for Gardener” is another lovable example.

The subsequent film (again from Fergus Sullivan) helps to conclude a inverted abyss by including an whole 3d room scene.


Ben Backus has combined a pleasing model (©1999) of a reverspective “cube illusion” for self-assembly

Norman D Cook’s website with a series of systematic references,   his “brief story of retreat perspective”

Dultz W (1984) Bust of a Tyrant: an visual illusion. Appl Opt 23:200–203

Patrick Hughe’s website,   his reverspective page

Fergus Sullivan’s website

Wade NH, Hughes P (1999) Fooling a eyes: trompe l’oeil and retreat perspective. Perception 28:1115–1119
Model for self-assemembly (PDF) , Mondrian movie

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Lens Perspective. Distortion and a face.

نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 27 ژانویه 2015
Lens Perspective. Distortion and the face.

Lens Perspective. Distortion and a face.

Lenses and perspective,
or exaggeration on a face for beauty.

Q. Why do we use prolonged lenses and what’s a advantage or disadvantage
for it?

A. we use them since a concede for a some-more gentle working
distance, and some-more importantly, they lessen exaggeration of a face and the
compression allows for a some-more graceful perspective. What does that mean? well
the best and fastest approach to see it is to initial click here STRIPPAGE
and review that, it says what is subsequent here as well, though offers dual views
to select from as good as incomparable images to compare, they are all from a camera,
no retouching, usually thing was a serve of a content to brand that focal
length was used for each.


OK Real World Numbers

On a 35mm full support 24mm x 36mm chip or square of film.

I use them since a concede for a some-more gentle operative distance, and more
importantly, they lessen exaggeration of a face and a application allows
for a some-more graceful perspective.

Lens tip to subject, not creation stipend for credentials here.

Lens tip to subject  7 feet

300mm     11inches

200mm     17inches

135mm     24inches

85mm       40inches

50mm       65inches
average conduct from  tip of conduct to chin 10 1/2 inches

1 in. above conduct to pap line of normal vast (tall) woman,

average 6′2inch male,  18 1/2 inches

Now realize,  if a credentials were behind them by several 3 1/2 feet
the angle of viewpoint would meant if we gave 1 in. conduct clearway your picture would
have approximately 5 inches above a conduct in frame.

Look during my work and a tighten adult face shots for some good examples of long
lenses and a flattened face we all contend is benefaction and tell me if a bigger
nose and serve backset ears would be improved for you.

By comparison a 50MM on a same 35MM format Full Frame gives a following
realize that a full face as settled above from tip of a conduct to a chin is
10 1/2 inches we would need to be roughly though not utterly 1 feet from a subject
just to fit a whole conduct in frame, and closer if we stand into a conduct at

50mm ___24inches during 3 feet 36inches

50mm____17inches during 2 feet or 24inches

50mm ____9.5inches during 1 feet or 12inches

I advise we try this during a subsequent shoot. Take a len maybe a wizz is best,
and fire a same true on face shot during a widest we can get (maybe 24mm)
than again during contend 35mm, than during 50mm than during 100mm than during a longest we can
get maybe 200 or improved 300mm and keep a framing of a conduct and face the
same for all shots, that’s critical to see this easily. It does not take a
lot of room unequivocally if we are sharpened a face tip to bottom, so we do not need
a outrageous studio to try this. Important things to do is keep a same framing of
the face for all shots and keep a lighting a same for all a shots, you
may need an prolongation tube or tighten adult step to keep a same framing on all
shots with all a lenses as some might not concede we to concentration as tighten as you
would need too.

Next with a face in a same framing, demeanour by a images one by one
to see a face change dramatically. That will make we some-more wakeful of what to
look for, and also establish what your preferences are. OR

Yes, relocating in closer allows for we to lie viewpoint during times, as there
is no anxiety to go by, though in ubiquitous if their is a anxiety like a nose,
ears, eyes, forehead, there is viewpoint that alters and a spectator can see
it, it might be what we want, or it might not, we select how to use it and for
what purpose. There is no right or wrong, usually what we wish to grasp and
get opposite to a viewer.

here is a tiny chronicle of whats on a other pages related several times above

For some-more detailed explanation of a effects check this good blog:




©Stephen Eastwood 2008

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طراحی چهره متین(تک برگ)

نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 12 ژانویه 2015
طراحی چهره متین(تک برگ)

پرسپکتیو به سه دسته یک نقطه ای، دو نقطه ای و سه نقطه ای تقسیم می شود:


  پرسپکتیو یک نقطه ای (موازی): اگر خطوط موازی جسم، یکدیگر را فقط در یک نقطه (نقطه گریز) قطع کنند پرسپکتیو یک   نقطه ای تشکیل می شود. تعداد نقاط گریز را می توان برحسب نیاز برروی خط افق افزایش داد، اما در پرسپکتیو یک نقطه ای نباید از تقاطع خطوط موازی ای که به این نقاط میرسند برای رسم یک جسم کمک بگیریم و طرح را بین آنها محاط کنیم. درغیراینصورت پرسپکتیو چند نقطه ای داریم. ازاین نوع پرسپکتیو می توان برای طراحی داخلی ساختمان یا خودرو، طبیعت، طراحی بدنه خودرو از نمای جانب و یا بطور کلی، مواردی که از یک جهت به مدل نگاه می کنیم استفاده کرد.




  پرسپکتیو دو نقطه ای (گوشه ای): اگر خطوط موازی یک جسم، در دو نقطه روی خط افق بهم برسند، پرسپکتیو دو نقطه ای تشكيل مي شود. یکی از مشخصه های پرسپکتیو دو نقطه ای، عمود بودن حداقل یکی اضلاع جسم بر دید ناظر می باشد، که ازین مشخصه برای طراحی مکعب محاطی استفاده می کنیم.

در پرسپکتیو چند نقطه ای باید به فاصله ی نقاط گریز، زوایای بین خطوط و فاصله طرح از نقاط گریز(رعایت فاصله طرح از نقطه گریز را در بخش مکعب محاطی مطالعه کنید)  بسیار توجه کرد. توجه کنید که نقاط گریز می توانند خارج از کاغذ قرار گیرند ولی حتماً باید روی خط افق باشند. زوایا در پرسپکتیو با سطح دو بعدی متفاوت است. برای مثال، ممکن است زاویه ای در پرسپکتیو 90 درجه باشد اما اگر با نقاله آن را اندازه بگیریم 40 درجه نشان دهد! برای درک این مطلب به تصاویر زیر توجه کنید.


پرسپکتیو سه نقطه ای: طرح بین خطوطی موازی که به دو نقطه گریز برروی افق و یک نقطه گریز در بالا (یا پایین) آن میرسند، محاط می شود. در این نوع پرسپکتیو، خطوطِ عمودی برخلاف دو نوع دیگر دارای نقطه گریز هستند. استفاده از پرسپکتیو سه نقطه ای، بیشتر برای نشان دادن ارتفاع و یا عمق مدل است. به عبارت ساده تر، هنگامی که ارتفاع یا عمق مدل برایمان مهم باشد از این نوع پرسپکتیو کمک می گیریم. در نتیجه می توان از آن برای طراحی ساختمان های بلند، بار تریلرو… استفاده کرد.

پرسپکتیو معکوس: همانطور که از نامش پیداست، فاصله بین خطوط موازی با فاصله گرفتن از ناظر، برعکس پرسپکتیو معمولی زیادتر می شود! بدیهی ست که این نوع پرسپکتیو از نظر علمی امکان پذیر نیست اما گاهی استفاده از آن به زیبایی برخی از انواع طراحی یا نقاشی کمک میکند. پرسپکتیو معکوس برای طراحی صنعتی کاربرد ندارد.


  پرسپکتیو و نـحوه طراحـی از تصاویر: اگر قصد طراحی از تصویر یک مجله یا کتاب را داریم ابتدا بایستی خط افق را پیدا کنیم. برای این منظور، خطوط موازی – که محیط تصویراند – را امتداد می دهیم تا نقاط گریز را پیدا شوند، سپس با کشیدن خطی راست بین نقاط، خط افق بدست می آید. توجه کنید که تمامی این خطوط کمکی هستند و باید بصورت کمرنگ ترسیم شوند. پس از پیدا کردن نقاط گریز، خط افق، اضلاع عمود بر دید ناظر(پرسپکتیو دو نقطه ای) و…اقدام به کشیدن تصویر میکنیم.


اگر در تصویر بجای خطوط راست و موازی، منحنی هایی وجود داشت، آن جسم را کاملاً در جعبه ای محاط می کنیم و خطوط موازی جعبه را امتداد می دهیم.


اصول فاصله در پرسپکتیو: همانطور که گفته شد،درپرسپکتیو بایستی تصویر را بصورت سه بعدی کشید و عمق آن را به بیننده نشان داد. برای نشان دادن عمق، بایستی خطوط را حول محور عمود بر آن ها چرخاند و به سمت نقطه گریز هدایت کرد. بدیهی ست که این عمل موجب کوتاه تر دیده شدن خط می شود. برای مثال ممکن است فاصله ای که در سطح دو بعدی 10 سانتی متر است، در پرسپکتیو به 8، 5 و یا 1سانتی متر تبدیل شود! این تقلیل فاصله با زاویه رابطه عکس دارد. به عبارت دیگر، هرچه خط را بیشتر بچرخانیم و زاویه آن را با افق بیشتر کنیم، طول خط کوتاه تر بنظر می رسد. برای درک بهتر این موضوع به تصویر زیر دقت کنید.


فاصله بین اجسام مشابه و متوالی: تیرهای چراغ برق، تراورسهای(خطوطی عمود بر ریل که از جنس چوب، بتن، فلز و…ساخته میشوند.) ریل راه آهن و موارد مشابه، که بصورت متوالی و در فاصله های مساوی ازهم قرار گرفته و می توان آنها را تا دوردست ادامه داد، مدلی خوب برای نمایش پرسپکتیو بشمار می روند. براي رعايت فاصله آن ها و یا تعیین فاصله چرخهای خودرو از يكديگر، از روش زیر استفاده میکنیم. بعنوان مثال در تیرهای چراغ برق، ابتدا تير را در مکان دلخواه و دربين خطوط كمكي محاط مي كنيم، تیر دوم را با توجه به مقیاس و اصول فاصله در پرسپکتیو میکشیم. خطی کمکی را از وسط تیرها به سمت نقطه گریز رسم میکنیم. سپس از گوشه تير اول به مرکز تیر دوم (محل تقاطع خط میانی با تیر) خطی راهنما می کشیم و آن را ادامه می دهیم. تقاطع این خط با زمین، مکان تیر سوم را نشان می دهد و تكرار اين عمل مكان قرارگيري تيرهاي بعدي را مشخص مي كند. در این روش دقیق تمامی فاصله ها و اندازه ها حفظ خواهد شد.


رسم صفحه شطرنج در پرسپکتیو یک نقطه ای: صفحه شطرنج، صفحه ای ست مربع شکل که درون آن از مربع های کوچک و هم انداره پوشیده شده. از این مطلب بیشتر دانشجوهای رشته معماری استفاده می کنند. اما آموختن آن به اطلاعات شما در بخش پرسپکتیو می افزاید و شما را تواناتر می کند.


 ابتدا صفحه مربع شکل اصلی را رسم می کنیم، که برای رسم آن میتوان از اصول فاصله در پرسپکتیو کمک گرفت. ضلع نزدیکتر را – توسط نقاطی راهنما- به اندازه های دلخواه و مساوی تقسیم کرده (حساس ترین قسمت کار، تقسیم ضلع توسط نقاطی راهنما ست) و آن ها را به سمت نقطه گریز هدایت می کنیم. در گام بعد، یکی از قطرهای صفحه اصلی (مربع) را می کشیم. سپس در محل تقاطع قطر مربع با خطوط رسم شده، خطوطی عمود بر آن ها رسم می کنیم. بدین ترتیب صفحه شطرنجی شکل می گیرد.


رسم صفحه شطرنج در پرسپکتیو دو نقطه ای: رسم صفحه شطرنج در پرسپکتیو دو نقطه ای ساده تر از بخش قبلی ست. برای این منظور، پس از رسم صفحه مربع شکل اصلی، مانند بخش قبل، توسط نقاطی راهنما یکی از اضلاع – نزدیک – مربع را به فاصله های دلخواه و مساوی، تقسیم می کنیم (در این بخش باید به تقسیم کردن ضلع توسط نقاط راهنما دقت کرد.) و آن ها را تا نقطه گریز مقابلش ادامه می دهیم. سپس، قطر صفحه اصلی را رسم کرده و محل تقاطعِ این قطر با خطوط رسم شده را به سمت نقطه گریز دیگر امتداد می دهیم.

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پرسپکتیو داخلی | گالری عکس

نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 08 ژانویه 2015

در آذر ۲۳, ۱۳۹۳

در عکاسی حرفه ای

یک نظر بدهید
73 بازدید


KING WPP 1920x1200 (118) KING WPP 1920x1200 (122) KING WPP 1920x1200 (121) KING WPP 1920x1200 (123) KING WPP 1920x1200 (124)

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نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 06 ژانویه 2015

مداد رنگی

مدادرنگی نوعی مداد است که مغزی ِ آن اثر رنگی بر جای می‌گذارد.

مغزی مداد، بخش استوانه‌ای شکل و باریک آن است که از رنگدانه (ماده رنگی) فشرده، نوعیموم و کائولین (یک نوع خاک رس) ترکیب شده‌است. مغزی مدادرنگی برخلاف مداد گرافیتدرجه‌بندی زیادی از نظر سختی ندارد و نسبتا نرم است.

کاغذهای مناسب برای مداد رنگی متنوعند. به جز کاغذهای صیقلی (کاغذ گلاسه) و کاغذهای خیلی زبر می‌توان از هر کاغذی استفاده کرد، از کاغذهای بسیار مرغوب گرفته تا کاغذهای بسته‌بندی. کاغذهای مرغوب ضخیم هستند و بافت کاملا فشرده دارند. حتی کاغذهای رنگی، به ویژه کم‌رنگ نیز برای نقاشی با مدادرنگی بسیار مناسبند. بسته به درشتی بافت کاغذ و پرزهای آن، اثر هنری حالت متفاوتی به خود می‌گیرد.

نمونه از طراحی مداد رنگی روی مقوای اشتنباخ 

مداد آبرنگی

مداد آبرنگی نوعی از مداد رنگی است که می‌توان با قلم موی نقاشی مرطوب رنگ آن را مانند آبرنگ روی کاغذ پخش کرد.

ویژگی نقاشی با مداد آبرنگی این است که اثر هم حالت آبرنگ را دارد، و هم ردّ مداد رنگی دیده می‌شود.

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تاپ ناپ – Top Nop

نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 06 ژانویه 2015
تاپ ناپ - Top Nop


پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

پرسپکتیو و عکس های دیدنی (16 عکس)

با عرض پوزش تعدادي از عكس ها بدليل مغايرت با قوانين ستاد ساماندهي سايت هاي اينترنتي حذف شده اند

لطفا کمي صبر کنيد…

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The Helpful Art Teacher: MORE ON DRAWING FACES

نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 03 ژانویه 2015
The Helpful Art Teacher: MORE ON DRAWING FACES

The welfare next shows a simple proportions of a tellurian face. Notice that a eyes are in a middle, not a tip of a head. The chairman looks like an egg conduct since a hair is missing. Most students, before to instruction, place a eyes and a hair too distant adult on a head.

This glorious video explains how believe of suit is a initial step towards being means to pull portraits.

Basic proportions of a tellurian face

Look by magazines or a Internet to find photographs of people to draw.

Face turned 3/4 view

Pencil sketch by a 6th class boy

Pencil sketch by a 6th class boy
Pencil sketch by a 6th class boy

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Now that you’ve drawn picturesque faces it’s time to examination with animation faces. Try regulating exaguration and exaggeration as an fluent tool.

Self mural with masks 

James Ensor 1899

Caricatures and doodles on a register used during a Transit of Venus Committee assembly during a Royal Society in 1882. Individuals identified embody (left to right): Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, third Marquess of Salisbury, primary minister; George Carey Foster, chemist and physicist; Alexander William Williamson, chemist; Sir William Henry Mahoney Christie, astronomer; Warren de la Rue, chemist and astronomer; Thomas Henry Huxley, biologist; John Ball, glaciologist; Sir George Gabriel Stokes, physicist; and William Grylls Adams, scientist
From a sketchbook of  Edgar Degas

Orchestra of a Opera, 1869, by Edgar Degas


A Face In The Crowd from Rachel Wintemberg on Vimeo.
Drawings and animations by McGinnis School students.
Inventory of facial expressions by a 6th class student

Crowd of people by a 7th class student
Crowd of People by 6th class student
Crowd of People by 6th class student

Crowd of people by 5th class student

Face shading a 3/4 incited conduct step by step

Below are dual pictures, by a artist William Hogarth, of crowds of people

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نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 03 ژانویه 2015

by Takuan Amaru

“His Story” of a Black Man in a Americas

Part I: Empathize

I suspicion about a black organisation who incited their heads during labour as if they didn’t know a white master was raping their wife, daughter, sister, and even mother. we attempted to know what it was that gives black organisation a ability to contend and do zero while they are being so apparently violated…. Were they cowards or usually survivors?” ~Sister Souljah; from a novel, “No Disrespect”

Could a same sentiments be spoken in 2011 about a state of Black Manhood?

Before and After Civil Rights

Well, things competence not be perfect, though we contingency admit, we have come a prolonged way” ~politically scold view


Is there any difference in how adult, black males “say and do nothing” while Oscar Grant, Shawn Bell or Aiyana Stanley Jones are murdered in a open eye and when innocent, black lady such as Emmitt Till were lynched in a open square?

Today, maybe it is unfit for us to entirely grasp usually how many “strange fruit” was unresolved (rotting) on trees all around a US. Put it this way, it was to a indicate where a categorical middle of communication, a English denunciation itself, was forced to emanate suitable idioms of countenance for this ‘peculiar culture’.

Brief “Crackanalysis” of Language

The ‘cracka’ was a masculine who churned a slaves on a plantation. Most times a masculine who cracked his whip was a lower-class, white supervisor or foreman, however, infrequently a cracka was a melanin-rich masculine who felt vigour to spin conflicting his own.

It has been famous for years that a origins of a word ‘picnic’ were secure in a Jim Crow epoch lynchings. These unchanging afternoon gatherings became family-fun-filled events when some of a local, “good ol’ boys” would go out and “pick-a-ni**er”…

…to be lynched.

Men, women and children of all ages would accumulate for these execrable eyeglasses to declare a (usually) black masculine get whipped, beaten and kicked to within an in. of his life for a appetizer, though always being certain to save a loud, crisp, scary sound of a gnawing of a vertebrae…the tangible roped execution, for a categorical dish.

Oh, and for dessert… The ‘settlers’ would suffer a prevalent surgical dismissal of a testicles and penis…to be kept “as souvenirs.”


Despite a fact that so many information (including ‘post-card type’ photos) stays of these grievous “family celebrations”, there are many people who still try to repudiate that a unequivocally substructure of a United States is built on murdering and exploiting melanin-rich people with a special concentration on a masculine in this regard.

The start of a word “picnic”?

The horrible, gruesome law many wish to censor is that lynching darker complexions has been a nation’s celebration some-more so than even a dear and loving competition of baseball.

Part II: The Ritual

A Legacy of a Neutered and Raped

Where were all a supervision allocated psychologists and mental health specialists for a millions of females and boys who were regularly raped over several generations by “massa” after a supposed abolishment of slavery?

If President Lincoln’s cupboard unequivocally dictated on all of a people in America entrance together to live in a “united state of existence” equally underneath one banner, wouldn’t they have supposing some arrange of psychological therapy, not to discuss a ‘new-career workshop’ or two…something to support and acquire these new “citizens”?

Use your common sense.

Even in a 20th century, many everyday, operative category mothers and wives were forced to bob to a turn of prostituting their bodies to feed their families when a “honky” came honking his horn in a dusk for a discerning shot of (melanin-rich) sex after some-more than a integrate shots of blockade during a bar.

And what about all of these women’s husbands, brothers and fathers? Since they were denied opportunities for practice due to racism, they could not have presumably met a basic, smallest requirement required to validate as “bread winner” in a home.

How prolonged does it take for a man’s self-respect to erode when he has no approach to acquire any income to feed his family? And even over that, what happens to his purpose within that family structure…in a bigger society?

What are a compounded effects to a essence of a black masculine who has sat by helplessly for centuries and watched a fusillade of insults and abuse from western multitude renovate a repute of what-was-once a world’s many pleasing and usually consternation into a complicated day “Whore of Babylon”?

These now damaged spirits have been denied entrance to their loyal start as a descendants of good heroes in a ancient world…the mythological giants of folklore whom all tales of bravery are based. The ones whose pretension to knightliness compelled a Spaniards many centuries after to residence them as “Knights of a Granada, Gentlemen, notwithstanding Moors.”

The feared as good as venerated, “Black-a-Moor”, who not usually colonized Spain for 7 centuries (until a nightmarish year of 1492) though also attempted to edify all of Europe with a wonders of math, science, literature, and music.

Who would ever trust that a start of a warrior’s formula of ethics, or bushido”, done famous in Japanese culture, could arguably be traced to a organisation of disenfranchised organisation who are hold in contempt, not honour, for their achievements?

In 2011, any one of these neutered and housebroken pets could simply be pronounced to be some-more suggestive of a submissive lion during a zoo than any aroused Samurai of a Emperor.

America is an diseased society…for anybody. It’s formed on fervour and materialism” ~Umar Abdullah-Johnson

Umar Abdullah-Johnson

Umar Johnson, a reputable propagandize clergyman / child therapist, portion a incomparable Philadelphia village states that “there is zero healthy about American society.” But over and over even this grave quandary stands an commanding complement of “sick-lical”, self-hatred set adult to poison a minds of a children.

The deficiency of normal family values, that starts with a healthy judgment of womanhood / strength virtues, is directly proportional to a flourishing series of homosexuals within a black community. This is usually one of a many “psychological imbalances” that is devastatingly unpropitious for a whole community.

So, where does this sick, cycle of self-hatred begin?

Ironically, we learn it starts innocently adequate with a teaching famous simply as “school.”

The usually thing people caring about with black boys (in school) is either or not they can lay still prolonged adequate to be ‘mis-educated”

For a children not meddlesome in “sitting still”, they are sent to what was once famous as a dialect of “child psychology” or “mental health”, though now has been renamed, “behavioral health.” Once there, but a second thought, these guileless souls are fast prescribed mentally and physically damaging, psychotropic drugs by strangers in white coats who hardly get to know a youngster’s names.

Incidentally, since all a departmental name changes?

Umar Johnson explains that this clearly illustrates how they feel about a children:

We (the system) don’t caring that a child is depressed. We don’t caring that he has mislaid his father…or maybe a crony to squad violence. We don’t caring that he was molested… All we caring about is how he acts (behaves)…’Behavioral Health”

Too many of these abused children grow adult totally neglected in a home sourroundings where tellurian care is probably non-existent; so they have small event to knowledge any feelings of adore or grace…not even from family members.

Think about that deeply for a moment.

No one ever took time to speak to them or learn them anything; no one ever done them feel special…feel like a tellurian being.

And as a result, they have no honour for their elders…hence, no honour for themselves.

Hmm, is this what rapper Li’l Wayne’s manuscript entitled, I’m not a Human Being” is all about?

And afterwards many of us are repelled when a immature hermit pulls out a gun and blows another brother’s smarts out (just) for stepping on his toe… How could he do that? It’s easy…he never schooled a definition of compassion…that things needs to be learned!”

The Emotional Pain Body and Marriage

Two mentally ill people can't make a healthy relationship, nor can they lift happy children…”

The Emotional Pain Body (EPB), is a “chip of self-hatred” that is suppressed in a subconscious of a chairman and can be activated unexpected and but warning if she / he is put in a stressful situation. The generation and astringency of these “post-traumatic highlight disorders” change from chairman to person.

Bro. Umar stresses that those people with a serious EPB should not even consider entering into a passionate or marital relationship.

But in many cases, this is accurately a conflicting of what occurs.

One thing we have to commend is that a self-hatred that has been conditioned into a minds of African people also affects a relationships…”

All melanin-rich people learn unequivocally early in life to be actors when in a participation of white folks. After so many years, has a act finally held adult with us? Are we now perplexing to mistreat any other…even ourselves?

Just a “Little White Lie”?

Since black women usually mount a 25% possibility to marry a black masculine anyway, given a state of affairs as we know them today, this alone is simply some-more than adequate proclivity for a lady to “overemphasize” some of her some-more certain characteristics while concurrently focusing on concealing some reduction appealing traits when dating a young, scrupulous brother.

A chairman promotion some-more of their certain side while consciously camouflaging a few reduction appealing qualities is zero new, nor indispensably sinister in a establishment of courting. But where do we pull a line between introducing a positive-side-only, “representative”, to a date and straight-up lying?

Bro. Umar tells us that some immature couples date for as prolonged as 2 or 3 years and indeed tumble in adore with any other’s representatives usually to find out later…after it is already too late (married / family) that a level-headed, intelligent chairman they suspicion they were in adore with is indeed a manic depressant, bi-polar psychopath.

Of march these issues are usually suggested once a “dating” and “honey moon” phases have totally ended. In other words, when a stresses of ‘real life’ start to manifest, it is inevitable that those delicately suppressed EPB, bi-polar “bones will come out from a closet”.

Since “no masculine in America has some-more highlight than a black man”, what does all of this indicate about a home and marital affairs of a victims of a “constant assault of white supremacy”?

Civil War in a Home by Design

For each problem that is in a village that a white masculine says, ‘I have zero to do with it’…we all know that he is (in fact) a unequivocally one who set it up…”

Once a immature masculine realizes that a sourroundings he lives in is antagonistic towards his unequivocally existence, he learns to be careful…too careful. The outcome of this is that unfortunately his home becomes a usually establishment where he feels he can truly demonstrate himself.

Since this governmental wandering is constantly tormented by a cops, disrespected and differently can't claim his potency all day while during work or whenever he is divided from his home, he develops a bent to “over-compensate” for all of a countenance of strength that he had to conceal during a day as a presence tactic. Thus, when he earnings from work, this disappointment explodes out, over and nauseous onto his family and into his home. This tragic, mostly ignored side-effect of white leverage transforms many black organisation into “dictators and oppressors of their possess women and children.” This explains since black males are during a somewhat aloft risk to turn domestic abusers.

If that is not adequate fuel for a fire, Bro. Umar keeps it coming.

Now when he comes home from work and expects not to be challenged for a position of care in his home he is met by an ‘educated’ sister who has been “trained by a white man” that given she has a college grade and competence make some-more income than her husband, that gives her a right to order over him”

Domestic polite fight erupts in a home.

He is perplexing to recompense for a strength he is not authorised to demonstrate in white multitude and she is perplexing to browbeat him since she has been taught to do so by that same society. He is impiety her out, she is impiety him out and…

...the children are watching…closely.

The small lady watches her mom get physically abused so she grows adult with a dread and disregard for men. The child sees his father turn emasculated and talked down to by his mom and so he grows adult questionable and critical toward women.

According to Umar Johnson, both of these situations pre-dispose a children to a psychological imbalance of homosexuality.

He also says that this is “a cycle that is constantly perpetuated.”

Part III: The Mysticism

2011 Resolutions: “The Mother Ship Connection is Here”

Black people are crazier now than in any other time in history…” ~Bobby Hemmitt

Believe it or not, notwithstanding what competence seem to be a murky situation…is indeed utterly a opposite.

This is a year of poise for a people. It’s time to concentration inward.

An expert-occultist, who simply goes by a name of “Panic”, relates that a series “11” is a master series symbolizing duality: Universe A and Universe B.

However, nonetheless there are dual scenarios or stages, there is unequivocally usually one resolution:

Do You!”

Universe A represents a physical, manifest universe as we have come to know it…cars, flowers, careers, etc.

The Universe A fortitude is flattering elementary and fundamentally relates to operative things out in this 3rd dimension. Some of a highlights on this turn are: home schooling a kids, eating some-more natural, organic dishes (especially vegetables), meditation, prayer, exercise, buy gold, etc.

If this resonates with you, great… Do you.

But, for those meddlesome in advancing over a apparition of duality, to a turn of mastery, where 2 becomes 1…

Universe B Resolution

Universe B, on a other hand, is a “dark side” that reflects a together existence to a earthy world, both in a past as good as in a future.

Please try to suppose “dark” as a certain charge from now on.

This is a year a “gateway” or portal opens to Universe B. In addition, there are 9 graphic occasions during a year when a binary formula (01) is prevalent in a date and these days are related to an contentment of untapped reservoirs of energy.

A transparent instance of this was a supposed “new years” day, or 1/1/11 or 01/01/11. This also was a day of a (natural?) materialisation that resulted with piles of passed birds and fish all over a world. Brother Panic says this singular occurrence in inlet represented a energy compared with those days.

This is usually partial of a many incomparable anticipation that has been compared with a Mayan (Illusory) Calendar; usually one of a events we have to demeanour brazen to during this “2012 Exodus Season”.

So, a “Mother Ship Connection” of George Clinton fame, or Universe B, is indeed zero some-more than a kinship with an existence that knows no finish or limitations…the Alpha and Omega, a commencement and a end.

Remember, we run this *ish; they run around in it” ~Bro. Panic

If this seems like bizarre nonsense or scholarship novella stuff…that is accurately what it is…please lapse to Universe A…

But for those that know…

Do you, and…stay tuned for a 12th Edition of AfroAsiatic Perspectives1


Quote: “Stereotypes of a black masculine misunderstood…and it’s still all good” ~Notorious B.I.G.; lyrics from song, “Juicy”

Quote: “Just Do You” ~Sis. Yaffa Bey

Picnic: was a cutting of “pick-a-nigger” and referred to an outside village celebration during that families ate from box lunches while a randomly-chosen black masculine was hanged for a diners’ entertainment.

  • The word was creatively subsequent from a tenure pick-a-nig. Pick-a-nig was a celebration for worker traders and their families behind in a 17th/18th centuries. They would get together after worker trade and have a large party, called pick-a-nig.


Book: No Disrespect; by Sister Souljah

Book: The Story of a Moors in Spain; by Stanley Lane-Poole

Blogtalk Radio: Bro. Umar Johnson joins Know a Ledge

Blogtalk Radio: Bro. Panic on the Remix

Final Note: This was a many formidable AfroA Perspectives that we have created to this indicate for several reasons.  Perhaps no one captures and delivers that “difficulty” improved than a imperishable Lady Day herself, Ms. Billie Holiday

Lady sings a Blues

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Arminian Perspectives | "Answer all [the Calvinists …

نوشته شده در موضوع پرسپکتیو چهره در 29 دسامبر 2014

(Revised 11/30/2014, private a divide with small aptitude and revised/expanded a conclusion. Much interjection to members of a Society of Evangelical Arminians for their feedback)

When Christians who aren’t from a Calvinist tradition hear about singular atonement, something customarily seems wholly wrong about a idea. Indeed, in a face of carrying no transparent biblical information to support such an idea, a estimable physique of passages that seem to prove customarily a opposite, along with numerous logical difficulties, something customarily seems wholly wrong with a thought that Christ didn’t die for a sins of a good many people.

Many times, an improper faith by itself isn’t quite harmful, though if taken to a unavoidable conclusions, tends to furnish good inconsistencies. Limited atonement, if taken in and with a common Calvinist beliefs about a gospel call, fundamentally leads to a finish that God commands people to trust falsehood. I’ll start by postulating and fortifying a required premises.

Premise 1: God’s authority for a non-elect to trust a gospel requires that they contingency trust that Christ can save them.

For a initial partial of a premise, we need customarily settle that a authority to trust is given to all, including a non-elect (if singular confession is true, a tenure ‘non-elect’ here describes a people for whom Christ did not die to save). Surprisingly, notwithstanding their faith in singular atonement, Calvinists are customarily among a initial to determine that a everyone, elect and non-elect, are ordered by God to trust a gospel.

“First, a priesthood of Paul goes out to all, both Jews and Greeks. This is a ubiquitous call of a gospel. It offers shelter to all who will trust on a crucified Christ. But by and vast it falls on unreceptive ears and is called foolishness.” (John Piper, What We Believe About a Five Points of Calvinism)

“I can broadcast God’s authority to grieve and trust to all men, and we can do so with passion, not given we fake to demeanour into God’s heart and mind, though given we know a existence of God’s wrath, a impiety of man, and we trust practically a guarantee of God that anyone who turns in faith to Christ will be saved.” (James White, “Phil Johnson on ‘Desire’”)

“If we take a authority to believe, with a guarantee of life on so doing, for an offer of mercy, there is an almighty law in it; that is, that God will confidently uncover life and shelter on all believers, a proffers being immediately declarative of a duty; secondly, of a linking of faith and life, and not during all of God’s goal towards a sold essence to whom a invitation is made….” (John Owen, The Death of Death in a Death of Christ)

“The elect He has given His servants is to evangelise a Gospel to each creature, and they positively have not entirely obeyed until they bid their hearers “Repent ye, and trust a Gospel” (Mark 1:15). Whom God quickens, is His possess affair; ours is to steadily advise a unsaved, to uncover wherein their sins consists (enmity opposite God), to bid them to chuck down a weapons of their crusade opposite Him, to call on them to grieve (Acts 17:30), to broadcast a One who receives all who come to Him in faith.” (A.W. Pink, Duty-Faith)

“It is a authority to enter and not to enter is disobedience. That is given visualisation falls on those, 2 Thessalonians 1:8, “The confession of God comes to those who do not know God and do not conform a gospel of a Lord Jesus. You conform given a gospel is a command. When we share a gospel, we authority people to believe. You authority people to grieve so that it is transparent transparent that what they have finished is conform or disobey. That’s given we contend invitation is not a word that is unchanging with commanding. Better to finish your oration with a authority than an invitation.” (John MacArthur, “Two Paths, One Way”)

“We see that God commands group everywhere to repent, Acts 17:30, though it is God who grants plea 2 Timothy 2:25. We see that God commands people to trust in him nonetheless he opens their hearts to believe, as he did with Lydia in Acts 16:14….” (Matt Slick, Matt Slick vs Lou Rugg Discussion on formidable questions)

It seems that customarily a far-left-field-hyper-Calvinist could repudiate that a authority to trust is given to everyone. Slick’s criticism cites a pivotal thoroughfare that creates it transparent that a authority to trust a gospel is for everyone, everywhere.

“The times of stupidity God overlooked, though now he commands all people everywhere to repent…” (Acts 17:30)

Disobeying such a authority is mentioned as being among a reasons that sinners are condemned.

Whoever believes in him is not condemned, though whoever does not trust is cursed already, given he has not believed in a name of a customarily Son of God. (John 3:18)

The authority from God Himself, that goes from a mouths of His servants is for all, even people who eventually finish adult being fake teachers.

“For if, after they have transient a defilements of a universe by a trust of a Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again caught in them and overcome, a final state has spin worse for them than a first. For it would have been improved for them never to have famous a approach of goodness than after meaningful it to spin behind from a holy commandment delivered to them.” (2 Peter 2:20-21)

Notice that they incited aside from a holy commandment given to them, not a authority given customarily to others.

1b. Obedience to a gospel entails desiring that Christ can save you

Christians given a commencement have supposed that desiring in Christ is some-more than customarily recognition that He died and rose (as James also notes, even a demons trust that). True and vital faith in Christ requires that we trust in His work on a cross, and in Him as a Savior. Herein lies a second partial of a premise: that a aforementioned authority requires that they trust that Christ can save them. we don’t consider any defensible conflict can be lifted to this point. One can't trust Christ as his Savior though desiring that He has energy to save him.

Consider a counter-example of a mislaid male who has a Calvinist crony that steadily witnesses to him. Despite not guileless Christ as his Savior, a male is assured that singular confession is true, and that Christ died to save some people. He’s assured by his before softness of heart that he’s simply not one of a elect. As he lays dying, his Calvinist crony tries to convince him to believe, to that he receives a sinner’s final declaration: “Therein lies life for you, though in that cranky there is no wish for me.”

This male has supposed what are, according to Calvinism, a scold facts. But has he obeyed a gospel? No. By a magnitude of any Christian, he has deserted a gospel and righteously incurred almighty condemnation. To indeed obey, he would have had to trust that Christ could save him, not customarily that Christ can save other people.

Thus is a initial grounds established: God’s authority for a non-elect to trust a gospel requires that they contingency trust that Christ can save them.

Premise 2: If Limited Atonement is true, afterwards a thought that Christ can save a non-elect is a lie.

Many Calvinists don’t like denunciation that Christ can't save certain people, though that is an inevitable hypothesis of singular atonement. Christ possibly can save one by His sacrificial death, or He cannot. Christ can't save people for whom He did not die to save. The scapegoat has already been offered, there’s no going behind and changing who it was for; there is no other sacrifice, and there is no other way. If a non-elect were excluded, that preference has already been made, and can't be abrogated. It matters not how many sins a scapegoat was sufficient to cover, if a energy to save is not germane to a person, afterwards Christ can't save that person.

Thus to trust that Christ can save one of a non-elect, if singular confession be true, would be a fabrication -often called a ‘lie’ when vocalization in an design sense.

Putting it together

Taking a premises,

P1: God’s authority for a non-elect to trust a gospel requires that they contingency trust that Christ can save them.
P2: If Limited Atonement is true, afterwards a thought that Christ can save a non-elect is a lie.
Conclusion: If Limited Atonement is true, God’s authority for a non-elect to trust a gospel requires that they contingency trust a lie.


And herein lies a vital craziness that holding to singular confession yields. In short, if 5-point Calvinism is true, afterwards God effectively commands a non-elect to trust in Christ to save them, when He’s already singular Christ’s atoning scapegoat such that He can never save them!

Besides a straightforwardly apparent stupidity of God autocratic people to trust what is false, such an craziness raises other problems: Accepting and obeying a gospel is characterized via a New Testament as faith in a truth, while refusing to do so is antithesis to a law (c.f. John 8:32, Romans 2:8, 15:8 Galatians 2:5, 5:7, Colossians 1:5, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12, 2 Timothy 1:4, 2 Timothy 2:25, 3:8, Titus 1:1, James 5:19). Contrary to that description, if Calvinism is true, afterwards a male in a instance above is usurpation a design law and rejecting a fabrication in his rejecting of Christ as his Savior. Worse than that, not customarily is he desiring a law in his rejecting of Christ, though he’s cursed for doing so!

Truly, one’s divinity is built on unsure belligerent if it entails that God condemns group for desiring a truth. we for one could not swallow such a inconceivable ramification. The word of a Lord, generally a commercial of a gospel -the holy commandment to trust in Christ for one’s salvation- is not given to satisfy anyone to trust deception. Christ Himself states,

“Sanctify them in a truth; your word is truth.” (John 17:7)

Calvinists should means a excellent fervour to broadcast a gospel to all people. Let us all do that though hampering it with tertiary doctrine that would lead to treacherous and unscriptural ideas, such as God autocratic a good many of those people to trust a lie.

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